新人教版英语高一下Module 4《Unit 4 Body language》之一_图文

From where can we get information ?





Do you know any famous newspaper in our country? Or abroad?

How many sections are there in a newspaper?
Local news
International news

Business section


How many different kinds ofdo jobs What all these people should ? do newspapers have?
reporter editor designer Chief editor 主编

deputy editor 副主编
sub editor 审校编辑 critic 评论员 cartoonist 漫画师 correspondent 通讯员



Look at the following pictures, and guess what they are?






Can you guess what all the people should do? types of jobs What it involves? journalist editor

interviews people or finds out about events from onlookers
make sure the writing is clear, concise and accurate; checks facts

takes photographs of photographer important people or events

lays out the article and photographs prints the newspaper

If you want to be a reporter, do you think what qualities a good news reporter needs to have?

Qualities Higher level of education Work experience Good communication skills Curious, active personality Hard-working Enthusiam for the job

Very important

important not

1 .What level of education should a good news reporter have ? 2. Dose work experience play an important role in making the news? 3. Is being curious and active important? why or why not ? 4. Enthusiasm for the job is the key to success, do you agree ? Why/why not ?

Requirement of a reporter in advertisement:
1. Bachelor (学士)degree or above 2. At least 2 year working experience 3. Fluency in English both on spoken and written 4. Outgoing personality and excellent interpersonal & communication skills 5. Initiative(主动的), passionate(充满激情的) , teamworking and work with high degree of independence 6. Able to work under pressure 7. Good knowledge in computer software application (应 用) especially in MS office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Do you still remember your first day at school? Primary school? Middle school? Or high school? Exchange your experience with your partner.

My First Work Assignment “Unforgettable,” says new reporter

Words and expressions
journalist editor photographer delighted admirable unusual assist assistant submit profession professional colleague eager concentrate amateur update acquire assess inform deadline meanwhile depend on case accuse accuse of deliberately so as to sceptical guilty dilemma demand publish section technical technically thorough gifted

1. Answer questions 1) and 2).


1).What are they talking about?
They are talking about how to become a good reporter, including some necessary skills, some duties and so on.

2).How many questions does Zhou Yang ask his new boss, Hu Xin? Please underline all these questions.

2. True or False. (Tell why) 3). Zhou Yang is very enthusiastic about his new job. Can I go out on a story immediately? 4). Zhou Yang is very eager to learn. What do I need to remember when I go out to cover a story? 5). Zhou Yang is modest. What should I keep in mind?

scanning The purpose of writing the passage

1) It shoes the students the skills necessary to become a good journalist. 2).It wants to show how to conduct a good interview.

What a new reporter should do on the first day

1) The first time he will be put as an assistant to and experienced journalist..
2) There is no need for him to take a camera with him. He will have a professional photographer with him to take photographs.

What a reporter needs to remember when going to cover a story

1)He needs to be curious.

2) A good reporter must have a “ nose ” for a story.
3) He has to listen for detailed facts 4) If the interviewee agrees, he can use a recorder to get the facts straight.

Questions and discussion.
1. What does Zhou Yang have with him when he goes out?

a notebook, pen and a camera

2. What equipment do you think a news reporter should have nowadays?

mobile phone, digital camera, small recorder, notebook computer, satellite telephone,

Read the text carefully, and finish the following chart about how to become a reporter.(work in groups)
Questions about The skills needed Zhou Yang’s answers 1. be able to _______________ tell if someone _________________________ . is telling the truth 2. be accurate _______ 3. do ________ research 4. ask ___________ questions get the _________________ detailed facts prepare the ________________ next question

The importance of listening

Questions about
Stages in researching a story

Zhou Yang’s answers
1. ____________________ ask questions 2. note _______ reactions 3. ________ check facts 4. do ___________ research use _________ research and ask witnesses ________ a tape recorder use _________________ for the interview ____________

How to check facts How to deal with accusations of printing lies

Read the passage again and divide it into three sections, each of which looks at one duty of a reporter. Then write down the main idea of the whole passage. Duties:1. to work in a team 2. to get an accurate story 3. to protect a story from accusations Main idea: the passage tells us about the qualities needed to be a good reporter, how to get an accurate story and how to protect a story from accusation.

