高考英语一轮复习 Unit2《Healthy eating》超级课件 新人教版必修3_图文

英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit2《Healthy eating》(新人教版必修3)

? 佳作选登 ? (2011·山东高考) ? [话题] 你英语演讲比赛遇到困难向Tom求 助 ? [体裁] 电子邮件

? Dear Tom, ? How time flies!You have been studying in Beijing for nearly a month,during which you must have achieved a lot. Well,how's everything going? ? It is reported that the weather there is very hot and dry these days,which is very different from that of your country.Have you adapted to it? In addition,you once complained that the food served there was not to your taste.I hope that should have been improved.

? I am glad to tell you that I will go to Beijing to take part in an
English speech contest in July,which is not only an honor, but also a great opportunity for me to improve myself.And now I try my best to make preparations for it.However,I have some trouble in collecting the materials relevant and

using of the language. I will appreciate it if you give me a
hand to solve the problems. ? After the contest,I am to drop in at your school to visit you. Please waiting for my phone. ? Yours,

? Li Hua

? ? ? ? ? ?

? 经典例句 [亮词] 1.be different from...与……不同 2.adapt to...适应…… 3.to one's taste合某人的口味 4.take part in参加…… 5.make preparations for...为……做好准备 6.have trouble in doing...干……有困难

? [典句] 1.You have been studying in Beijing for nearly a month,during which you must have achieved a lot. ? 你已在北京学习近一个月,在此期间,你一定学 到了很多。 ? 2.It is reported that the weather there is very hot and dry these days. ? 据报道,这些日子那儿的天气又热又干。 ? 3.I will appreciate it if you give me a hand to solve the problems. ? 如果你帮我解决这些问题,我将不胜感激。

? 1.(2011·浙江高考)He decided that he would drive all the way home instead of ________ at a hotel for the night. ? A.putting down B.putting off ? C.putting on D.putting up

? [解题指导] 句意:他决定当晚直接开车回 家,而不住旅馆。本题考查动词词组辨析。 put down镇压、记下、降落;put off推迟、 延期;put on穿上、戴上;put up举起、建 造、提高、投宿。 ? [正确答案] D

? 2.(2012·聊城模拟)A large sum of money has been raised for the ________ of the poorly-educated children in the mountainous areas. ? A.profit B.favor ? C.advantage D.benefit ? [解题指导] 句意:为了山区没有受过良好教育的孩 子们的利益,(我们)已筹集了大笔钱。profit利润; favor恩惠;advantage好处;benefit利益,for the benefit of为了……的利益。 ? [正确答案] D

? 3.(2012·苏州模拟)—In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well. ? —I can't agree more.It's great to have the two ________. ? A.linked B.related ? C.connected D.combined

? [解题指导] 句意:——在当今时代,妇女既 可以带孩子又可以工作。——我完全赞成。 把两者结合起来太棒了。本题考查动词词 义辨析。link指将两事物相连接;relate指将 两事物联系起来;connect也指将两事物相 连接或联系;combine指把两者结合起来。 根据句意,D项正确。 ? [正确答案] D

? 4.(2012·宁波二模)The editor's job is to keep the newspaper ________ and ________ to the readers. ? A.balanced;interested ? B.balancing;interesting ? C.balanced;interesting ? D.balancing;interested

? [解题指导] 句意:编辑的工作就是保持报 纸内容均衡并且让读者对此感兴趣,本题 考查keep复合结构。keep sth. balanced使/让 某事被评价;keep sth. interesting使/让…… 令人感兴趣,由此可知C正确。 ? [正确答案] C

? 5.(2012·桂林质检)The suspect ________ to the police that the hammer still ________ where he had ________ it. ? A.lay;lay;lain B.lay;lied;laid ? C.lied;lay;laid D.lied;laid;lain ? [解题指导] 句意:这个嫌疑分子向警察撒谎道这个锤头 仍躺在他曾经放过的地方。lie说谎,过去式为lied lie译为 “躺”时,过去式为lay过去分词为lain;lay译为“放 置”“产卵”时,过去式laid过去分词laid,故选C。 ? [正确答案] C

? Ⅰ.重点单词 ? 1. diet n.日常饮食 vt.节食 ? 2. curiosity n.好奇心→ curious adj.好奇 的→ ? curiously adv.好奇地 ? 3. lie n.谎话;谎言 vi.说谎→ lied 过去式 → lied 过去分词→ lying 现在分词

