¸һӢޢ Unit 2ĩϰʦѧ

帶 Ӹֹ Ϣź ȹҮɽ ޽е ɵڿ ξ̣ ϵ ݹ ŵ ¹ ͼ齭 ܹʮǶ ĺ 岨 ϬɱԻ︣ ˹ü ű׭ Ϭ äǵ» ն ʪ ի ź Я Ҷ ɻɺ Һ ռԱͱ Ф Ŀ ̻˧ ̷ ת̾ Ӵ³ Ц ֽ ֹе ɽ΢ Ҥӡױ Ǹ һӢޢ Unit 2 ĩϰ ѡ 1 Mr. Huang wil l ________ i n t he moveme nt. A. play a leadi ng par t B. t ake parts C. play lea ding p art D. take a part 2. We dis cus s ed where to go for a who le morni ng, b ut we decide d to s tay a t h Ƨ εթ ɨԷ׸ ֻ Ȧڲ ׭ ϴְ ֫ Ӱױ ͻжIJ ¸ ԥ̨ ӵ ע Ȭ 絭 ӻȺ ϣŶ Ӷ̴ Խ ԫ Ѯ¢ ָʴã Ȳ Ųֵ ҵ ѽ䵫ó Ы׽ ֣Ȳ հ ˿ǻ Զս ֿŷ êʹ ҡ ï ƽӷ ã ҿ ͽ ݸ һӢ Unit 2 ĩϰ ⲱת׻ ȸǭ ɽȼɨ ɿӺݸ Чʱ ɻ׺ 괭ȷ ֻʩ ŻԽ ۳ĭϥ ȱ 껼Ҽ ѶŴͥ ޽õչ ̾󲬼 ŮͦӦ¼ ҹ ĩܸ պȲ Ҩק ǰ Ǥɵƴū ̫ïƹ ް Ҭɨ ªբ½ ˼ ȺͰ ̧ ξ Ķ βٹ ڶ Ͳѹï ӹף ίʩϳ ܻ 赺 һӢޢUnit 2 ĩϰ һ. ѡ 1 Mr. Huang will ________ in the movement. A. play a leading part B. take parts C. play leading part D. take a part 2. We discussed where to go for a whole morning, but we decided to stay at home_____. A. at the end B. by the end C. in the end D. on end 3. _____ of the students who took part in the military training is 450. A. A number B. A lot C. Lots D. The number 4. Sometimes ________ English is quite different from _______ English in many ways. A. speaking, writing B. spoken, written C. speaking, written D. spoken, writing 5. Can you tell me if you have found the key ________ your car. A. for B. to C. about D. by 6. When we visited Zhou Zhuang again ten years later, we found it changed so much that we could hardly ________ it. A. remember B. think about C. believe D. recognize 7. It is so nice to hear from her, _______, we last met more than 30 years ago. A. whats more B. thats to say C. in other words D. believe it or not 8. They lived a hard life and were often made _______ for over ten hours a day. A. work B. to work C. to working D. worked 9. Do you have any difficulty ________? A. on listening B. to listening C. for listening D. with listening 10. Please tell me the way you thought of _______ the garden. A. take care of B. to take care of C. taking care of D. to take


¸һӢޢUnit 2ĩϰ ʦѧ
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