高优指导2017英语北师版(福建专用)一轮考点规范练22 选修8 Unit 22

考点规范练 22(选修 8 Unit 22)
Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2016 湖北荆州质检) Australia has promised to introduce the most comprehensive(全面的)carbon trading program outside Europe in 2010.The government in Canberra plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions (排放) by at least five percent by 2020,but it could make bigger reductions if other countries agree to tougher targets. The Australian government warns that without tough environmental measures the country could lose key industries and jobs.Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says the economy is under threat and decisive action is needed. Central to the government’s climate change plan is a carbon emissions trading program that will be introduced within two years.It would involve one thousand of the nation’s biggest companies and would cover about three-quarters of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Many scientists believe that greenhouse gases,such as carbon dioxide and methane,contribute to global warming.Many of them are released by burning fuels such as coal and oil. Companies will be required to buy permits for each ton of carbon they emit,although big polluting exporters will receive up to 90 percent of their carbon licenses free. Many business leaders want the government to delay the plan because of the current global financial crisis,which is slowing the Australian economy.Peter Anderson from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it is irresponsible to bring in a carbon trading plan now. Environmentalists,on the other hand,say Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has not properly addressed the threat of climate change.Activists had sought a minimum emissions cut of 25 percent. Instead,the Rudd government aims to cuts carbon emissions by at least five percent of 2000 levels by 2020.That amount could rise to 15 percent,if future global agreements set such a target. Ray Nias of the environmental group WWF says Australia will pay the price for low targets.“This is a deeply,deeply disappointing target,” Nias said.“It commits Australia to long-term climate change.It will make Australia’s ability to negotiate (协商) global agreements very,very difficult.It is much lower than even we had imagined.” Australia has one of the highest per-person greenhouse emissions rates in the world because of its reliance on coal for electricity. Some scientists warn that the vast,dry Australian continent,which has been suffering a series of droughts in recent years,could be one of the region’s hardest hit by global warming. 1.Which group supports to cut carbon emissions by at least 25%? A.Environmentalists. B.The government. C.Business leaders. D.Scientists. 2.Who most probably agrees to a higher goal of carbon emissions? A.Penny Wong. B.Peter Anderson. C.Kevin Rudd. D.Ray Nias. 3.Many business leaders are against the Australian program because . A.they believe the program will only benefit the big companies B.they believe the program will cause the global warming C.they don’t want to pay extra money for carbon emissions D.they don’t think carbon emissions will surely cause the global warming 4.The underlined sentence means . A.The Australian government will be blamed for the low target B.Australia will suffer a lot from climate change caused by carbon emissions C.The Australian government will have to spend lots of money on carbon emissions D.Many Australian companies will close down because of the low target B The spread of Western eating habits around the world is bad for human health and the environment.These findings come from a new report in the journal Nature. David Tilman,a professor of ecology at the University of Minnesota,America,examined information from 100 countries to identify what people ate and how a diet affected health.He noted a movement


beginning in the 1960s.He found that as nations industrialized(工业化),population increased and earnings rose,more people began to adopt what has been called the Western diet. The Western diet is high in sugar,fat,oil and meat.By eating these foods,people began to get fatter and sicker.David Tilman says overweight people are at greater risk for non-infectious diseases like diabetes(糖 尿病) and heart disease. Unfortunately when people become industrialized,if they adopt this Western diet,they are going to have these health problems,especially in developing countries in Asia.China is an example where the number of diabetes cases has been jumping from less than one percent to 10 percent of the population as they began to industrialize over a 20-year period.And that is happening all across the world,in Mexico,in Nigeria and so on. And,a diet bad for human beings,is also bad for the environment.As the world’s population grows,more forests and tropical(热带的) areas will become farmlands for crops or grasslands for cattle.We are likely to have more greenhouse gas in the future from agriculture than that coming out of all forms of transportation right now. Mr.Tilman calls the link between the diet,the environment and human health,“a trilemma”—a problem offering a difficult choice.He says one possible solution is leaving the Western diet behind. 5.According to the passage,more greenhouse gas might be given off in the future from . A.transportation B.developing countries C.agriculture D.developed countries 6.David Tilman believes that . A.the diet,the environment and human health are closely connected B.the Western diet is the only choice as the nation industrializes C.people in tropical areas are more likely to have heart disease D.traditional diets are more balanced than the Western diet 7.We can infer from the passage that . A.Nigeria has the largest number of diabetes cases B.overweight people are at higher risk of infectious diseases C.the examined information comes from developing countries D.industrialization contributes to the spread of the Western diet 8.The main purpose of the passage is to . A.call on us to protect the environment B.warn us of the danger of the Western diet C.remind us of the importance of health D.advise us to have a balanced diet Ⅱ.七选五 (2016 山东聊城一中期中) A student’s life is never easy. 1 A lot of preparations are needed so you can be sure to go hack home with a diploma and a bright future waiting for you.The following are some basic things you need to do before even seizing that passport and boarding on the plane. ●Knowing the country. You shouldn’t bother researching the country’s hottest tourist spots or historical places.You won’t go there as a tourist,but as a student.It’ll be helpful to read the most important points in their history and to read up on their culture. 2 You surely don’t want to face legal problems,especially if you’re away from home. ●Studying their language. Don’t expect that you can graduate abroad without knowing even the basics of the language.Before leaving your home country,take online lessons to at least master some of their words and sentences. 3 Doing this will also prepare you in communicating with those who can’t speak English. ● 4 Check the conversion(兑换)of your money to their local currency,set up your bank account so you can use it there,get an insurance,and find an apartment.The Internet or your intended school will be very helpful in finding an apartment and helping you understand local currency.


