Part I Dialogue Completion (15 points) 1.-Excuse mc. sir. Would you please tell me how to get to Beijing Hotel?- D. Don't men Would you like to take a bus or walk? 2. How nice your new dress looks on you ! A. Thanks. 3. B. Are you ready to order now? Ye. I'll have 4. Hey. you look concerned. A. What's wrong with you?- The final exam. I'm not fully prepared yet. 5. John, where are the cookies? Don't tell me you ate them all! Again! C. Yes, I did.I couldn't help it. They were so good. ,. 6. Sir, D. did I do anything wrong? Yes. sir. You ran through the stop sign. May I see your driver. license, please? 7. Hi. Linda. do you think it's possible to have a talk this afternoon? D. I'd love to , but I've got a pretty tight schedule this afternoon. 8. ABC Booking Office. Good morning. A. Can I help you? Yes, I want to fly to Guangzhou the day after tomorrow and I want to know if there is a flight sometime around 3 p. m. 9. Welcome to our shop. Anything I can do for you? B. I'd like a sweater 10. Have you heard that Wang has divorced her husband? A. I've heard of it.She looks quite miserable. 11. Excuse me, I'm afraid C. I've lost my way. Could you tell me where I am?You're on the 77th street. Where would you like to go? 12. What's the weather like in your hometown? C. It's very nice, usually warm and sunny in spring and autumn. 13. Well. D. what seems to be your trouble?I'm not feeling well. doctor. I have a sore throat. 14. Pamela, can you come to a meeting on Friday?A. I'm not sure 15. B. Please close the window, Mike. It's a little chilly in here.Okay. Is there anything else I can do for you before I leave? Part ][ Reading Comprehension (40 points) Passage One Nearly a quarter-century after a German boy tossed a message in a bottle off a ship in the Baltic Sea, he's received an answer. 16. The message in the bottle was found B. 24 years later 17. The letter in the bottle was written in D. German 18. The letter in the bottle was actually written by C. Frank's father 19.Which of the following statements is NOT true?A. Daniil Korotkikh believed the bottle must have stayed in the sea all the time before he got it. 20. That the letter is found and answered so many years later is a(n) A. surprise to all the people. Passage TwoToday, many people are starving to death. 21. According to the first paragraph, today the problem with many people is that D. not enough food is provided to them 22. The man ate only one meal a day because C. he wanted to know how hungry people could be 23. At first, when he was hungry he found that a glass of water B. could remove his hunger 24. The experiment made the man realize thatC. food has a different meaning for people 25. After the experiment was over, the man might have felt thatD. something should be done for

the hungry people of the world Passage Three A college education is not just preparation for a career 26. The word "well-rounded" in Paragraph 1 meansA. well developed in a range of aspects 27. According to the text. recent high school graduates D are no more than adult students in American college 28. American colleges are for B. anyone who has a need 29. How many methods can one use to obtain information about schools? B. Four. 30. According to the passage, the most basic reason for the high rate of college enrollment is C. people's faith in education Passage Four A man from flew York is suing four big fast-food companies. 31. What does the word "suing" in the first sentence mean? D. Taking a legal action against, 32. Caesar Barber's problem is that B. he suffers diseases Caused by overweight 33. By suing the four big fast-food Companies. Caesar Barber wants to C. warn the public of the harm of eating fast foods 34. The other two who may soon join Barber's suit A. suffer similar diseases to his 35. Fast- food restaurants are D. quite optimistic about this case Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points) 36. As soon as you take off any clothing, D. fold it neatly and place it on the chair. 37. It takes only half an hour to go to the museum by a short B. cut across the park. 38. The trouble is that he really likes doing it but he's C. ashamed to admit it. 39. Some economists attribute much of the rising wage inequality in this country D to the shift in favor of the most skilled workers. 40. The father went to the door in A. answer to a knock from outside. 41. When he really does something wrong, he is willing to B. apologize 42. Her great dream of becoming a writer has finally become a D. reality 43. During the afternoon Marilla kept the child busy with A. various tasks and watched over her with a keen eye when she did them. 44. The best way to make friends is to start a conversation with someone and D. find out what your common interests are and go from there. 45. She said it was important to A. handle things correctly and in a businesslike manner, 46. Peter was C. determined that there should be no misunderstanding on that point. 47. I wanted to pay for the coffee, but I found that all I had was a couple of A. worthless coins. 48. If you are happy and enjoying life, you are automatically B. attractive and people around want to be with you. 49. He's the sort of person who C. bores you at parties. 50. He was A. sensible enough to see that Jake was the best candidate for the job. 51. I'm trying to be more C. economical when I go shopping, and only buying what I really need. 52. The company isn't D. capable of doing such big business. 53. Many thousands have benefited D. from the new medical system. 54. Most people make such mistakes B. sometime in their whole life. 55. The university C. resisted pressure to close its art department. 56. If Peter had given up his part-time job, he B. might have passed the final exam. 57. All C. that is needed is to give him a warning.

