2013 届高三一轮总复习考点提升训练英语试题集(二)
单项选择 21.【 2012 届河北省普通高考模拟】 ----Alice, shall we go for_______walk by_______lake? ------Sounds good. A. a:a B.不填;a C.不填;the D. a;the

22.【2012 届北京海淀区高三一模】22. ---How was your holiday? ---It couldn’t have been _____. I just stayed in the hotel because it was raining most of the time. A. boring B. more boring C. most boring D. less boring

23. The mother opened the door quietly so as not to _____ the sleeping baby. A. upset C. disturb B. interrupt D. release

24. Mr. Smith almost broke down by the ____of unfortunate events that happened to him. A. range B. variety C. series D. list

25.-----What has made Mary so_______? -----Losing her new bicycle. A. worrying 26. He came here A. on purpose C. for purpose B. troublesome C. upset D.hurried

to discuss it with you. B. by chance D. on design

27. _____ with the accident, he was forced to resign. A. Concerned B. Concerning

C. Having concerned D. Be concerned 28. My new secretary was very quick; she ________ a lot of work in one morning. A. got over B. got across C. got round D. got through

29.Admiral (海军上将) Hu Yanlin said that security demands required China to have its own aircraft carrier, and ____ any country had the right to build one. A.which B.that C.what D.whether


30.Friends have trouble remembering _____ that Kevin Durant did for fun, other than basketball. A.where it was C.how it was B.what it was D.why it was

31.He told me a piece of news, _____ terrible. A. I think it is C. which I think it is B. I think which is D. which I think is

32. My English teacher’s humor was _________ make every student burst into laughter. A. so as to B. such that C. so that D. such as to

33. —Did Jack come back early last night? —Yes. It was not yet eight o’clock _____ he arrived home. A. when C. before B. that D. until the hurricane?

34. Do you think our great ship will A.live with C.die from B.go through D.live through

35. —Mary, don’t you believe your sister? —Yes. I believe _____ she says. A. however 三、完形填空 (2012·重庆一中月考) 第二节 完形填空,共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分。 B. no matter how C. whatever D. no matter what

From childhood to old age, we all use language as a means of broadening our knowledge of ourselves and the world about us. When humans first children, unable to use this 36 they were like newborn

37 tool. Yet once language developed, the

possibilities for mankind’s future 38_ and cultural growth increased. Many language experts believe that evolution is 39 They 40 for our ability to produce and use language. an innate (天生的) language

that our highly evolved brain provides us 41

ability not found in lower 42 . Proponents(倡议者) of this innateness theory say that our 43 for language is inborn, but that language itself develops gradually 44_

a function of the growth of the brain during childhood. Therefore, there are critical 45_ times for language development. Current 46 of innateness theory are mixed,

however, evidence supporting the existence of some innate abilities is undeniable. 47_ , more and more schools are discovering that foreign languages are best taught in 48 _grades. Young children often can learn several languages by being 49 to them, while adults have a much harder time learning another language once the 50 of their first language have become firmly fixed. 51 some aspects of language are undeniably

innate, language does not develop automatically in a vacuum(真空). Children who have been 52 _from other human beings do not possess language. This demonstrates that 53 with other human beings is necessary for proper language development. Some language experts believe that this is even more basic to human language 54_ than any innate capacities. These theorists view language as imitative, learned behavior. 55 children learn language from their parents by imitating them. Parents gradually shape their child’s language skills by positively reinforcing precise imitations and negatively reinforcing imprecise ones. 36. A.generated B. evolved 37. A. valuable C.born D.originated D. favorite D. evolution


