第40期 海船船员适任考试 《轮机英语》试题

11. The overspeeding of the diesel engine driving an electric generator could cause ______. A. low voltage trip to trip B. reverse power trip to trip C. damage to windings D. excessive exhaust temperatures 12. Any carbon built up on surfaces must be washed away by ______additives and held in suspension by a ______additive. A. dispersant /detergent B. detergent/dispersant C. dispersant /dispersant D. detergent/detergent 答题说明:请选择一个最合适的答案,并将该答案按答题卡要求,在其相应位置上用 2B 铅笔涂 13. While flowing through the volute in a centrifugal pump, part of the ______energy of the liquid is 黑。第 1 题至 74 题,每题 1 分,第 75 题至 78 题,每题 1.5 分,第 79 题至 80 题, 每题 converted to ______energy. 10 分。 A. kinetic/pressure B. kinetic/essential C. pressure/kinetic D. pressure/height 一、单项选择题 14. Gear pumps are ______because they discharge a near constant amount of liquid regardless of 1. ______usually helps to induce air movement to assist combustion. pressure. A. Cylinder cover B. Main bearing A. negative displacement type B. turbine type C. The exhaust valve D. The piston movement C. positive displacement type D. mixed-flow type 2. The mechanical efficiency of an engine is always less than 100% ______losses occurring in the 15. Operating a rotary pump at speeds in excess of design requirements could cause______. form of friction. A. decreased clearances between rotating parts A. because B. since C. due to D. owing B. decreased slippage to the suction side of the pump 3. The exhaust ports are located around the lower part of the cylinder liner, ______the products of C. air binding in the discharge ports combustion are driven by scavenging air. D. erosion and excessive wear A. in which B. by which C. through which D. from which 4. The third engineer took the ______and checked the tank table in the office and recorded all relevant 16. The fire pumps must be capable of delivering a total quantity of water at a defined head , not less than______of the total bilge pumping capacity. data, as well as calculated the bunkering. A. one-third B. two-thirds C. one-fourth D. two-fourths A. water level B. sump level C. ballast tank level D. ship's trim 17. The bilge system has been performing well; however, the aft starboard engine room bilge-well 5. The lubricating pipes and ducts should be blown out with ______. suddenly fails to be pumped out. Which of the following should be done first to determine the A. the atmosphere B. the fresh water cause? C. the compressed air D. the chemical compounds A. Open the bilge pump for inspection. 6. ______neutralizes the acid conditions and ______cleanses the rings and grooves. B. Remove each of the manifold valves. A. The detergency/the alkalinity C. Remove only the manifold valve to the affected bilge-well. B. The alkalinity/the detergency D. Attempt to pump out another bilge well to determine if the entire system is affected. C. The inhabitant/ the water 18. Which of the following statements describes one of the functions of the ballast system? D. The additives/the distilled water A. To permit flooding of any fuel oil storage tank on any class of ship. 7. If the engine does not start on air, it may be due to______. B. To use it as a secondary service system. A. low compression of the fuel pumps C. To store reserve feed or potable water for extended cruises. B. incorrect timing of fuel pumps D. To stabilize the ship by flooding certain designed tanks with seawater. C. the starting air valves stuck 19. If an operating auxiliary boiler has a water pH reading of 7, you should ______. D. air-locks in fuel oil pipeline A. bottom blow the boiler 8. ______device is provided to prevent starting air from being admitted to the cylinder before the B. treat the water with caustic soda reversing is completed. C. treat the water with chemical scavengers A. An automatic B. A transmission C. A self-regulating D. An interlocking D. reduce the water alkalinity to recommended readings 9. A reduction in load on a diesel engine results in ______of speed of the crankshaft. 20. Where tanks are arranged for either oil or ballast ______must be fitted in the pipeline. A. a reduction B. an increase C. an outing D. a downwards A. a change-over chest B. a head tank 10. Fuel injection uses the jet pump system and a Woodward type hydraulic ______is used to control C. a emergency bilge pump D. an air cooler engine speed. 21. The most common cause of scale formation in an auxiliary boiler is ______. A. controller B. governor C. instrument D. apparatus A. concentrations of calcium sulphate in the boiler water

