甘肃省高三一轮单元测试 必修4 Unit5 Theme parks

甘肃省新人教版英语高三单元测试 20 必修 4 Unit 5 Theme parks
Part one :单选 1. A number of graduates prefer to work in big cities, where there are lots of________, like convenient transportation,more opportunities and better environment. A.amusements C.collections B.attractions D.achievements

2.________by the beauty of nature,the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. A.Attracting C.To be attracted B.Attracted D.Having attracted

3. At minus 130 ℃,a living cell can be________for a thousand years. A.spared C.preserved B.protected D.developed

4. ________is known to all,China will be an________and powerful country in 20 or 30 years’ time. A.That;advancing C.As;advanced B.This;advanced D.It;advancing

5. I’ve been told that our teacher has________the deadline for the composition by two days and we have to hand it in tomorrow morning. A.made C.advanced B.cut D.suggested

6 Most of us know we should cut down on fat,but knowing such things isn’t much help when it________shopping and eating. A.refers to C.focuses on B.speaks of D.comes to

7. In this university a medal with ten thousand dollars________gains success in science and technology every two years. A.is given to whoever C.is given to whomever B.are given to anyone who D.are given to everyone

8. .________team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships.

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A.No matter what C.Whatever

B.No matter which D.Whichever

9. .—Lucy was Lily’s sister! —________she reminded me so much of Lily. A.No doubt C.Of course B.No wonder D.Above all

10. .He hasn’t slept at all for three days.________he is tired out. A.There is no point C.It is no wonder B.There is no need D.It is no way

11. —You must go and make an apology to her. —________.It was her fault. A.No wonder C.No way B.No doubt D.No problem

12. The computer was used in teaching.As a result,not only________,but students became more interested in the lessons. A.saved was teachers’energy C.teachers’energy was saved B.was teachers’energy saved D.was saved teachers’energy

13. —Everybody is going to climb the mountain.Can I go too,mom? —________Wait till you are old enough,dear. A.Will you? C.I hope so. B.Why not? D.I’m afraid not.

14. —Was he sorry for what he’d done? —________. A.No wonder C.Not really B.Well done D.Go ahead

15. —Is it all right if I keep this photo? —________. A.No,you don’t C.I’m afraid not B.No,it shouldn’t D.Don’t keep it

16. )—Honey,let’s go out for dinner. —________I don’t have to cook.

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A.Forget it! C.Why?

B.That’s great! D.Go ahead.

17. —Do you enjoy your present job? —________.I just do it for a living. A.Of course C.Not likely B.Not really D.Not a little

18.Our boss is an________person.He is willing to listen to,think about or accept different ideas. A.open?minded C.open?mind B.absent?minded D.absence?mind

19. You must put your heart into your studies.Don’t be________in class. A.absent?mind C.absent?minded B.absent?minding D.absence?minded

20. My brother is really________.He often works in his office far into the night. A.open?minded C.self?confident B.hard?working D.warm?hearted

21. Speaking of all the songs he has written,I think this is probably his________one. A.better?known C.best?known B.well?known D.most?known

22. .Lily has three________in this city and they are all________. A.girls friend;women doctors B.girl friends;woman doctors C.girl friends;women doctors D.girls friends;woman doctors 23. Nowadays,people get news around them and about the world from________media, on TV,by radio,in the newspaper or on the Internet. A.formal C.various B.precious D.normal

24. Though many people are________by the________performances of cheerleaders,they don’t think highly of them. A.amused;amused B.amusing;amusing

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25. At minus 130℃,a living cell can be ________ for a thousand years. A.spared C.preserved Part two :完形填空 He met her at a party. She was outstanding while he was normal. At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee. She was she 27 26 but due to being polite, 28 to say anything. B.protected D.developed

. Sitting in a nice coffee shop, he was too 29

Suddenly he asked the

, "Would you please give me some salt? I'd like 30 ! His face turned red 31 , "Why

to put it in my coffee." Everybody stared at him, so

but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She asked him

you have this hobby?" He replied, "When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea. I liked the 32 of the sea, just like the taste of the salty coffee. 34 33 I

have the salty coffee, I always hometown and my parents." touched. A 35 man

my childhood and my hometown. I miss my

saying that tears filled his eyes. She was deeply who man who has 37 — 36 can of home. tell out

his homesickness must be a That was a really beautiful every beautiful love

of their story. Then the story was just like the princess 38 the prince.

story 39

And every time she made that's the 40 he liked it.

for him, she put some salt in it, as she knew

After 40 years, he passed away, 41

her a letter which said, "My dearest, please

forgive me, forgive my whole life's lie — the salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, 42 I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for me to 43 so I just went ahead. If I can live for the second 44 I have to drink the salty

time, I still want to have you for my whole life, coffee again."

Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday, someone asked her, "What's the taste of 45 coffee? " She replied, " It's sweet." 26. A. surprised 27. A. answered B. pleased B. promised C. satisfied C. provided D. excited D. refused

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28. A. curious 29. A. waiter 30. A. outstanding 31. A. constantly

B. jealous B. girl B. bitter B. curiously

C. nervous C. partner C. delicious C. suddenly

D. cautious D. customer D. strange D.

seriously 32. A. color 33. A. Every time 34. A. think out 35. A. Since 36. A. responsibility 37. A. scene 38. A. dated 39. A. tea milk 40. A. way 41. A. left 42. A. fortunately 43. A. change 44. A. as though 45. A. sugared Part three :阅读理解 A篇 The easy way out isn't always easiest. I learned that lesson when I decided to treat Doug, my husband of one month, to a special meal. I glanced through my cookbook and chose a menu which included homemade bread. Knowing the bread would take time, I started on it as soon as Doug left for work. As I was not experienced in cooking, I thought if a dozen was good, two dozen would be better, so I doubled everything. As Doug loved oranges, I also opened a can of orange and poured it all into the bowl. Soon there was a sticky dough (面团) covered with ugly yellowish marks . Realizing I had been defeated, I put the dough in the rubbish bin outside so I wouldn't have to face Doug laughing at my work. I went on preparing the rest of the meal and, when B. method B. leaving B. actually B. remind B. now that B. old C. means C. writing C. happily C. overcome C. even though C. instant D. route D. wrote D. possibly D. remove D. so that D. salty B. character B. Next time B. think over B. Though B. concept B. beginning B. admired B. water C. quality C. The first time C. think of C. While C. consideration C. comedy C. devoted C. coffee D. taste D. By the time D. think up D. Because D. control D. result D. married D.

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Doug got home, we sat down to Cornish chicken with rice. He tried to enjoy the meal but seemed disturbed. Twice he got up and went outside, saying he thought he heard a noise. The third time he left, I went to the windows to see what he was doing. Looking out, I saw Doug standing about three feet from the rubbish bin, holding the lid up with a stick and looking into the container. When I came out of the house, he dropped the stick and explained that there was something alive in our rubbish bin. Picking up the stick again, he held the lid up enough for me to see. I felt cold. But I stepped closer and looked harder. Without doubt it was my work. The hot sun had caused the dough to double in size and the fermenting yeast (酵母) made the surface shake and sigh as though it were breathing . I had to admit what the "living thing" was and why it was there. I don't know who was more embarrassed by the whole thing--- Doug or me.

46. The writer's purpose in writing this story is ________. A. to tell an interesting experience B. to show the easiest way out of a difficulty C. to describe the trouble facing a newly married woman D. to explain the difficulty of learning to cook from books 47. Why did the woman's attempt at making the bread turn out to be unsuccessful? A. The canned orange had gone bad. of flour. C. The cookbook was hard to understand. closely. 48. Why did the woman put the dough in the rubbish bin? A. She didn't see the use of keeping it B. She meant to joke with her husband. C. She didn't want her husband to see it. D. She hoped it would soon dry in the sun. 49. What made the dough in the bin look frightening? A. The rising and falling movement. C. Its shape. B. The strange-looking marks. D. Its size. D. She did not follow the directions B. She didn't use the right kind

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50. When Doug went out the third time, the woman looked out of the window because she was_____. A. surprised at his being interested in the bin B. afraid that he would discover her secret C. unhappy that he didn't enjoy the meal D. curious to know what disturbed him B 篇 When Rikke Dausen in Denmark goes to get some milk from the fridge, she has trouble getting past the refrigerator door. But it’s not because of any physical obstruction. It’s usually because the PC monitor in her refrigerator’s door has informed her that a new email message has arrived. Rikke and her husband are taking part in a six-month trial sponsored by a Danish firm and two Swedish partners. They hope to show that computers can be put to much more practical daily use than most people think. Fifty families and singles were provided with a free model known as the “Screenfridge” for the duration of trial. “It’s really very clever”, says Rikke. She can call up email, news reports, sales items at the supermarket or addressed out of the endless ocean Internet possibilities. “I’m not the type who wants to sit in front of the computer and wait 10 minutes for the modem to connect,” she says. The creators of the Screenfridge aim at this type of buyer. They think the machine should attract people who have limited time to solve technical problems or surf online. The PC that is built into the door is very small. It is only two centimeters wide, and completely silent. “Everything moves quickly”, as Rikke admits. “Well, the whole thing is really just an amusement”, she says. “But when the thing is gone after the test, it will be pain to have to go down in the basement again to download my email”. The Screenfridge is due to hit the market sometime next year.

51. The writer gives a description of Rikke using the Screenfridge in order to _____.

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A. report Rikke’s daily life C. describe modern life 52.For what purpose is the Screenfridge made? A. To improve the email service. B. To make refrigerators more useful. C. To help those who cannot use computers. D. To make it easier to use computers.

B. prove the value of PC D. introduce the new product

53. How long has Rikke probably been using the Screenfridge? A. Several months. Several hours. 54. It can be learned from what Rikke says at the end of the passage that _____. A. she is not satisfied with the Screenfridge B. she wishes she could continue to use the Screenfridge C. she is sorry she has to download her email in the basement D. she doubts whether she can really depend on the Screenfridge B. More than a year. C. Several years. D.


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