C. convenient

38. A. achievements B. likelihood 39. A. essential 40. A. confirm 41. A.for B. available B. inform C. claim D. with

C. entertainments C.reliable

D. responsible

D. convince

B. from C. of

42. A. organizations 43. A. potential 44. A.as

B.organisms C.humans B. performance C. like

D. children D. passion

C. preference D. unlike C. social

B. just as

45. A. ideological 46. A. reviews

B. biological

D. psychological D.recommendation D. In other words D. the lower

B. reference B.In a sense

C. reaction C. Indeed C. the higher C. engaged

47. A. In a word 48. A. various

B. different

49. A. revealed B.exposed 50. A. regulations

D. involved D.constitutions

B. formations


51. A. Although B. Whehter 52. A. distinguished 53. A. exposition 54. A. acquisition 55.

C. Since

D.When D.isolated

B.different C. protected B. comparison B. comparison

C. contrast D. interaction C. requirement D. alternative D. Above all

A. As a result

B. After all

C. In other words

四、阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) Ⅳ. 阅读理解 (2012·安徽省蚌埠三中高三第一次质量检测) A Saya, the teacher doesn't mind being pinched(掐), or if the students play in class: she's a robot designed to show children that science and technology can be fun subjects. Saya, a life–like female who started her career as a robot receptionist at Japanese companies and was then reprogrammed to teach, gave a lesson to fifth – graders at Tokyo's Kudan Elementary school after being carried to the podium in the classroom. Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi, who built Saya, says she's not meant to replace human teachers, but to bring the joy of technology to children. “We're not looking at making something that will take over from teachers. Our main reason for building this robot is to use new technology to teach children about technology,” he said. “But Saya may be able to help in schools where there's a shortage of teachers,” he added. “In the countryside and in some small schools, children don't have the chance to come into contact with new technology and also few teachers there can teach these lessons.So we hoped to be able to develop this robot to be remotely controlled to teach these classes.” Many of the children were attracted by Saya, and didn’t take their eyes off her throughout the lecture. When class was over, some students pinched her. “ It's so much more fun than regular classes,” said 10-year-old Nanako Iijima. The children's human teacher, however, was not as impressed with the robot as her students. “I am impressed that they've got robots to go this far, but on the other hand they still have a long way to go before they can make it a truly robotic

teacher.” Akito Fukuda, the school's science teacher said. Japan, home to almost half of the world's 800,000 industrial robots, expects the industry to expand to $10 billion in the future including models that will be able to care for its fast – growing elderly population. 56. Saya was first designed to _______. A. be touched by students C. work as a robot receptionist B. teach children about science D. work together with scientists

57. The underlined word “podium” in Paragraph 2 probably means “_______ ”. A. a surface for teachers to stand on C. a toy for students to play with 58. What can we learn from Paragraph 3? A. Saya needn't be remotely controlled while having classes. B. Robots like Saya will replace human teachers in the future. C. Some children in the countryside know little about new technology. D. It's difficult for most Japanese teachers to teach children about technology. 59. In which section of a newspaper can you find this passage? A. Entertainment. Opinion. B “Hey, little buddy, will you support me when I’m getting old?” Han Wenshan, 35 years old, asked his new-born baby as he picked him up at home. The Chinese tradition of raising sons to support parents in their old age has been weakened by the rapidly growing economy and improved standard of living. As is the case with developed countries, China faces an aging society. People are living longer and having fewer children. Therefore many Chinese families are falling into a 4-2-1 family pattern: a couple raises one child and supports four elderly parents. But few realize this problem. The aging of the population is a trend that now affects a growing number of countries. Not long ago, the Information Office of the state council, China’s cabinet, issued a white paper on measures China is taking to help its elderly population. The paper

B. a board for teachers to write on D. a video for students to watch

B. Technology.

C. Politics.


said China’s population entered the aging phase(阶段) at the end of the 20th century as the proportion of people aged 60 and above accounted for over 10 percent of the entire population. By the end of 2005, China had nearly 144 million people over 60, accounting for 11 percent of the population, according to the white paper. An expanding aged population inevitably means that many issues must be settled, as the problem concerns every aspect of society. It puts more pressure on each family, causing disturbing economic consequences and serious social problem concerns every aspect of society. It puts more pressure on each family, causing disturbing economic consequences and serious social problem. It also challenges the labor force supply and the pension(养老金) system. “I used to think that it’s not an issue for me to provide for the aged.” said Han, whose parents and parents-in-law all enjoy pensions and medical insurance. But last year Han’s father suffered a serious illness and afterward Han began to feel the pressure on his shoulders. 60. Which of the following is not caused by an aging society? A. Social problems. C. More pressure on the family. 61. From the passage we can infer _______. A. the aging problem is one of the concerns for the Chinese government B. China will encourage young couples to have more than one children C. many people haven’t realized the problem of an aging society D. children will not support their parents in an aging society 62. Which of the following can be used to replace the underlined word “inevitably?” A. Surprisingly. Unluckily. 63. From the passage we can see that _______. A. China is the only country to face an aging society B. most of the developing countries face an aging society C. countries with a large population face an aging society D. more and more developed countries face an aging society