? 4. customer n.顾客;消费者 ? 5. discount n.折扣 ? 6. weakness n.缺点;虚弱;弱点→ weaken vt.削弱 ? 7. strength n.强项;长处;力量→strengthen vt.加强 ? 8. digest vt. & vi.消化 n.摘要→ digestion n.消化 ? 9. debt n.债;债务

? 10. spy vt. & vi.窥探 n.间谍→ spied (过去 式) combine ? 11. vt. & vi.(使)联合→ combination n.联合 ? 12. balance n.天平,平衡 v.平衡, 权衡→ ? balanced adj.均衡的 consult ? 13. vt.咨询;请教;商量

? 14. glare vi.怒目而视;闪耀 n.怒视;炫 目的光 ? 15. limit vt.限制 n.界限;限定→ limited adj.有限的 ? 16. benefit n.利益;好处 vi. & vt.有益 于;有助于;受益→ beneficial adj.有益的

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.重点短语 1.a balanced diet平衡膳食 2.be tiredof 厌倦…… weight 3.lose 减肥 away 4.get with(做坏事)不受惩罚 lies lie 5.tell /tell a 说谎 of 6.be full 充满……

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7. do some research做调查 8.be amazed at...对……感到吃惊 9.earn one'sliving 谋生 10. in debt负债 at 11.glare sb.瞪着某人 on 12.spy 打探;窥探 down 13.cut 减少;削减 long 14.before 不久以后 on 15.put weight增加体重

? ? ? ?

Ⅲ.重点句型 1.“Nothing could be better ,”he thought. 他想:“再没有比这些更好吃的了。” 2.He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! ? 他可不能让咏慧哄骗人们后跑掉!

? 3. Why don't you sit down and try a meal? ? 你为什么不坐下来吃顿饭呢? ? 4.According to my research, neither your restaurant offers nor ? mine a balanced diet. ? 我的研究表明,你我两家所提供的都不是 平衡膳食。

? 1.balance v.平衡;权衡 n.天平;平衡 ? keep/lose one's balance保持/ keep the balance of nature off balance on balance balanced adj. keep a balanced diet保持饮食均衡)

? ? ? ? ?

①I struggled to keep my balance on my new skates. 我穿着新溜冰鞋,努力保持平衡。 ②He lost his balance and fell off his bicycle. 他失去平衡,从脚踏车上跌了下来。 ③I think on balance I prefer the new education system. ? 总的说来,我觉得自己更喜欢新的教育体制。 ? ④You have to balance the advantages of living downtown against the disadvantages. ? 你必须权衡住在市中心的利弊。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2.get away with被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚 get away from从……脱离,逃脱…… get down to sth.开始认真对待某事 get rid of摆脱;除掉 get in插话;收获 get across被理解,(把……)讲清楚 get through花光(时间、钱等);通过;接通 电话 ? get over克服(困难);从……中恢复过来

? ①I don't know how they managed to get away with paying such low taxes. ? 我不知道他们怎么能交这么少的税却不受惩罚。 ? ②It's hard to get down to work after a nice holiday. ? 度过了愉快的假日之后,很难一下子认真投入工 作。 ? ③We should get rid of the bad style and keep the good. ? 我们应该摒弃不良作风,保持优良作风。 ? ④He's not very good at getting his idea across. ? 他不太善于清楚地表达自己的观点。

3.glare v.怒视;闪耀 n.怒视;炫目的光 glare at...怒视…… ①The sunlight glared on the ice. 阳光耀眼地照射在冰上。 ②They stood glaring at each other. 他们站着互相怒目而视。

? ? ? ?

③She glanced at her watch and left. 她弊了一眼表就离开了。 ④I notice that someone is staring at me. 我注意到有人在盯着我。

glare glance stare

侧重怒视。 快速地看某人或某物一眼。 指由于生气、害怕或吃惊而注视着某人或某物。

glimpse 无意识地一瞥,看到粗略印象,强调结果。

? 4.limit n.界限;限度 v.限制;限定

? ①All speeches were limited to 10 minutes. ? 所有发言一律限定10分钟。 ? ②The team performed to the limit of its capabilities. ? 这个队已竭尽全力。

? ? ? ?

③My life is limited,but learning is limitless. 吾生也有涯,而知也无涯。 ④There is a limit to everything. 一切事物均有限度。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5.benefit n.益处;好处 vt./vi.有益于;有助于;受益 beneficial adj.有利的;有益的;受益的 beneficially adv.受益地;获利地 for sb's benefit为帮助某人;为某人的利益 for the benefit of为……;为……的利益 be of benefit to对……有益 benefit from/by从……中受益 be beneficial to对……有益;对……有利

? ①It is an expensive investment but it will benefit the company
in the long run. ? 这是一项花费很大的投资,但从长远来看,它将对公司有 好处。 ? ②She benefited from the teacher's advice.