Remember,you’re not only carrying your own reputation but your country’s reputation as well.If you act foolishly,people there might think that all of your countrymen are foolish as well. 5 . A.Packing your clothes. B.Preparing for other needs. C.Most importantly,read about their laws. D.This will be useful in living and studying there. E.That would surely be a very bad start for your study abroad program. F.Going with their trends will keep it from being too obvious that you’re a foreigner. G.And it is even more difficult if you will have to complete your study in a foreign land. Ⅲ.书面表达 假如你是李华,你们学校最近用水浪费问题很严重,请你写一份倡议书呼吁同学们节约用水。要 点如下: 1.浪费水导致水资源短缺,影响农业等严重后果; 2.关水龙头; 3.在宿舍控制淋浴时间; 4.利用用过的水打扫教室。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 ## ?导学号 03730056?

考点规范练 22
A Ⅰ.1.A 细节理解题。根据第七段内容可知,环境保护主义者支持降低碳排放至少 25%。 2.D 推理判断题。根据第一、二段可知,代表政府的 Penny Wong 要求降低碳排放至少 5%;根据第六段可知,Peter Anderson 认为现在引入碳贸易计划是不负责任的;根据第七段 可知,Kevin Rudd 没有恰当地发表碳天气变化的威胁;再结合倒数第三段中 Ray Nias 所 说的话可知答案。 3.C 细节理解题。根据第六段中“Many business leaders want the government to delay the plan because of the current global financial crisis,which is slowing the Australian economy.” 一句可知答案。 4.B 句意理解题。根据该句后面 Ray Nias 所说的话可知答案。 B 5.C 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段的最后一句“We are likely to have more greenhouse gas in the future from agriculture than that coming out of all forms of transportation right now.”可知,未来更多的温室气体排放可能来自于农业,故选 C 项。 6.A 推理判断题。根据最后一段的第一句“Mr.Tilman calls the link between the diet,the environment and human health...a difficult choice”可知,Tilman 先生把日常饮食、环境和 人的健康之间的联系称为三难困境。由此可知,它们三个是紧密相关的,故选 A 项。 7.D 推理判断题。根据第二段的最后一句“He found that as nations industrialized (工业 化),population increased and earnings rose,more people began to adopt what has been called the Western diet”可推知,工业化、人口增长和收入增加造成了西方饮食的传播,故 D 项 正确。 8.B 写作意图题。综合全文,尤其是根据文章最后一段的最后一句可知,西方饮食有害 健康,不利于环境,故作者是想通过该文让人们警惕西方饮食带来的危害。 Ⅱ.1~5 GCDBE 3

Ⅲ.One possible version: Dear fellow students, In the last few weeks,wasting water has become a serious problem on our campus. As we know,there has been little rainfall this year and wasting water may lead to the problem of water shortage that we can’t answer for.Now drought is already threatening agriculture which farmers depend on to earn their living.Therefore,I advocate everybody should take action to save water before the problem is beyond our control. There are several means we can adopt to help save water.To begin with,stop leaving the taps running after washing our hands.Apart from this in the dormitory,we’d better take quick showers.Another good idea is to collect the water used to clean the classrooms. I believe with everyone doing his part,we will succeed in saving water!



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