B. The problem of the pension system D. Unemployment

B. Naturally.

C. Hopefully.


(2012·安徽省淮南市二中高三第一次月考) C Liu Hui is very excited. The students in a school in Shanghai will go to the USA with his parents during the Spring Festival. “Overseas touring has always been a dream for me,” he said happily. Nowadays, Chinese people enjoy longer holidays, such as the three “Golden Week Holidays”(the Spring Festival, May Day and National Day). They have more time to travel. Rising incomes also make travelling abroad realistic for ordinary Chinese people. Nearly 7 million Chinese travelled overseas in 2001, according to the National Tourism Administration(国家旅游局). The most common problem travellers face is how to choose the best routes(路线). By the end of 2002, Chinese citizens were allowed to travel to 19 foreign countries and regions at their own expense. The top 10 places included Hong Kong, Macao and Thailand. European countries are also becoming increasingly popular. “More and more Chinese people have shown interest in travelling to Europe, particularly France and Finland,” said Tan Wen, a general manager of China Youth Travel Service. “Sooner or later, there will be a peak(高峰) in European tours.” Another consideration is choosing the right travel agencies and finding the best price. The China Consumers’ Association(CCA,中国消费者协会)offered tips to consumers on choosing the right travel agencies to help prevent a relaxing vacation from turning into a costly disaster. “Price should not be the single most important factor in choosing a travel agency,” said Zhang Yuanchao, CCA vice-secretary general. Consumers are advised to choose large State travel agencies with good reputations and official approval to organize overseas tour groups. Zhang’s association dealt with more than 5, 000 complaints about travel agencies(旅行社) last year. And the majority of the complaints were about random changes in travel routes, bad tour guides, and forced shopping.

Travellers were warned to look carefully at their contracts with agencies and to buy travel insurance(保险). 64.How many reasons are given in the article as to why ordinary Chinese people are traveling abroad more today? A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. D.Five.

65.According to the passage, what is the biggest problem Chinese travelers face when going overseas? A.Choosing the best travel agent. B.Deciding the best way to get to the places they want to go to. C.Traveling to Europe. D.Cost. 66.According to the passage, what seems to be the most common result of choosing a bad travel agency? A.People buy more souvenirs than they had planned to. B.People spend more money than they had planned to. C.People go to different places than they had palnned to. D.People complained more than they had planned to. 67.The underlined part “random changes” probably means that A.the travelers agreed with the changes. B.the travel agency didn’t make any changes. C.the travel agency refused to changes the routes. D.the travel agency changed the routes or time without following the original plan. D The Luck of the Irish Look at a map of Britain, and the island on the left is Ireland. It’s a small but beautiful country with a long tradition of folk music. Up until 10 years ago just about the only thing that Ireland was famous for was its specialty black beer. Now Ireland is famous around the world for its music with names like "Kenya","U2" ,"Van Morrison"and more recently "the Corers". "Boyzone",one of the


world's top boy bands ,is from Ireland too.What's more,Boyzone member shane has twin sisters,Adele and Heavy,who are members of "B Witched" The "Boyzone"story is interesting because they were created in 1993 by Dublin nightclub owner John Reynolds.They advertised in newspapers to find members for the group and 300wannabe pop stars applied! Ronan,who was just 17 when he dropped out of school to make his bid for stardom,and shane,who had been working as trained mechanic in his father's garage when he left to join Boyzone,were both lucky enough to be chosen. The other members are shoe-shop attendant stephen lately,former mechanic Mike Graham and one-time clothes store assistant Keith Dully. Many people expect bands that have been created by the music industry to produce boring music which doesn't become popular. Even the boys themselves knew they the would not easily achieve international pop music success. Boyzone quickly proved that they were more than just pretty faces and have sold millions of records around the world.At the moment ,they are not big stars in America,but they say that will change,when they begin a tour of the United States. Ronan will shortly also start recording as a solo artist. That does not mean the band will spilt yet,but we can expect Boyzone to split sometime in the next 18 months or so.Ronan has also recently become involved as one of the managers of new Irish boy band "West Life" whose song "Swear It Again"has recently been Number 1 in the British charts. 68.Ireland is famous for A.its black beer C.popular music now. B.its long tradition D.its scenery .

69.The words “wannabe pop stars” in the third paragraph mean A.the pops who want to join the band B.the persons who want to become pop stars C.the pop stars who want to become more popular D.the persons who want to be as famous as they are 70.Boy zone was formed by members in 1993.





D.6 .

