1. He said that he o____ much of his success and happiness to his wife and children. 2. What can r____ Chinese culture? 3. Many houses were d____ in the fire, but nobody died. 4. The most difficult c____ for me is how to get high scores in exams. 5. The m____ of the people in this area like to drink tea. 6. With so many people c____ in English every day, it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English. 7. Eco-travel is a form of travel that c____ normal tourism with learning. 8. Good table m_____ will help you make a good impression. 9. Her tears f____ fast at the news that both her parents had died in the flood. 10.Restoring the city and its cultural r____ seemed very important.

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1. The economy in the area i_________ by 20% last year. 2. Beijing lies in the n_________ China. 3. Before taking the medicine, you should read the i_________ first. 4. Zhejiang is one of the p_________ in the east of China. 5. China has the biggest p_________ in the world. 6. The father was so t________ after his son was rescued by Jim. 7. You should be c________ and believe in yourself. 8. Beckham is an e________ football player. 9. The class was so b________ that most of the students fell asleep. 10.He work hard to r________ his dream.

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1. He had something important to do at home, so he went home d________ after school. 2. We should try our best to rejuvenate our nation depending on s________ and education. 3. My c________ is broken, so if you want to take photos, you’d better borrow one from Tom. 4. The dog barked fiercely and the boy was so f_________ that he dare not move. 5. Although the coat is of good quality, it is a bit e__________. Besides I don’t have enough money. 6. He did his homework c__________ and made a lot of mistakes. 7. The scenery of the West Lake was so b__________ that it attracts tens of thousand of traveler from all over the world. 8. English is w________ used all over the world, so we should try our best to learn it well. 9. Last Sunday my brother and I went to the zoo to see interesting a______. 10.Someone likes their pets very much and r________ them as their family members.

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1. Before taking the medicine, you should read the i_________ first.. 2. My c________ is broken, so if you want to take photos, you’d better borrow one from Tom. 3. The dog barked fiercely and the boy was so f_________ that he dare not move. 4. Beckham is an e________ football player. 5. They are writing a report about the n________ effects of cell phones in school. 6. What can we do to help e______ animals which are dying out? 7. The water in most rivers in China has been s________ polluted. 8. I r________ Peter although I hadn't seen him for 10 years. 9. If I pay all my d_____ I shall have no money left. 10.20 years later, I met her in the street quite u_________.

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1. He was so lucky that he s________ the earthquake. 2. When traveling in desert, we can use a c________ to tell the direction. 3. The Great Britain and France are s_______ by the English Channel. 4. Besides the differences, both of the books also have some s_______. 5. Water from s_____ and rivers will finally goes to the ocean. 6. Women in the world are fighting for the e______ and fairness. 7. The restaurant has very excellent s_______, so I decide to have dinner here next time. 8. You said you’d like to go traveling this summer. Did you decide your d________. 9. The novel was p_______ in 1998. 10.C_______ the difficulty in finishing the job, I decided to ask Jim for help.

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1. C________ with his brother, he is much taller. 2. We must finish our homework by 5:00 this afternoon, for it is the d__________. 3. People dare not go swimming in the sea when they remember the s__________ where people are eaten by sharks. 4. All through his life, Martin Luther King f________ for the equal rights of the black people. 5. With a complex e__________ on his face, I can’t tell whether he is happy or sad. 6. L________ in the bed, the boy fell asleep when watching TV. 7. I didn’t catch the word. Can you r________ it? 8. We should be r_________ for what we did. 9. There are more job o__________ in the city than in the countryside. 10.S_________ hands with others is a popular way of greeting all over the world.

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