Unit1 Cultural relics

1. in search of 寻找,寻求

2. survive vi. 幸存,生还

n. 幸存者 survivor

3. be decorated with 被用······来装饰

decorate sth with sth 用某物装饰某物

4. belong to 属于,是…的成员, 是…的组成部分,属性, 职能等

5. serve as 担任,充当

6. in return 作为回报, 作为回馈

in return of 作为…的回报

7. 定语从句修饰 the way 的关系代词可用 that / in which / 不填

8. light 照亮,点亮 light-lit-lit 或 light-lighted-lighted

9. there is no doubt that… 毫无疑问……

10. be worth sth. 值得…

be (well) worth doing sth.很值得做…

11. be at war 处于战争状态,交战

12. remain vi. 留下,剩下,残留+doing link-v. 保持,仍然,继续+adj.

Unit 2 The Olympic Games

1. ancient: 古代的---?反义词 present-day 当今的

2. compete with/ against sb. 和…竞争

compete in 在……中竞争

compete for sth. 为……而竞争

competition n. 比赛

3. take part (in) 参加,参与(活动)=join in

take an active part in…积极参与……

4. used to do 过去常常做...

be/get used to (doing) sth. 习惯于

be used to do 被用来做

5. every four years = every fourth year 每四年或每隔四年

6. admit+ doing 承认做某事

be admitted as “被接受……成为”

7. for the honor of 为了…的荣誉

in the honor of 为庆祝…/为纪念

8. allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事

allow doing sth.


9. not only… but also… 不但……而且

10. “也”as well 用在肯定句中,放在句末

too 肯定句中用,放在句末 ,常用逗号隔开

either 否定句中用,放句末 ,常用逗号隔开

also 放在特殊动词之后,实义动词之前

Unit 3 Computers

1. common

adj. 普通的,常见的 n. 普通;平民


have nothing/ little/ something/ a lot in common 有……共同之处

2. compare …with 把……与……相比较

compare to


3. “ 多久才” It took/was+一段时间+before

It takes /will be+一段时间+before

It takes/took sb. sometime to do sth. 花费某人……时间去做某事

4. work as 担任;以…身份而工作

5. from then on


from now on


6. by 介词,“不迟于,到……为止” 常用于完成时态。

since+时间点 “自从…以来”

7. as time goes by 随着时间流逝

8. as a result 结果

9. so… that 如此…以致

10. so+ adj. +a(n)+单数可数名词+that 句子

such+ a(n)+ adj.+单数可数名词+that 句子

11. alone adj.“单独的” adv. 单独;独自地 (客观)

lonely adj.“孤独的”、“偏僻的” (主观)

12. as well as “还有”、“不但…而且…”

as well “也”

13. be filled with = be full of 充满;装满

14. in a way 在某种程度上

15. make up 编造,补足,化妆

16. after all 毕竟

17. with the help of 在…的帮助下

Unit 4 Wildlife Protection

1. die out 灭亡;逐渐消失 2. in peace 和平地;安详地;和睦地 3. in danger(of) 在危险中,垂危 4. in relief 如释重负 5. burst into laughter 突然笑起来 6. protect...from 保护……不受……(危害) 7. pay attention to 注意 8. come into being 形成;产生 9. without mercy 毫不留情地 10. respond to 对……作出回答

Unit 5 Music

1. dream of/about (doing) sth. 梦想;幻想 2. pretend to do / be 假装做某事 3. to be honest 说实话
be honest with sb. 对某人坦白 be honest in sth. 坦白承认 4. attache… to 认为有(重要性、意义);附上;连接 5. form the habit of 养成……的习惯


6. perform 侧重表演的能力、技巧或效果;主语可以是人或动物

act 侧重“扮演、担任”某一角色,侧重于动作,主语通常是人。

performance n.演出;演奏;表演

7. in cash 用现金,用现钱

pay in cash 给现金;现金支付

by credit card 用信用卡

by cheque / check 用支票

8. play a joke on sb.=play jokes on sb. 戏弄

make fun of 捉弄;取笑

laugh at sb. 嘲笑

9. rely on =depend on


10. or so “大约;……左右”