中华人民共和国海事局 2006 年第 2 期海船船员适任证书全国统考试题(总第 40 期) 科目:轮机英语 试卷代号:805 适用对象:无限、近洋航区 3000KW 及以上船舶二/三管轮 (本试卷卷面总分 100 分,及格分为 70 分,考试时间为 100 分钟)


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B. fuel oil in the feed water C. improper treatment of the feed water with calcium sulphate D. excessive feed water alkalinity The ______of the gravity disc is too big. It cause oil to flow through the water outlet. We changed the disc and no oil is found in the water outlet. A. gravity B. diameter C. circumference D. cylinder Oil water separators are used to ensure that ships don't discharge oil when ______bilge water. A. to pump off B. being pumped C. pumping out D. it pumping out A high rate of separation between oil and water is favored by______. A. large size of oil globule B. low temperature C. high viscosity D. high flow rate Medium speed engines have a ______power to weight ratio than the slow speed two strokes, but due to the higher speeds tend to have ______maintenance intervals. A. higher/reduced B. higher/increased C. lower/reduced D. lower/increased Oil Record Book Part I shall be provided to every oil tanker of 150 tons gross tonnage and above and every ship of 400 tons gross tonnage and above, ______oil tankers, to record relevant machinery space operations. A. as well as B. as long as C. rather than D. other than It is important with all hydraulic systems to ensure that interlocking arrangements provided for pump or motor control levers are before the pump driving motor can be started. A. in the port position B. in the starboard position C. in the neutral position D. to be dismantled The hand steering is a method by which the motion of the rudder is controlled with______. A. a motor-driven steering wheel B. a pneumatic steering wheel C. a hand-driven steering wheel D. an electric steering wheel With reference to operating a four-ram steering gear system under emergency conditions, which one of the following statements is incorrect ? A. Only one pump should be used at any time B. The ship speed should be reduced to 70% of the normal C. Watch keeping of the steering gear should be increased D. Limitations of the steering gear should be logged but the bridge need not be informed Which of the following problems can result in below normal pressure in the intercooler of an operating low pressure air compressor? A. Defective pressure pilot valve B. Defective receiver relief valve C. Leaking intake valves on the high pressure cylinder D. Leaking discharge valves on the low pressure cylinder The air charge leaving an intercooler, or after-cooler of an air compressor can be expected to be ______. A. superheated B. super-cooled C. at or below the dew point D. all of the above Open the ______of inter cooler before starting an air compressor. A. cylinder cover B. cooling water C. oil cup D. drain valve Sludge may form in the crankcase of an air conditioning compressor as a result of______. A. bubbling refrigerant B. overheating and oxidation C. lowered operating temperatures D. reducing the cloud or flash point

34. If a refrigeration system were short of refrigerant, the condition would result in ______. A. continuous running of the compressor B. high suction pressure C. high discharge pressure D. short cycling of the compressor on the water failure switch 35. Which of the statements listed concerning heat transfer is correct? A. Heat is always transferred at a constant rate. B. Heat transfer rate increases as temperature difference increases. C. The rate of heat transfer is not affected by temperature difference. D. The high temperature region is known as a heat sink. 36. The purpose of the low pressure cutout switch is to______. A. maintain liquid refrigerant at the suction of the compressor B. maintain a preset suction pressure to the compressor C. start and stop the compressor at preset operating pressures D. operate at minimum efficiency 37. When a refrigeration compressor is in the 'off' cycle, the thermal expansion valve will______. A. always be wide open when the compressor restarts B. continue to operate as if the system were in operation C. remain open until evaporator pressure equalizes, then close until the compressor restarts D. always be completely closed until the compressor restarts 38. The star formation is most commonly used and requires ______on the alternator. A. one slip-ring B. two sliprings C. three sliprings D. four sliprings 39. A constant output voltage from an AC generator is maintained by the ______. A. prime mover governor B. exciter generator C. voltage regulator D. reverse power relay 40. Prior to any overhaul work on electric equipment, it is important to ensure the circuits are______. A. live B. dead C. excited D. on line 41. Which of the following should be the FIRST step in removing a generator from parallel operation? A. Trip the generator off the switchboard. B. Turn off all electrical equipment. C. Remove the load from the ‘ offgoing' generator. D. Increase the cycles of the generator staying on the line. 42. A ‘ dead front' switchboard is one ______. A. without switches on it B. with insulated switches and no exposed terminals C. without circuit breakers D. without safety hand rails nor rubber mats 43. In ______the control action is independent on the output. A. a closed loop control system B. an open loop control system C. a boiler control system D. a steering gear automatic control system 44. Every precaution must be taken to avoid ______. A. sparking being taking place B. to spark taking place C. sparking to be taken place D. sparking taking place