71.According to the passage, we know that A.Boy zone will split some day

B.Boy zone was successful because it was created by music industry C.The boys in Boy zone were certain that they would be famous one day D.Boy zone are going to perform in the States for Americans love them very much E “It hurts me more than you,” and “This is for your own good.” There are the statements my mother used to make years ago when I had to learn Latin, clean my room, stay home and do homework. That was before we entered the permissive(自由的) period in education in which we decided it was all right not to push our children to achieve their best in school. The schools and the educators made it easy on us.They taught that it was all right to be parents who take a let-alone policy.We stopped making our children do homework. We gave them calculators, turned on the television, left the teaching to the teachers and went on vacation. Now teachers, faced with children who have been developing at their own pace for the past 15 years, are realizing we’ve made a terrible mistake.One such teacher is Sharon Clomps who says of her students—“so passive” —and wonders what has happened.Nothing is demanded of them, she believes.Television, says Clomps, contributes to children’s passivity.“We’re talking about a generation of kids who’ vet never been hurt or hungry.They have learned somebody will always do it for them, instead of saying ‘go and look it up’, you tell them the answer.It takes greater energy to say no to a kid. Yes, it does.It takes energy and it takes work.It’s time for parents to end their vacation and come back to work.It’ s time to take the car away, to turn the TV off, to tell them it hurts you more than them but it’ s for their own good. It’s time to start telling them no again. 72.We learn from the passage that the author’s mother used to lay emphasis on (强调:重视)_______.

A.natural development C.discipline

B.education at school D.learning Latin

73.Children are becoming more inactive in study because _______. A.they watch TV too much C.they have done too much homework B. they have to fulfill too many duties D.teachers are too strict with them

74.By “permissive period in education” the author means a time _______. A.when everything can be taught at school B.when children are permitted to receive education C.when children are allowed to do what they wish to D.when every child can be educated 75.The main idea of the passage is that _______. A.It’s time to be more strict with our kids B.parents should always set a good example to their kids C.parents should leave their children alone D.kids should have more activities at school 五、书面表达 (2012·安徽二模) In your spoken English class, your teacher shows you the following picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.

参考答案 21【解析】选 D。考查冠词的用法。第一空考查短语中的冠词,go for a walk 为固定短语; 第二空特指对话双方都知道的湖。 22【解析】选 B。考查形容词、副词的用法。此题考查学生对于 couldn’t be better 不

能更好=the 重否定,be

best 最好的掌握,实际上是对于双重否定表达方式的考查,即 couldn’t 一 more boring 一重否定。需要注意的是,形容词比较级有否定的内在含义。

因为后面写到下雨呆在屋子里,所以应该是负态度,所以排除同样是比较级的 D 选项。 23【解析】选 C。考查动词词义辨析。句意:妈妈悄悄打开门,目的是不打扰正在睡觉的婴 儿。disturb 打扰,妨碍;upset 使心烦,使不安;interrupt 打断;release 释放;发布; 发行。故正确选项为 C。 24-25 DCC 26~30 AADBB 31~32 DA

33【解析】选 A。考查时间状语从句。答句句意:是的,他到家时还不到 8 点。when 在此句 中引导时间状语从句,表示“当……的时候”。 34-35 DC 36【答案】B【解析】此处意为:当人类刚刚开始进化,他们如同新生儿一样不会运用语言 这种工具。 evolved 逐渐发展,进化符合题意。generated 生殖,发展;born (bear 的 过去分词)不能作谓语动词;originated 起源,不能用 first 修饰。 37 【答案】【解析】 A 根据语法分析, 答案应用来修饰语言的。 valuable 珍贵的; appropriate 合适的,适当的;convenient 方便的,便利的;favorite 最喜欢的。语言并不是人类选择 的结果,而是人类在进化过程中慢慢发展起来的,对人类来说,应当是珍贵的。 38【答案】A 【解析】此处意思是:语言的发展增加了人类未来的成就和文化进步的可能

性。achievenets 成就;likelihood 可能性;entertainments 娱乐;evolution 进化。 39【答案】D 【解析】此处意为:许多语言学家认为进化使人们产生和具备了语言的能力。 固定短语 be 40【答案】C responsible for 对……负责,是……的原由。其它选项不与 for 搭配。 【解析】根据语法分析,空格后应是一个宾语从句,而 A,B,D 三项后都不 sth.;convince(使

能接从句做直接宾语。confirm(确认)+名词;inform(通知)sb.of 某人确信)sb.of sth.

