The Advertising Game说课稿

Lesson 3 The Advertising Game
(No.11, Group 4; 李忍)

I .The teaching material:
This text is aimed at making the students understand the features, the design of modern advertisements as well as what influences the advertisement has exerted on our idea and life. The exercise in the book gives several advertisements in our daily life, so as to draw students’ attention and to pave the way for reading.

II. Knowledge and ability objectives:
1. Enable the students to know about the ideas and the development of modern advertisements by reading the passage. 2. Help the students know that different advertisements have different characteristics and aims. 3. Try to improve the students’ reading ability by reading the text. 4. Analyze different characteristics and aims of different advertisements.

III. Moral objectives:
1. To make the students understand the design and effect of advertisements. 2. To make the students realize that the advertisement is a double-edged sword with both advantages and disadvantages.

IV. Teaching important points:
1. Let the students get some ideas, development and means about modern advertisements.

2. The teacher points out and explains the important vocabulary, that is, the difference of advertise and advertisement, advertising and advertiser; sure and certain; consist of, make up and be made up of and so on. 3. The teacher gives several examples to explain the important grammar in this text, that is, the usage of gerund. 4. The teacher shows some most effective advertisements and latest concepts on advertisement (e.g. Maxam(美加净); Lenovo(联想) and Midea(美的))

V. Teaching difficult points:
1. To enable the students to know the different aims between the classic advertisements and the modern ones. 2. To let them know about advertisement knowledge and to know about different functions of all kinds of advertisements. 3. To ask the students to describe and design an advertisement they.

VI. Teaching methods:
In this period, I’ll take some teaching methods to help the students understand an d master the text, further deepen and widen their thoughts. The teaching methods are as follows: 1. Elicitation method(启发式教学法) 2. Discussion and cooperation (分组讨论&合作) 3. Task-based teaching method(任务型教学法) 4. Summary(课堂总结)

VII. Teaching aids:
Multimedia; pictures; blackboard

VIII. Reading:
Step 1 Pre-reading:

1. Greetings. 2. The teacher shows some slogans about advertisements and asks the students to speak out whether he/she is for or against the advertisement, so as to draw students’ attention to the advertisement. 3. The teacher plays a section of video and has the students guess what kind of product the video is promoting. 4. The teacher explains the words advertise( to make it known to the public, e.g. in a newspaper or on TV), advertisement(something used for advertising things), advertising(the business of encouraging people to buy goods by means of ads) and advertiser(the person who makes ads). The teacher explains the usage of gerund.

Step 2: While –reading: 1. The teacher asks the students to read the passage quickly, so as to get the general idea of this passage. 2. The teacher asks the students to read the passage in detail in order to get the main idea and to ask the following question: What kind of advertisement does each paragraph talk about? Paragraph 1 _the classic advertisement______ Paragraph 2 _ advertisements in the market __ Paragraph 3 __modern advertisements_____ Paragraph 4 __ top advertisements of today __ Paragraph 5 __public advertisements _____ 3 3.1“Tsing Tao Beer” tells you 3 pieces of information so it is attractive. 3.2 Advertisements must be attractive and creative. 3.3 The purpose of all advertisements is to make customer spend money.

3.4 Producing public advertisements mentioned in the text is free. 3.5 Standing out your advertisements is not easy because people are used to high standards of visual design. The answers to the above-mentioned statements are as follows: 3.1 F 3.2 T 3.3 F 3.4 F 3.5 T

4. The teacher asks the students to read the passage again carefully and answer the following questions (P26 Ex3). The students work in groups to check the information they get from the text. Then the teacher gets the feedback from the whole class. (1)When does the simplest type of advertisements work? (2)Why are modern techniques of design not enough? (3)What ideas do today’s advertisers use to make you notice their products? (4)What has the government done during the last decade? The keys to the above-mentioned questions are as follows: (1). They work for products that people need when there is not much competition. (2). Because people are accustomed to seeing high standards of visual design. (3). They use rhetorical devices as well as new and unusual ideas to surprise people. They hope to make people forget that someone is trying to sell them something. (4). Over the last decade, the government has worked hard at using advertisements to educate the public on fighting AIDS and saving water, helping the poor and giving up smoking, etc

Step 3 Post-reading: 1 The teacher lets the students watch advertising videos: Coca-cola(可口可乐) and Smokenders(禁烟公益广告), Maxam(美加净)

2 The teacher lets students work in groups and talk about how the advertisement affects our daily life, e.g. “Have you ever bought anything because you liked the idea or the image promoted in the advertisement?” 3 One student in each group, as a representative, gives the result of their group discussion.

VIIII. Summary:
Through the whole passage, we’ve learnt about the idea and development of advertisements. In the course of it, we know that the classic advertisement is simple for people to know. But nowadays, a good advertisement not only needs to give detailed information for customers to know but is required to adopt modern techniques to attract their attention. In this case, making an advertisement full of knowledge and amusement may be equal to selling products. Therefore, in order to win the market at home and abroad, companies must ensure that they offer their potential customers products with high quality at a low price.

X. Homework:
1. The teacher lets the students work in groups to design an advertisement. 2. The teacher asks each of the students to choose one advertisement from newspapers, magazines or TV and describe it in their own words. 3. Do exercise 8,9,10 in the exercise book aimed to make the students have a further understanding of new words and new grammars.

XI. Blackboard design
In order to make the blackboard designed clearly and neatly, the teacher will divide the blackboard into three parts. On the left, the teacher will write down

teaching aims; in the middle of the blackboard, there should be important and difficult language points, and on the right, the teacher will write the summary of this whole class. Vocabulary,phrase, grammar Reading,speaking, writing, listening Culture and life guides Examples and analysis Gegunds as a subject/ verb Summary with practice on /preposition/noun teaching points.

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