M1 定语从句的完成句子_图文

1.I’ll never forget the days when we worked together ________________________(我们在一起工作) (work) (which \ that ) 2. We will always remember the days ____________ we spent on the farm _____________________(我们在农场度过的). (spend) where Lunxun 3.Everyone wants to visit the place ______________ used to live ___________________(鲁迅曾居住过的) (used) (which\ that) my father 4.This is the factory ___________________________ visited last year ___________________(我父亲去年参观过的) (visit) (that\ which) he gave us 5.The reason _____________________________ (他给我们的)was unreasonable. (give)

why he was late for work 6.The reason ________________________(他上班迟到 的) is that he missed the early bus. (late)

(whom\ that) you are waiting for 7. This is the girl _______________________________ (你在等的). (wait) for whom you are waiting

8. Is this the boy whose bag was lost ______________________________ yesterday _________(昨天丢了书包的) (lost) the bag of whom was lost 9. This is the house whose door is red /of which the _____________________________ __________(它的是红色的) (red) door is red ( whom\ that ) we saw yesterday 10. The boy _________________________________ (我们昨天看见的) was John’s brother. (see)

whom you shook hands 11. Who’s the man with_______________________ just now _________(刚才和你握手的)? (shake) 12.He had the cars repaired, two thirds of which __________________ had been broken for at least one year __________________________________________ (其中三分之二的已经坏了至少一年了) . (broken) all of whom are doctors 13.He has three uncles, ______________________ (他们全都是医生). (all) 14. The man about whom you were talking just now _________________________ (你刚才谈论的) has come to our school. (talk) (that/which) he is looking for 15. Is this the watch _________________________ (她在寻找的). (look)

16. The pen with _________________________(他经常 which he often wrote letters 用来写信的) was broken. (write)

whom I spoke just now 17. The person to ______________________( 刚才和我 说话的) is the manager that I told you about. (speak) As has been announced 18. _____________________ ( 正如已经宣告的那样), Taiwan is part of China. ( announce ) It’s known to all that 19. ____________________(众所周知) Taiwan is part of China. (known)

which was 20. He turned out to be very successful, __________ more than we could expect _________________________(这超出了我们的预料). (more, expect)