41【答案】D 【解析】固定搭配 provide sb.with 42【答案】B



备的语言能力。显然,这里是把人和低等动物相比较。因此选 organisms 有机体,生物体。 43【答案】A 【解析】此句意思是:人类的语言能力是与生俱来的,但语言本身也在逐渐

发展,所以这种能力应该是潜在的。potential 潜力;performance 履行;preference 偏爱; passion 激情。 44【答案】A 【解析】此句句义是:语言本身作为童年时期大脑生长的一种功能,其发展

是缓慢的。as 45【答案】B

(作为,当作)合乎题意。like 作为介词的意思是“像……一样”。 【解析】此句意为:语言的发展有一个关键期,人体的成长是生物变化的过

程。biological 生物的;ideological 思想上的;social 社会的;psychological 心理的。 46【答案】A 【解析】此处意为:目前人们对“先天论”评论观点不一,但是支持某些天

生 能 力 的 证 据 却 是 确 凿 无 疑 的 。 reviews 评 论 ; reference 参 考 ; reaction 反 应 ; recommendation 推荐。 47【答案】C 【解析】从 46 题可看出,作者是倾向于先天论的,为了进一步证明先天论是 有道理的,作者选择了以学校为例加以说明,因此这里应填一个表示递进关系的词 Indeed (甚至) 。 48.D 【解析】此处意思是:越来越多的学校发现在什么年级学外语较容易,根据常识(低年 级 Young while 学 外 语 often 较 can 容 learn 易 several ) 以 及 by 后 being 文 …to 的 them,



adults…可以选定答案。 【解析】此处意为:通过接触多种语言,孩子们可以学会好几种语言。 to 是固定搭配,接触到。reveal(显露)sth.to sb,不合题意,因本题中 involved in 参与。

49【答案】B be exposed

的 them 指 languages。 其余选项不与 to 搭配。 engage 50【答案】C

in 从事; be


学 好 另 一 种 语 言 。 rules 规 则 , 规 律 ; regulations 规 定 ; formations 构 成 , 构 造 ; constitutions 宪法,章程。 51【答案】A 【解析】分析上下文的逻辑关系,从句意思是:语言的某些方面肯定是先天

的。主句意思是:语言不会在与人隔绝的状况下自行发展。前后应为转折关系。 52【答案】D 【解析】此句意为:与人隔绝的儿童不能掌握好一门语言。isolated 孤立的, 与人隔绝的; distinguished 区别的, 杰出的; different 不同的; protected 受到保护的。 53【答案】D 【解析】此句总结前几句,意为:必须通过与他人交往,语言才能够发展 。

interaction 相互作用;exposition 暴露;comparison 比较;contrast 对比。 54 A . 根 据 分 析 , 本 句 中 的 “this” 和 “even with other human more basic” 分 别 指 代 上 句 的

“interaction 的 language

beings”和“necessary”, 此处所填词对应上文中 acquisition 语言习得。appreciation


欣赏,感激;requirement 要求;alternative 转移,转变,转换。 55 答案】 解析】 【 C 【 本句功能是以另一种方式解释前文中的“imitative, learned behavior。

(模仿性的后天行为)”。In After all 毕竟;Above 60-63 DABD


words 换言之,换句话说;As


result 结果是;

all 最重要的是…。

56-59 CACB

64-67ADBD 68-71 CBCA 72-75 CACA 书面表达 Possible Version 1 In the picture, along the tracks come three runners. The one who takes the lead wears a smile on his face, despite the great distance he has covered. The other two, with sweat streaming down their faces, are clearly tired from running. What the picture tries to convey is that success belongs to those who can keep up a good state of mind faced with life challenges. The smile on the face of the runner in the lead suggests that he enjoys the race, regardless of the hard work he has to devote. This definitely makes him stand out among the other competitors, who wear serious and painted expressions on their faces. Life is sometimes like a race with tracks stretching long. A good state of mind can actually bring out our best. Possible Version 2 In the picture, three boys are running along the tracks. The first boy is running with ease and confidence. The last boy falls far behind, but he is still going all out for the race, with his teeth clenched. It dawns on me that whatever situation we find ourselves in, never should we lose hope but press ahead. Standing a slim chance of catching up with the other two ahead of him, the persistent boy in the last place shows no sign of giving up and works even harder. His perseverance demonstrates a profound meaning in life. It often happens that hard as we may try, our efforts do not yield satisfying results. However, as long as we persevere in our determination and efforts, we are the champion of our own life “race”.