Unit 4 单元检测-试题君之K三关2017-2018学年高一英语必修3 含解析 精品

Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars 单元检测 I. 选词填空 watch out, watch over, now that, cheer up, in turn, by turn, in time 1. ____________ you don’t like the job, you can give it up. 2. Wolves will kill people and people will ____________ kill them. 3. Sarah made it to the airport just ____________ to catch her plane this morning. 4. ____________ for walkers and other bicyclists, and always use your lights in dark conditions. 5. Feeling blue about the world? "____________, " says science writer Matt Ridley. II. 完成句子 1. 我每天早上都朗读英语。 I make ____________________aloud every morning. 2. 我打算让姐姐和我一块去上海。 I plan to make my sister________________ with me. 3. 这位医生竭尽全力让他的工作在医学领域得到认可。 The doctor tried to make ________________in the medical circles. 4. 这条新修建的房子是原来的两倍大。 The newly?built house is ____________________ the former one. 5. 我们将竭尽全力阻止这场战争的爆发。 We will try our best __________________________. III. 单句改错 1. Effective measures must be taken to keep the river being polluted. ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Whatever happens, in no time will I give up. ________________________________________________________________________ 3. The problem was very puzzling that I couldn’t understand it. ________________________________________________________________________ 4. There was existed a certain doubt among the workers as to the necessity of the work. ________________________________________________________________________ 5. John was made deal with the tough problem. ________________________________________________________________________ IV. 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A The oddness of life in space never quite goes away. Here are some examples. First consider something as simple as sleep. Its position presents its own challenges. The main question is whether you want your arms inside or outside the sleeping bag. If you leave your arms out, they float free in zero gravity, often giving a sleeping astronaut the look of a funny ballet (芭蕾) dancer. "I’m an inside guy," Mike Hopkins says, who returned from a 6?month tour on the International Space Station."I like to be wrapped up." On the station, the ordinary becomes strange. The exercise bike for the American astronauts has no handlebars. It also has no seat. With no gravity, it’s just as easy to pedal violently. You can watch a movie while you pedal by floating a microcomputer anywhere you want. But station residents have to be careful about staying in one place


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Unit 4 单元检测-试题君之K三关2017-2018学年高一英语必修4 含解析 精品
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