选修7 随堂练习 Unit 4 Period 1

Unit 4 Sharing Period One Warming Up & Reading
Ⅰ.用适当的介、副词填空 1.Many of them have walked a long way,sometimes up ________ two hours,to get ________ school. 2.I’m still trying to adapt ________ these conditions. 3.However,one thing is ________ sure,I’ve become more imaginative in my teaching. 4.It was my first visit ________ a remote village. 5.We walked for two and a half hours to get there—first ________ a mountain to a ridge ________ where we had fantastic views and then down a steep path to the valley ________. 6.There were no windows and the doorway was just big enough to get ________. 7. Usually Kiak would sleep ________ her own hut, that night she was going to share the but platform ________ us. 8.Later,I noticed a tin can standing upside ________ on the grill ________ the fire. 9.Tombe told me that the can was heated to dry ________ the leftover food. 10.They believe that any leftovers attract evil spirits in the night,so the food is dried ________ in the can and the can is then thrown ________ of the hut. Ⅱ.佳句翻译与仿写 1.The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when,before I knew it,the mixture was bubbling over everywhere! 翻译 ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写 (1)我正沿着河边走,突然听到了一个溺水儿童的呼救声。 ________________________________________ when I heard a drowning boy crying for help. (2)我正在看报纸,这时他进来了。 ________________________________________________________________________ 2.To be honest,I doubt whether I’m making any difference to these boys’ lives at all. 翻译 _____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写 (1)我怀疑他是否会信守自己的诺言。 ________________________________________________________________________ (2)我确信我们队一定会获胜。 I don’t ____________________________________. 3.When we arrived at the village,Tombe’s mother,Kiak,who had been pulling weeds in her garden,started crying “ieee ieee”. 翻译 ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写 (1)你来这里之前,我一整天都在粉刷起居室。 Before you came here,________________________________________________. (2)我不知道你已在这里工作十年了。 I didn’t know ________________________________. 4.Tombe’s father,Mukap,led us to his house,a low bamboo hut with grass sticking out of the roof—this shows it is a man’s house. 翻译 ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写 (1)这么多的孩子又说又笑,我不能静下心来工作。 ________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ (2)随着这个问题的解决,这种新药现在已经正式投入生产。 ______________________________________ , the new medicine is now in regular production. Ⅲ.单项填空 1. Thanks for your letter, which took a fortnight to arrive.It was wonderful to ________ you. A.hear of B.hear about C.hear from D.hear out 2. know you ________ hear all about my life here, I’ve included some photos which will I so help you picture the places I talk about. A.anxious to B.are eager for C.are dying to D.are afraid to 3.It’s a bush school—the classrooms are made ________ bamboo and the roofs ________ grass. A.from;from B.of;of C.in;into D.up;of 4.The boys who had never ________ anything like this before started jumping out of the windows. A.come across B.come out C.come about D.come up 5. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students, most of ________ will be going back to their villages after Year 8 anyway. A.whom B.which C.them D.those 6.To be honest,I doubt whether I’m ________ any difference to these boys’ lives at all. A.getting B.telling C.making D.pointing 7. last weekend another teacher, But Jenny, I ________ visit a village which is the home and of one of the boys,Tombe. A.do B.does C.doing D.did 8.The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to ________. A.apply B.devote C.throw D.adjust 9.Fresh grass had been ________ on the floor and there was a newly made platform for Jenny and me to sleep on. A.lied B.laid C.lain D.lay 10.I loved listening to the family softly talking to each other in their language,even though I could not ________ the conversation. A.participate in B.take part C.attend D.join Ⅳ.阅读理解 Two inseparable(形影不离的) friends,Sam and Jason,met with an accident on their way to Boston City.The following morning,Jason woke up blind and Sam was still unconscious.Dr. Berkeley was standing at his bedside looking at his health chart and medications with a thoughtful expression on his face.When he saw Sam awake,he beamed at him and asked,“How are you feeling today Sam?” Sam tried to put up a brave face and smiled back saying,“Absolutely wonderful, Doctor.I am very grateful for all that you have done for me.” Dr. Berkeley was moved at Sam’s deed.All that he could say was,“You are a very brave man,Sam.And God will make it up to you in one way or another.” While he was moving on to the next patient,Sam called back