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45. The ______is used to measure the volume of a liquid or gas through a pipeline within any given period of time. A. flowmeter B. viscometer C. micrometer D. feeler 46. A salinity indicator is used to determine the ______. A. cause of salt contamination B. location of salt water contamination C. chemical makeup of feed-water D. level of alkalinity in condensate 47. In order to accurately measure very low pressures, which of the instruments listed should be used? A. Compound gage B. Bourdon tube C. Manometer D. Deadweight gage 48. A circuit breaker and a fuse have a basic similarity in that they both ______. A. can be reset to energize the circuit B. should open the circuit when overloaded C. will burn out when an over current flow develops D. all of the above 49. The main difference between a motor control circuit containing low voltage protection and low voltage release is that the latter contains______. A. a magnetic operating coil B. normally open line contacts C. thermal-overload protection D. a momentary-contact start button 50. If the engine ______for a long period, there will be a danger of frost. A. must stand inoperative B. has to stand inoperative C. must be stood idle D. will stand idle 51. If fuel injection to a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine begins earlier than designed, ignition may be delayed because the ______. A. cylinder compression pressure may not be high enough B. cylinder compression temperature may be too high C. fuel oil injection pressure may not be high enough D. scavenge and purge process is incomplete 52. Improper cooling of a diesel engine cylinder liner due to the accumulation of scale deposits, may cause______. A. low compression pressure B. increased piston wear C. increased cylinder lube oil consumption D. poor contact between compression rings and liner 53. Poor combustion in a diesel engine can be caused by______. A. high compression pressure B. low intake air temperature C. low exhaust pressure D. high scavenge air temperature 54. High exhaust temperature and black smoke exhausting from an auxiliary diesel engine can be caused by ______. A. engine overload B. low combustion temperature C. plugged fuel nozzle holes D. excessive compression pressure 55. In a diesel engine, excessive cylinder liner wear will cause ______. I. increased blow-by II. wear between the piston ring and groove A. I only is correct B. II only is correct C. both I and II are correct D. neither I or II are correct

56. Combustion knock can occur in the cylinders of a diesel engine under any condition permitting ______. A. a shortened ignition delay period B. a lean fuel/air mixture C. excess fuel in the combustion chamber D. rapid vaporization of injected fuel droplets 57. The load on the crosshead pin is always______, so it is the ______half of the bearing which is subject to wear. A. upwards/top B. upwards/bottom C. downwards/top D. downwards/bottom 58. If the action of the engine indicates that some of the cylinders are not firing, the ones affected may be determined by watching ______. A. the bad smoke B. the smoky exhaust C. the exhaust temperature D. the peak pressure 59. A centrifugal pump can’t supply water after starting. You should firstly check ______. A. discharge valve B. power supply C. packing gland D. bearing lubrication 60. Which of the motors for the devices listed below is fitted with an instantaneous(瞬时的) overload relay? A. Fan B. Pump C. Winch D. Machine tool 61. If ______are taken at regular intervals, any unequal distribution of load will be easily found out. A. indicator diagrams B. nomo-gram C. temperature readings D. pressure readings 62. Oil mist detectors are usually used on board to detect oil mist density within ______. A. the engine crankcase B. the engine scavenge boxes C. drain tanks D. fuel tanks 63. The resistance of electric wire will decrease as its ______. A. length increases B. cross-sectional area increases C. temperature increases D. percent of metallic purities increases 64. It is well known that the whole power distribution of the ship’s electrical services mainly depend on the______. A. sub-boards B. main switchboards C. emergency switchboards D. distribution boards 65. The Company should ensure that ______documents are promptly removed. A. absolute B. updated C. outdated D. new 66. You may improve a vessel's stability by ______. A. keeping the fuel tanks topped off B. increasing the free surface effect C. keeping the fuel tanks at least half full D. keeping at least one fuel tank empty for slops 67. The most common type of containment device for spilled oil on the water is the use of ______. A. straw B. booms C. skimmers D. chemical dispersants 68. We’ve tried many ways, but all in vain. Only in this way, ______the problem, I’m sure. A. can we solve B. we can solve C. we will solve D. can be solved