11. break up 打碎;分裂;解体;驱散;结束;(学校)放假

break down 出故障;拆毁;失败;精神崩溃;(身体)垮

break into 破门而入

break off 中断;断交;突然停止

break out 爆发;突然发生

break away from 脱离;摆脱

12. above all: 最重要的是,尤其,首先

in all: 一共;总计

after all: 毕竟;终究;别忘了

at all: (否定句)根本,完全 (疑问句)到底


Unit1 Friendship
1. be good to 对….友好 2. add up 合计 3. get sth done 使…被做 4. calm down 镇定下来 5. have got to 不得不 6. walk the dog 遛狗 7. make a list of 列出 8. hide away 躲藏;隐藏 9. be concerned about 关心;挂念 10. share sth with sb 和某人分享某物 11. go through 经历;仔细检查 12.set down 放下;记下 13. a series of 一系列;一套 14. be crazy about 对…着迷 15. on purpose 故意 16. in order to/ so as to 为了 17. face to face 面对面地 18. get along with 与…相处 19. pack up 收拾,打理行装 20. according to 按照;根据…所说

21. communicate with sb 和…交际 22. try out 试验;试用 23. join in 参加(活动)

24. fall in love 相爱 25. have the/a habit of doing sth 有做…的习惯

Unit 2 English around the world 1. such as 例如 2. believe it or not 信不信由你 3. come up with 提出 come up (vi) 走进;上来;发生;被讨论
come up to a place 参观某地 4. ever before 从前 5. even if/ though 即使

6. at the end of 在…末期 7. be based on 在...基础上

8. close to 距离…近 9. take…with…随身携带

10. the same…as 与…相同的 11. at present 目前 12. at sb’s request 应某人的要求 make a request 请求 13.have a command of 掌握 give commands 命令 14.in one direction 朝一个方向 15. be different from 与…不同 16. as we know 正如我们所知

request that …(should)+v 原形

17. play a role/ part (in) 在…中担任角色;在…中起作用; play an important role/ part 在…中起重要作用

18. because of 因为;由于 19. make (good/ full) use of (好好/充分)利用

Unit3 Travel Journal

1. one-way fare 单程票 round-trip fare 往返票 2. graduate from 从…毕业 3. care about 忧虑,关心 care for 喜欢,照顾 care to do 愿意/同意做某事 4. give in (to) 投降;屈服;让步 give up 放弃
give up doing/sth as usual 像往常一样 5. at midnight 午夜 6. attitude to/ toward(s) 对…态度 7. change one’s mind 改变主意 8. make camp 野营,宿营 9. make up one’s mind to do 决心干某事 10. put up one’s tents 搭起帐篷 11. persuade sb to do sth= persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事
persuade sb not to do sth= persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不做某事 12. determine to do sth ( 动作) / be determined to do sth (心理) 决心干某事 13. take one’s breath away 使某人大吃一惊

Unit4 Earthquakes


1.have time to do 有时间做某事

2.happen to do 碰巧做某事

3.shake hands with sb 握手

4. burst into tears/ laughter 突然大哭/大笑

5.in ruins 成为废墟

6.blow away 吹走、刮走

7.fall down 倒塌

8.be pleased to do 乐意做某事

9.tens of thousands of 成千上万

10. dig out 挖掘

11.think little of 对……评价低

12.be proud of / take pride in 以……而自豪

13.invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事

14.think highly of 对……评价高

15.give out 发出(气味等);分发;耗尽 give off 发出(气味等)

give away 赠送;泄露

give back 归还

16.a great/ large number of =a great many/good 大量的

17.be trapped in/ under 陷入……/ 陷在……下面

18.agree on sth 达成一致意见

19.as you know 正如你所知道的

20.be known as 作为……而知名 be known for 因……而出名

Unit5 Nelson Mandela

1.lose heart 丧失勇气 2..be worried about 担心(状态) 3.in trouble 处于不幸中 4.be sentenced to 被判处 5. be out of work = lose one’s job 失业 6.be equal to 相等的,平等的 7. as a matter of fact = in fact = actually 事实上 8.blow up 充气 爆炸 9.beg for 乞讨 10.set up 建立,创立;设置,竖起 send up 发射,使上涨
go up 上升,增长;被兴建 11.be active in = take an active part in 积极参与,在……活跃 12.die for 为……而死 die from 死于(外因)
die of 死于(内因 如:饥饿,寒冷,疾病等) 13.put sb in prison= throw sb into prison= send sb to prison 把……投入监狱 14.advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 15.fight against 为反对……而斗争
fight with 同……并肩作战/ 同……斗争
16. have problems/ difficulty/ trouble with sth 17.work out 算出 18.be willing to do sth 乐于做某事 19.realize one’s dream of 实现…… 的梦想 20.come to power 当权,上台



Book II人教版高一英语必修二知识点总结