at him almost pleading(请求),“Promise me you won’t tell Jason anything.” “You know I won’t do that.Trust me.” and then walked away. Months later when Jason had recuperated(恢复) considerably,he stopped hanging around with Sam.He felt discouraged and embarrassed to spend time with a disabled person like Sam. Sam was lonely and depressed and things went from bad to worse.One day Sam died in despair.When Jason was called on his burial,Dr. Berkeley gave a letter to him with an expressionless face and said, “This is for you, Jason.Sam had asked me to give it to you when he was gone.” In the letter he had said,“Dear Jason,I have kept my promise in the end to lend you my eyes if anything had happened to them.Now there is nothing more that I can ask from God,than the fact that you will see the world through my eyes.You will always be my best friend...Sam.” When he had finished reading, Berkeley said, had promised Sam to keep his sacrifice Dr. “I he made a secret from you.But now I wish I didn’t stick to it because I don’t think it was worthy it.” 1.What happened to Jason during the accident? A.He was only slightly hurt. B.He got separated from Sam. C.He lost his sight. D.He was hurt in both legs. 2.Dr. Berkeley was moved at Sam’s deed because ________. A.Sam could survive such an accident B.Sam was so brave facing his injury C.Sam could make such a sacrifice to his friend D.Sam woke up finally from his injury 3.What did Jason do when he had recuperated? A.He deserted his friend. B.He tried to help Sam recover. C.He tried to learn about Sam’s secret. D.He stopped hanging out with anybody. 4.What did Sam do for Jason? A.He protected Jason during the accident. B.He lent his own eyes to Jason. C.He begged the doctor to save Jason’s life. D.He cared for Jason in the hospital. 5.Which of the following could best describe Jason’s feeling after he got the letter? A.Thankful. B.Moved. C.Confused. D.Regretful.

短语 the other day some day one day

意义及用法 “不久前的一天”,用于一般过去时 “(将来)某一天”,用于一般将来时 “某一天”,既可用于一般过去时, 又可用于一般将来时

例句 I saw Tom the other day. 前几天我见到了汤姆。 Some day I’ll be famous. 总有一天我会成名的。 One day I met him in the street. 有一天我在街上遇见了他。

Unit 4 Sharing Period One Warming Up & Reading
Ⅰ.1.to;to 2.to 3.for 4.to 5.up;from;below

6.through 7.in;with 8.down;over 9.out 10.up;out Ⅱ.1.不久前,我正给男孩子们演示每周一次的化学实验,我还没有意识到的时候,混合 剂就到处冒气泡了! I was walking along the river;I was reading the newspaper when he came in. 2.说实在的,我真的不知道我(教的课)对这些男孩子的生活有没有影响。 I doubt whether/if he will keep his word.;doubt that our team will win 3.当我们到达村庄的时候,汤贝的母亲齐亚克一直在园子里拔草,看到我们就“嗳矣, 嗳矣”地叫了起来。 I had been painting the living room all day;you had been working here for ten years 4.汤贝的父亲,莫卡普,把我们带到他的家,这是一个低低的竹屋,屋顶上伸出一簇 茅草——这表示这间竹屋是男人住的。 With so many children talking and laughing,I couldn’t settle down to my work.;With this problem solved Ⅲ.1.C [hear of 听说, 获知; hear about 听说, 得知; hear from sb.收到某人的信件(或 电子邮件、电话等);hear sb. out 听某人把话说完。由题干中第一句话可知 C 项正确。] 2.C [句意为:我知道你急于了解我在这儿的生活情况,所以我在信中附有几张照片, 它们能够帮你想象我所谈的地方。be dying to do sth.渴望做某事,为固定表达。A 项应加 are;B 项中 for 应改为 to;be afraid to do sth.意为“害怕做某事”。] 3.B [句意为:它是一所丛林学校——教室是用竹子搭起来的,屋顶是用茅草盖的。 be made of 由……制成(能够看出原材料)。] 4. [句意为: A 男孩子们以前从未遇见过这种情况, 吓得都往窗外跳去。 come across(偶 然)遇见,碰上,发现,符合句意。come out 出版,发行;come about 发生,产生;come up 被提及,被讨论。] 5.A [句意为:有时候,我真想知道,化学和这些学生究竟有多大关系,反正他们中 的大多数人上完八年级后将回到他们的村子。“代词+of+关系词”在此引导定语从句,先行 词是 students,指人,故此处关系词用 whom。] 6.C [make a/some...difference to...对??有(或有些等)作用,影响。] 7.D [强调谓语动词时应用“do/does/did+动词原形”结构;由“last weekend”可知,此 处表示过去的动作,故用“did+动词原形”。] 8.D [句意为:屋内很黑,因此眼睛要过一段时间才能适应过来。adjust 适应,习惯, 符合句意。] 9.B [句意为:地上摆放着一堆新鲜的草,还新做了一个平台,是供詹妮和我睡觉用 的。lay 在此句中表示“铺放”,其过去分词是 laid。] 10.A [participate in 参加,参与,强调参加某一共同的活动,暗示以一种积极的态度 参加。take part 参加,接宾语时后面需加上介词 in;attend 一般指参加/出席会议、典礼或 招待会等,也可指上学、上课、听演讲或讲座等;join 指加入组织、团体等。] Ⅳ.1.C [细节理解题。 根据第一段第二句可知, Jason 在车祸中眼睛受伤导致双目失明。 ] 2.C [细节理解题。根据文章最后两段可知,Sam 把眼睛捐给了 Jason,而且恳求医 生要保密,医生被其行为所感动。] 3.A [细节理解题。根据第三段可知,Jason 因为 Sam 成了残疾人而抛弃了他。] 4.B [推理判断题。根据倒数第二段第一句可知,Sam 将自己的眼睛捐给了 Jason。] 5.D [推理判断题。Sam 为 Jason 做出了巨大牺牲,但 Jason 却因 Sam 的残疾抛弃了 他,因此在得知真相后,Jason 应该感到非常愧疚。]


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