? 老师的建议使她受益匪浅。
? ③For the benefit of those people who arrived late,I'll just go over the plan again. ? 为了那些迟到的人,我将把计划再讲一遍。 ? ④A good diet is beneficial to health.

? 良好的饮食有益于健康。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6.cut down削减;删节;砍倒;缩短 cut off cut up cut across cut in cut out cut into halves/pieces切成两半/碎片

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

①I haven't given up drinking but I'm cutting down. 我还没有戒酒,但是减少了酒量。 ②Cut up the meat before you put them into the pot. 把肉切碎后再放进锅内。 ③He suddenly cut in when we were talking. 在我们谈话时他突然插话。 ④One of her fingers was cut off in this accident. 在这次事故中她的一个手指被切断了。

? 1.The new policy will ________ the elders a lot so that people over 65 can take buses free of charge. ? A.discount B.support ? C.approve D.benefit ? 解析:benefit sb.对某人有好处。 ? 答案:D

? 2.For the Turner sisters and their classmates, taking a part-time job might ________ their time for study. ? A.cut off B.cut in ? C.cut down D.cut away ? 解析:cut down削减。 ? 答案:C

? 3.(2012·宁阳质检)Just like a voyage at sea, our life journey,whose days are ________, is full of difficulties. ? A.limited B.gone ? C.exhausted D.experienced ? 解析:limited adj.有限的;gone adj.丢了的; 不见了的;exhausted疲惫不堪的; experienced adj.有经验的。 ? 答案:A

? 4.(2012·聊城模拟)At times she felt as though she had finally found the only person that could not only ______ her but understand her as well. ? A.come up with B.put up with ? C.keep up with D.get along with ? 解析:put up with容忍;忍受。 ? 答案:B

? 5.(2012·桂林调研)She had learned to ________ working efficiency (效率) with good human relationships. ? A.balance B.improve ? C.raise D.increase ? 解析:balance vt.平衡;均衡;improve改善; 提高;raise提高;抚养;increase上升;增 长。 ? 答案:A

? 6.We must set a limit ________ the expense of the trip. ? A.about B.to ? C.in D.for ? 解析:set a limit to...对……设定一个限度。 ? 答案:B

? 1.“Nothing could be better,”he thought. ? 他想:“再没有比这更好(吃)的了。” ? 比较级与否定词连用,表达最高级的含义。 常用的否定词有:no,not,never,hardly, nothing,nobody等。 ? He likes nothing better.(=It's the best thing he likes.) ? 这是他最喜欢的东西。

表示最高级意义的几种特殊结构: (1)never+比较级
? ?nothing?或no?+so+原级+ (2)? ? ?nothing?或no?+比较级+than...

? ?any other+单数名词 ?all ?the? other+复数名词 (3)比较级+than? ? ? ?any of the other+复数名词

? (4)can/could+never/not+enough/too ? —Did you sleep well last night.你昨夜睡得怎样。 ? —Never better,like a rock.从未这么好过,睡得很死。 ? ? ? ? ①Nothing is more important than having happiness. 没有什么比拥有幸福更重要。 ②No other book has a greater effect on my life than this one. 这本书对我的生活影响最大。

? 2.He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! ? 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们后跑掉! ? have sb.doing sth.意为“允许某人做某事”时,常 用于否定句中;意为“使某人做某事”时,多用于 肯定句中。 ? have后接三种形式的宾语补足语: ? have sb./sth.doing sth.让某人做某事/让某事发生(动 作持续) ? have sb. do sth.使某人做某事(相当于make sb.do sth. 或get sb.to do sth.) ? have sth.done让(别人)做某事

? ? ? ? ? ?

①He had us laughing all through lunch. 他(的话)让我们在整个午餐中笑个不停。 ②I'll have him finish my work. 我将让他替我把工作完成。 ③I must have my bike repaired. 我必须请人把我的自行车修一下。

? 1.—Who is your favourite basketball player in China? ? —Yao Ming,of course.No one plays ________. ? A.better B.best ? C.good D.well ? 解析:此处考查比较级表达最高级含义的用法, 指没有人比他打的更好了,他打的最好。 ? 答案:A

? 2.(2012·天津模拟)He had everything he needed __________,so he went home hurriedly. ? A.buy B.bought ? C.buying D.to buy ? 解析:此处考查have sth done让某事被做。 ? 答案:B


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