英语:Unit1 my favorite sport-listening ,speaking and writing教案(牛津上海版S2A)

SportChapter1. My Favorite Sport-Skiing Listening, Speaking, Writing
一、 (一) 综述 一 本部分是培养学生语言运用能力,通过听,说,写方面的训练,不仅能提高学生语言词汇 方面的能力,而且通过教师有意识的知识输入,使他们运用语言知识来表达思想感情的能力 得到加强。 (二)目标 Listening 本章节 Understanding numbers 侧重锻炼学生对听数字的快速反应和准确性。 Speaking 1. 学会在口语中使用简略形式 2. 学会在调查一项任务中运用英语语言,并且如何运用所知的数据表达观点。 Writing 1 2 3 学会看清各幅图画所要表达的意思以及图画之间的联系。 学会列出具有连贯性写作的计划。 能够完整,连贯,生动地叙述一个故事。 章节分析 (Section Analysis )

(三)重点和难点 List ening 准确地获取相关体育运动开展的时间,地点,参加人数,分组等细节信息。 Speaking 在小组成员表现各异的 情况下,学会引导讨论顺利进行,并能够根据 调查所得的数据来组织 有效的语言,清晰的表达观点。[来源:学。科。网] Writing 根据提示写出一项计划。 二、教学设计(Teaching Designs) 教学设计( ) 教学内容 Listening 教学实施建议 教学资源参考 考》 Page 7, Page 17[来源:学.科.网] 材料的整合:将课本第 7 页和课本第 17 页上的 《牛津英语教学参 听力材料整合。两份材料都是培养学生快速听清 数字的能力。 Pre-listening 在听之前,创设环境,明确听力任 务(recognize key wo rds) ,教师可事先设计一些 number dictation 的练习来热身。 在进入主体任务

之前,教师还 应该扫清学生在听力材料中出现的 困 难 词 汇 (tournament, 高听的效果。 While-listening 提高学生对数字的反应速度,学 会对一些基本信息的顺序整合。 具体处理这部分内容的建议见[链接 1] 链接 Post -listening 让学生通过听说结合进一步锻炼 听数字的能力。[来源:学.科.网] Speaking 在本章体育运动的主题下,对中学生目前的身体 《牛津英语教学参 健康状况,分成小组进行调查,设计一些问题做 小型的问卷,并从数据中得出结论,小组之间进 行比较,并由小组长做总结,继而展开主题讨论 - What are our health status and how can we become fitter? [来源:学&科&网] Writing 帮助养成学生写作之前列计划的习惯。课本已经 列出写作的 plan, 学生要养成在写作前列 plan 的 习惯。要求学生阅读 A1, 理解全篇,并扫清单 词障碍, 找出关键层次的 ideas。 分组或单独将整理出来的几个 ideas 按顺序写入 要求的练习中,从而使学生在将来的写作中更有 逻辑性。 具体处理这部分内容的建议见[链接 2] 链接 [链接 1] 链接 说明: 说明: 建议听说结合:在说的基础上,引入听的内容,要求学生掌握 note-taking 的技巧。 [来源 学科网 ZXXK] 来源:学科网 来源 Listening 1 Pre-listening (page 7, page 17) 1) Warm up activity (Design a dictation of numbers so as to make the students respond quickly to different numbers.) 考》Page 14 entry, approximate, schedule, query, artistic gymnastics, judo 等),以提

In the last year, The consumption of fast food in KFC reaches 6759,00 tons, according to one food expert.

At dawn on September 5th , 1972 a band of “Black September” Arab terrorists broke into the Israeli building in the Olympic village near Munich where 12,850 athletes were staying.[来 源:Zxxk.Com]

The shop owner charged me 1263.5 RMB for that motorbike.

There were 179 volunteers for this campaign against smoking including 29 teenagers, 78 college students and 72 senior citizens.

2) Introduce the task to the students, and ask students to recognize the key words; [来源:Z。xx。 k.Com] 2. While listening 1) 2) According to the table, predict a possible order. Listen to the passage, and fill in the blanks. [来源:学科网]

3. Post-listening After listening , ask students to write a short piece of story, try to include as many numbers as possible. Speaking Step one: (saying contracted forms) Read words in Exercise A1 and demonstrate the correct sounds. Students practice repeating the sounds individually, in groups of and chorally. Listen to some individual stu dents to check their pronunciation. Step two: (A survey about physical fitness) (1) Ask students to work in pairs. S1 reads out the questions, S2 must not look at his/her book at this time. S2 must listen carefully to S1`s words. S2 must give honest answers. (2) The pairs then split up, and form new pairs, but with different roles. Now the original S1 must become S2, and give the answers. (3) Exercise B2, students should form into groups of about four to six, and calculate the group`s average score. They should then discuss their score, and suggest ways in which they coul d become fitter. Finally, for Exercise B3, one person from each group can report to the whole class. A model is given in their books.


[链接 2] 说明: 通过这一部分的学习,让学生学会看清各文章的层次,整理出大概要点,能列出写作的 plan,养成写作前列 plan 的习惯。

Writing Step One Pre-writing --- to introduce the importance of making a plan Students should first be informed that it is necessary to plan the writing before you actually write an article. To skim the passage on Page15 Badminton to extract the main lists of ideas. Step Two While-writing

Students should follow the plan and put the extracte d ideas in the right order. Students should discuss the above plan, and show how the same plan can be used for other pieces of writing. Discuss Exercise A2 orally. Fast students can attempt an original piece of writing. Others can use the notes provided and the model in Exercise A1. Step Three Post-writing Each of the students should make a written plan about A2 and then discuss them in their groups next time.


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