concise patient imaginative well-organized technically good polite honest truthful thorough creative curious admirable careful gifted professional
Adjectives to describe a reporter Adjectives to describe a photographer

patient, well-organized, thorough, curious, careful, concise, professional, polite

creative, imaginative, technically good, gifted, professional, patient well-organized

A reporter needs to be thorough, curious, careful and concise __________________________________ but a photographer needs to be creative, imaginative, technically good and gifted. ___________________________________ I think I would make a good XXX because I am creative and _____________________________ I enjoy being technically good at things. They both need to be professional , well-organized and patient.

Language points
occupation n a job or employment 职业 taking possession 占有 occupation, job, work, profession 和 trade辨析 四个词都有“工作”之意。 occupation 较为正式,经常用在填写表格上。 job是可数名词,可指一个单独任务,也可指工作职位 work是不可数名词,泛指一切工作。 profession一般指需要专门技能,尤指需要较高教育水 平的某一行业、职业,如医生或律师。

Practice: 选词填空 ( occupation, job, profession, work )

occupation a. Please state your name,age and_________ below. jobs to do in the house this b. I have a few _____ morning. work c. Looking after children all day is hard____ d. My husband is at the very to of profession medical____________ .

Can I go out on a story immediately? 我可以马上出去采访吗? on 后接一些名词如visit, holiday, business, trip等,常 与come, go等动词连用,用来说明活动或状态。

她决定今年暑假去一趟英国。 on a visit She decided to go ______________ to England this summer. 他去了长途旅行。 on a long trip He has been away __________________ .

NO need for a camera! 不需要带相机! no need…是句型There is no need …的省略形 式,need 后面可以接for/of ( doing ) sth 或 ( for sb ) to do作后置定语。 介词填空: for that sort of thing. a) There is no need ______ of b) There is no need ______ hurrying; we still have time. for you to worry c) There is no need ______ about the matter.

? experienced adj. 有经验的 ? 在你家谁有经验做饭? Who is experienced in cooking in your family?

Later you can cover a story and submit the article yourself.
晚些时候,你就可以独自去进行新闻采访并 递交稿件了。 submit在这句话种表示“递交;呈送”。如:

He submitted an essay to his tutor.他向导 师地叫了一篇论文。
submit还可以表示“屈服;顺从”。如: They refused to submit to the pressure. 他们据不屈服于压力。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

cover 1). She was sent to cover the event. ( 报道,采访 ) 2). The road was covered with snow. ( 覆盖 ) 3). She laughed to cover her worry. ( 遮盖 )

? 4). The red army covered about 30 miles a day. ( 走完多少里路 ) ? 5). Is the money enough to cover the cost of a new shirt?( (钱)够支付 ) ? 6). The city covers ten square miles. ? (有多少面积 ) ? 7). So far this month I have covered ten lessons. ( 看完多少页书 )

? be eager for sth. (eg. success) 渴望……,很 想…… ? be eager to do sth. 渴望做某事 ? be eager that clause ? 他很渴望见到他的女儿。 He was (is) eager to see his daughter ? _____________________________ 我们都很想那项工程早点开始。 We were eager that the project would start ? _____________________________________ early. ______________________

concentrate vt. to give all one’s attention to sth and not to think about anything else.集中 to come or bring together at one place 聚集 ※ concentrate on (doing) sth 专注于(做)某事 ※ concentrate the /one’s mind 集中注意力; 聚精会神 ※ concentrate one’s effort/attention on sth 集 中力量/注意力于某事 ※ concentration n. 专心;聚集


完成句子: concentrate on your work . a. Stop talking and ________________________ ( 专心工作 ) b. Nothing ____________________ concentrates the mind ( 集中注意力 ) better than the knowledge that you could die tomorrow.

c. I decided to concentrate ________________________ all my efforts on ( 全力 以赴 ) finding somewhere to live.

? ? ?

concentrate on/upon sth. /doing sth. 集中精力做…… ___________________________ concentrate on/ upon We should _____________________our study. concentrating/ed on/ upon ? Tom is _______________________fishing.