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69. It was ______midnight that we removed the trouble and went back to our cabins. A. until B. not until C. not before D. not after 70. The flash point of a petroleum product is an indication of its______. A. viscosity B. pour point C. volatility D. lower explosive limit 71. If there has been a fire in a closed unventilated compartment it may be unsafe to enter because of ______. A. unburned carbon particles B. excess nitrogen C. a lack of oxygen D. excess hydrogen 72. Tell your men ______the rules and procedures of working when dismantling the equipment. A. not to go against B. don’t go against C. not go to against D. to not go against 73. The minimum number and capacity of bilge pumps and fire pumps and their distributing within the ship is governed by______. A. Classification Society Rules B. National requirements C. The IMO International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea D. All of the above. 74. The SOLAS Convention in its successive forms is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the ______of merchant ships. A. pollution B. economization C. safety D. efficiency 二. 关联题(关联题题干下有 4 个小题,每小题 4 个选项) The windlass is the usual anchor-handling device where one machine may be used to handle both anchors. A more recent development, particular on larger vessels, is the split windlass where one machine is used for each anchor. The rotating units of a split windlass consist of a cable lifter with shaped snug to grip the anchor cable, a mooring drum for paying out or letting go of mooring wires and a warp end for warping duties. Each of these units may be separately engaged or disengaged by means of a dog clutch, although the warp end is often driven in association with mooring drum. A spur gear assembly transmits the motor drive to the shaft where the various dog clutches enable the power take-off. Separate band brakes are fitted to hold the cable lifter and the mooring drum when the power is switched off. The cable lifter unit is mounted so as to raise and lower the cable from the spurling pipe, which is at the top and the chain or cable locker. Anchor capstans are used in some installations where the cable lifter rotates about a vertical axis. Only the cable lifter unit is located on deck, the driving machinery being on the deck below. 75. According to the passage, the rotating units of a split windlass don’t include______. A. a cable lifter B. a mooring drum C. a chain locker D. a warp end 76. The word “assembly” in the sentence “ A spur gear assembly transmits the motor drive to the shaft where the various dog clutches enable the power take-off.” is as the same meaning as ______. A. unit B. shaft C. dog clutch D. spurling pipe 77. One of the functions of a dog clutch is ______. A. to transmit the motor drive to the shaft B. to hold the cable lifter and the mooring drum when the power is switched off C. to engage or disengage the rotating units of a split windlass separately D. to handle both anchors

78. Which of the following statements is correct ? A. A more recently development, particularly on larger vessels, is the split windlass where one machine is used to handle both anchors. B. The word “machine” in the passage refers to the windlass. C. Anchor capstans are used in some installation where the cable lifter rotates about a horizontal axis. D. Both the cable lifter unit and the driving machinery are located on deck. 三、中译英(共 2 题,请将答案写在答题纸上) 79. (修理单)辅助锅炉水空间需采用化学方法除去水垢,如发现有烧坏的管子则换新,安全释 放阀调至设定值。 80. (轮机日志)NO.1 空压机进行了解体、清洁、检查,更换了断裂的排气阀,装复后进行了 试验。

期数:40 题号--答案 1--D 6--B 11--C 16--B 21--A 26--D 31--C 36--C 41--C 46--B 51--A 56--C 61--A 66--A 71--C 题号--答案 2--C 7--C 12--B 17--D 22--B 27--C 32--D 37--B 42--B 47--C 52--B 57--D 62--A 67--B 72--A

试卷代号:805 题号--答案 3--C 8--D 13--A 18--D 23--C 28--C 33--B 38--D 43--B 48--B 53--D 58--C 63--B 68--A 73--C 题号--答案 4--D 9--B 14--C 19--B 24--A 29--送分 34--A 39--C 44--D 49--D 54--A 59--A 64--B 69--B 74--C 题号--答案 5--C 10--B 15--D 20--A 25--A 30--D 35--B 40--B 45--A 50--B 55--C 60--C 65--C 70--C 75--CACB


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