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湖南省高考完形填空(Part B)专题研讨
Leaning objectives
1. Generalize the main testing points of cloze testⅡ. ( 归纳完形Ⅱ的主要考点。) 2. Express your ideas about completing the cloze testⅡ.(说说你对做好完形Ⅱ的看法。 )

一、2010 年-2013 年湖南省高考英语完形二试题回顾
1.(2010 年湖南英语高考题) Parents are busy people. If they are working, they are usually not at home 48 when/after their children return from school. Sometimes it is necessary for a parent to write 49 an

after-school note for their children. They sometimes put the note on the kitchen table, the refrigerator, 50 or another place where their children are sure to find it. A note is often a 51 better 52 what way to “talk” with a child they want to say before

than using the telephone. For one thing, parents have time to think about they write. 53

For another, the note lists all the information in one place. It is easy to read again and again. 54 they hear in a telephone call. Finally, cell phones can be

People often forget all the details that turned parents. 55 off

or telephone calls not answered. For these reasons, after-school notes are very popular with

2.(2011 年湖南英语高考题)

Does going to college really pay off?Certainly! I remember taking 48.


English class in college on the short story. Our first assignment was to read49. two discuss which one was better. After reading both,I wasn’t sure. Over the 50. next professor taught me51. why one story was so much better than the other. 52. One

short stories and then several months, my was rich in metaphor

(隐喻)and character development, while the other was humorous 53. but first. Yet, in a few months, my brain got reeducated and 54. I

too shallow. I couldn’t see this at

could see the difference between good and bad

writing and could appreciate literature at a whole new level. Going to college helps build a strong mind, which leads55. to greater success in one’s life.

3. (2012 年湖南英语高考题) Keeping in touch with our friends is an important part of friendship. This does not mean that48. we have to write or call our friends every day. It does mean, however, that we 49. should

care enough about our friends to find out how they are doing from time to time. People have different habits about keeping in touch with others. Some like to call their friends, sometimes many times 50. to e-mail their friends. Still 51. others a day. Others prefer

prefer writing letters so that they can include photos or interesting

Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 1

株洲市二中 2014 届高三英语备课组 Sept. 17th

articles 52.


the envelopes along with their letters. Some even write postcards while they are on send them to friends. not important what kind of call we make or letter we

vacation53. and

Every kind of communication is important. It is 54. send. 55. What

is important is that we let others know we care about them.

4. (2013 年湖南英语高考题)When kids in parts of the world want to play, they often make soccer balls out of trash tied together with string. “ 48._ Because__ the areas used for playing fields are often rough and rocky, millions of real balls go flat (变瘪) 49. _within__ 24 hours,” says Tim Jahnigen, a California businessman. Determined to solve this problem, 50. _he__ created an indestructible ball called the One World Futbol.The ball is made of 51. _a special material, ethylene-vinyl acetate foam. It’s lightweight, it’s flexible, and—52. _most_ important—it holds its shape. The One World Futbol needs no pump 53. _and__ won’t wear out, even on rough surfaces. When tested, 54. _it__ withstood (经受住) being crushed by a car, and even being chewed on by a lion. Although it costs more to produce 55. _than_ a typical soccer ball, Jahnigen estimates the One World Futbol can last 30 years. So far, it’s been given to kids in 143 countries.
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2010 年-2012 年湖南省高考英语完形二考点分类总结
年 份 2010 年 考点(词性) 1. art. (冠词) an(49 题) an(48 题) a(50 题) a (51) 题 2011 年 2012 年 2013 年

考查的 相同点


考查的 不同点 ……
Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 2

株洲市二中 2014 届高三英语备课组 Sept. 17th

A There are many reasons why teenagers feel anxious. Of all of them, Teenagers probably feel the most anxious about school. They may also feel anxious about their relationships 48 anxious about their future. They don’t know 49 their parents. Teenagers also feel

they can get into university. They also think a lot what might sleep too much or eat too much. We best way to deal with anxiety is to talk to an adult your interests are. There is a lot is not a good idea to watch too much

career they want to have. When teenagers feel anxious, 50 know that the teenage years are a time of great change. 51 52

you trust. If you are anxious about your future, try to find out 53

of information on the Internet about universities and careers. 54 movie 55 sleep too much to handle anxiety. B

I feel caught between my parents, my basketball coach and myself. I have always been an average student. My parents feel that I need to spend more time improving my grades so I can go 48______a good university. They make me feel like I’m a bad son 49 I don’t focus on what they think is best for me. For the past few years, outstanding player. Running around on the 52

I have been playing for the city basketball team. I’m 50 basketball court is 51

makes me happy. The coach thinks I have a chance to become a real star.

thinks that I need to arrange to spend even more time working on my basketball skills. I feel guilty when I don’t practice harder53 he has spent a lot of time coaching me, and he really believes in me. The problem is that I practically. Whichever way I look at it, I’ll 55 be really good at

can’t allocate adequate time for54

anything unless I quit doing everything else. I’m so confused. C Everybody wants to be happy. To some, happiness is being surrounded by families and friends. To 48 , happiness means achieving success in something, such as meeting a goal. To those 49 have been

injured or struggle50

a physical disability, happiness can simply mean a day without pain or just being rest of life to learn new things, reach

alive. To Sang Lan, happiness is to be alive and lucky to have 51 much smaller goals and love the people around her. 52 about 53 54

she was injured and in hospital, instead of crying

she had lost and feeling hopeless, she overcame her disappointment, thought about positive things stayed optimistic to rebuild her life. The world was amazed by the way she remained cheerful. As a
Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 3

株洲市二中 2014 届高三英语备课组 Sept. 17th

result of her positive thinking, 55

won the sympathy and admiration from the people at home and abroad. D

The happiest days will be in the future. The technology of the future will allow us and our family to be healthy, and never to worry about illness. No one will be sad 48 of 49 humans will have learned to fix many

problems that affect us now, like wars, pollution and hunger. People will be able to communicate all! We can imagine that the workday will

better. Technology will guarantee good health and happiness 50 be only four hours long, 51 and computers to assist us52

everyone can work part-time jobs that are very interesting. We have robots the things that are boring, 53 will simplify our lives. Maybe 54

will even be automatic kitchens to cook instant meals for us. Then families will be able to spend the maximum amount of time enjoying 55 other’s company and the minimum amount of time doing housework. E I consider my father to be the most important person in my life. This is not 48 wealthy. We do not have a big car, and there are no old, expensive vases 49 Rather, 50 he is famous or paintings in our house.

I value about my father is the care and love he shows to me and my family. What makes the table, bedding and quilts on our beds and52 he is always there for us. Whenever I trip on the mat is there to pick me up. My brother and grew up 55

my father happy is being able to put a loaf of bread 51 roof over our heads. My father might work hard, 53 or carpet or hurt myself playing sports, 54

his constant care and the funny nursery rhymes and stories he told us. F Design a fill-in test for other groups and see which group is better in designing a proper cloze test. I myself am a teenager and have some problems at home. Mainly, the problem is my father. Whenever I want to do something or suggest an idea, he doesn’t listen to me. When I refuse to listen to him, he shouts at me and the two of us fight like crazy. He and my mother always make me do what I don’t like such as playing the piano and learning Japanese. Then, when I have some spare time and want to be alone, they call me selfish and unloving! My father gets very angry when I play foreign music. Also, every time I watch a DVD, he sends me to bed or tells me to spend more time studying. He has even forbidden me from meeting my friends online at the internet café !I love him a lot, but I don’t understand why he will not respect the things I want to do. He was once a teenager—he should understand me better than he does.
Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧) 4


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