58. Mr. Phillips caught up with the boy in the corridor and D. laid his hand on his shoulder. 59. Such problems C. as air pollution and traffic jams are becoming more and more serious in some big cities. 60. Last year he learned A. twice as much as he had expected because he worked a lot harder. 61. I wasn’t able to catch the bus. I D. should have got up ten minutes earlier. 62. His first novel was a failure, B. so was his second novel 63. C. Having finished his last word, he got into a taxi and disappeared in no time. 64. Let's read the novel together.A. shall we 65. Little A. did I expect to win your friendship in this way. 66. My university lies in the north of the city. around C. which are high mountains. 67. I rushed to the meeting without breakfast. Only B. to be told that it had been postponed. 68. I B. was traveling along the Great Wall for hours when I saw her. 69. There are 40 teachers in this school, ten of whom are D. men teachers 70. C. In case of a change of weather, please take the coat with you. 71. The tall tree. B. whose leaves are darker than those of the other two. is as old as grandpa. 72. You A. had better wear your glasses, for the words are rather small. 73. A. However amusing the story is, I cannot spare any time to read it. 74. The girl wanted to eat up all the candies, but her mother told her A. not to 75. The film is an award winner and is D. worth seeing Part IV Cloze Test (10 points) A special research team from the local medical center76 B. did experiments completely blind babies. The babies to be tested on lived at home with their mothers or families. The research workers would visit the babies and closely77 D. observed the development of their senses and behavior every two weeks. In most78 B. cases, the research workers tested the responses of the blind babies to different stimuli79 B. normal baby would react with smiles and laughter to tickling , to the voice of a relative, and to hugging from his family. His reactions were swift. 80 C. However most of the blind babies, according to the experiments, responded to stimuli impassively. In fact, they were indifferent to 81 A. any sound. But82 A. under some special situations, some of them were able to 83 D. react to the sound of their mothers with a smile. Usually, their response was very 84 C. slow The tests were done about nine months; they85 A. began when the blind babies were one month old and ended when they were ten months old. Part V Writing(15 points) 1.有的人认为大学生要多些社会实践, 为将来工作作准备. 2.有的人认为大学生要把时间 和精力放在学习.3.你的观点是什么? To Iearn or to Practice Nowadays. more and more people have got the Opportunities to study at colleges and universities. Should college students make efforts to acquire knowledge at school, or should they spend more time participating in social activities? This question has aroused wide concern, Some people think that college students should attach great importance to social practice, which can offer them a chance to contact the society and meet different kinds of people. In this way students can gain some valuable social experience, which will be useful to their future career. Besides, students can apply what they have learned in class to practical work so as to better

understand what they have learnt in classes. However, other people hold different opinions. They believe that the true function of college is to gain access to knowledge for its own sake. Only after students acquire the basic knowledge can they be competent in their future jobs. In addition. they worry that some students get overly interested in social practice and want to work full-time, thus neglecting their studies. As far as I am concerned, 1 firmly believe that college students should put their studies in the first place and see social practice just as a useful supplement. They ought to strike a balance between social practice and their studies.