? have a nose for 对……嗅觉灵敏, 表示探查 或发现某事的能力。此类形象表达法还有: ? She has an ear for music. ( ) 对…… 有欣赏能力 ? She has an eye for color and style in clothes. ( ) 对……有眼光

? Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business.( 管闲事,插手与己无关的事 ) ? George turned his nose up at classical music.( 对……不屑一顾,看不起 ) ? Tell us what happened. We are all ears. ? ( 正在听着,洗耳恭听 ) ? He turned a deaf ear to what I said. ? ( 对……听不进去 ) ? Don’t tell him anything. He has a big mouth. ( ) 嘴不严

Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. 只有提很多不同的问题,你才能收集到你所需要 的信息。 放在句首的状语若由“only+副词”,“only+介 词词组”,“ only+状语从句”构成,可引起局 部倒装,即把助动词,情态动词或系动词be放在 主句之前。如:

Only then did I realize the importance of my health. 只是在那时我才认识到健康的重要性。

Only when the war was over in 1945 was he able to get back to work.

? ? ? ? ?

meanwhile = meantime = in the meantime = at the same time 妈妈去购物,与此同时,我打扫房间。

? My mother went shopping. Meanwhile, I cleaned the house.

meanwhile, during, while 词义辨析

meanwhile意为“同时”,与at the same time 意思相同。意为“期间”时,是副词,在 句中单独做状语。 during 意为“在、、、期间”,是介词,后 接名词、代词。 while 意为“在、、、期间”,是连词,引导 时间状语从句。

This is a trick of the trade.
这就是我们这个行业的诀窍了。 tricks of the trade(内行人的)诀窍。另外还可 以表示吸引顾客,在竞争中取胜的手段或生 意经。如:

If you want to start your own car business, you should ask his advice. He knows all the tricks of the trade.
你要想自己做骑车生意,最好向他讨教,他 对这行的诀窍完全清醒。

so as to do sth. “为了……” 不能用在句首 = in order to do sth. 可放句子中任何位置 =so that + 从句 = in order that + 从句 句型转换 : I got up at five so as to catch the train I got up at five in order to catch the train. = __________________________ I got up at five so that I could catch the =_________________________________________ _______________ train.

我买了些牛肉和蔬菜,为的是给晚饭做个汤 ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ so as to make a soup for dinner. ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ in order to make a soup for dinner ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ so that I could make a soup for dinner ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ in order that I could make a soup for dinner

? Have you ever had a case where somebody accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick? ? get the wrong end of the stick ? 完全误解,弄错 ? 他完全搞错了。 got (held of) the wrong end of the ? He _____________________________ stick ___________.

accuse sb. of sth. 因某事指责/控告某人 ________________________= charge sb. with sth. ? 相同结构的有: remind sb. of sth. ? __________________ 提醒某人…… rob sb. of sth. ? ___________________ 抢了某人…… inform sb. of sth. ? ___________________ 通知某人… … cure sb. of sth. ? _________________ 治愈,治疗某人… warn sb. of sth. 警告某人…… ? ________________

accuse, charge, blame 词义辨析

{ {

accuse (指控 )sb. of ( doing ) sth. charge ( 指控 )sb. with ( doing ) sth.

accuse ( 指责 )sb. of (doing ) sth. blame ( 责备 )sb. for ( doing ) sth.

? ? ?

他被警察指控谋杀。 He was accused of murder by the police _________________________________. Tom ____ B his boss of having broken his word. ? A. blamed B. accused ? C. charged D. scolded

…the man was supposed to bribed him… be supposed to do 应当,认为必须 be supposed to have done 表示理应做过某事,(但可能没做) 他大约一小时后到。 He___________________ is supposed to be here in about an hour. 杰克现在应当完成工作了。 is supposed to have finished the Jack_________________________________ _____________________. work.

Practice – interviewing
You are divided into two groups to do an interview, one interviewer is Zhang Ziyi, another one is Yao Ming.

What is your biggest problem to become a reporter? How can you change it?

Assignment Surf the Internet to find more information about how to become a reporter and you are expected to present it to your classmates in the next class.


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