Tourism and Environment_图文

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tourism wave

Travel to the environment positive influence
旅游对环境的正面影响 ?Encourages heritage(遗产) and environmental preservation and enhancement (保护与改善 ) ?Encourages natural resources, wild animals and wild plants preservation (自然 资源、野生动植物保护) ?Provides environmental education for visitors (环境教育)

?Damage to the healthy balance of water resources 水资源良性平衡受到破坏 ?The benign ecological balance damage 良性生态平衡受到破坏 ?Monuments damaged 文物古迹受到损坏 ?Aggravation of air pollution 大气污染加重 ?Solid waste pollution 固体废弃物的污染 ?Precious natural heritage under threat 珍贵自然遗产受到威胁

Damage to the healthy balance of water resources 水资源良性平衡受到破坏
?Tourists littering causing water pollution

The benign ecological balance damage 良性生态平衡受到破坏
?the living environment of the animals and plants are polluted

Monuments damaged 文物古迹受到损坏
?Tourists do not take care of the heritage

Aggravation of air pollution 大气污染加重
?Increased tourism activities lead to an improve automobile exhaust emissions

Solid waste pollution 固体废弃物的污染
?Tourists leave about garbage

Precious natural heritage under threat 珍贵自然遗产受到威胁
?The tourism activities intensified result natural monuments is slowly damaged

? Improve water resources utilization ? Decrease the waste of water resources ? Realize to reuse water resources

?No painting on the monuments ?No step the grass ?Raise the environmental protection consciousness of tour ?Practice ecosystem tour

Travel mass transit

Don’t throw rubbish everywhere

Classify garbage

The summary of our topic
The relationship between tourism and the environment

?We need to protect the natural resources and the environment. (it is the foundation for tourism development) ?Tourism should be development in order. (it can promote the protection between resources and ecological environment)

?It will be a threat (threaten) and it will destroy resources and environment because of unreasonable development or management.(绿色的删除改成括号里的)

?We need to protect the environment


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