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第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)



Shakespeare's Birthplace and Exhibition

Henley Street, Stratford?upon?Avon Tel: 01789 204016

Shakespeare's birthplace was the childhood home of William Shakespeare. Take

a step back in time and see what life was like for the young Shakespeare growing

up in Stratford?upon?Avon. The house has been exactly furnished, and includes both

original and copy items similar to those which would have been there in the house

when Shakespeare was a boy. Beautiful painted cloths hang on the walls, brightly

colored fabrics fill the rooms and his father's glove workshop has been recreated.

At the back of the house is a beautiful garden containing many plants, herbs and

flowers mentioned in Shakespeare's plays.

The neighboring exhibition shows Shakespeare's life and focuses on many rare

local items connected with him, as well as a copy of the first edition of his collected

plays published in 1623.

◎Limited disabled access

◎Many restaurants close to Shakespeare's birthplace

◎Town center parking

◎Gift shops

◎Allow at least 45 minutes to visit the house and the exhibition

Adult £6.70 Child £2.60 Family £15.00





Apr.-May Sep.-Oct.



Last Entry


Last Entry


Last Entry

Monday- Saturday

9 am

5:30 pm

10 am

5 pm

10 am

4 pm

Sunday 9:30 am

6 pm

10 am

5:30 pm 10:30 am

4 pm


21.How much would they pay if a couple with their two children visit the






解析:选 C 细节理解题。结合题干可知,是一家人去参观莎士比亚故居,结合文章图

表中的“Family £15.00”可知,一家人去参观需要£15。

22.What is the deadline to enter the exhibition on Friday in July?

A.4 pm.

B.5 pm.

C.5:30 pm.

D.6 pm.

解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据文章图表时间“Jun.-Aug.”和对应的“Monday-

Saturday”并结合题干可知,7 月的周五参观莎士比亚故居最迟的时间是下午 5 点 30 分。

23.What can we see in Shakespeare's birthplace?

A.Old furniture.

B.Ancient restaurants.

C.Colored gloves.

D.Shakespeare's plays.

解析:选 A 推理判断题。根据第一段的第三句“The house has been exactly furnished,

and includes both original and copy items similar to those which would have been

there in the house when Shakespeare was a boy”可知,在莎士比亚故居可以看到一些

保留下来的旧家具,故选 A。


(xx·银川二中高考模拟)Alibaba started taking the lead in China by connecting

big Chinese manufacturers ( 制 造 商 ) with big buyers across the world.Its

business?to?business site, Alibaba allowed businesses to buy almost

everything.Alibaba's advantage wasn't hard to judge: size.Alibaba is just big, even

by Chinese standards.Its market attracts about 231 million active buyers, 8 million


11.3 billion orders a year — and Alibaba is just the

middleman.It encourages people to use its markets — not

charging small sellers a percentage of the sale.

If you want a quick look into the influence of Alibaba on Chinese daily life,

take my experience.I moved to Beijing a year ago and quickly got tired of visiting

small stores across the crowded, polluted city of 20 million people in search of

new electronics, bathroom furnishings, and anything else my wife wanted.“You're

looking for what exactly?Why not try it?” my Chinese teacher asked me one day.With

that, my wonderful new relationship with Alibaba began. Alibaba's original business?to?business model now is second to consumer
buying.Chinese retail (零售) buying makes up 80% of Alibaba's profit, and leading that group is Taobao, with 800 million items for sale and the most unbelievable selection of things you'll never find. Tmall is Alibaba's another big site, where you can find brand?name goods from Nike to Unilever almost at the lowest prices.
What I have a hard time explaining to friends and family back in the U.S. is how China has gone beyond traditional shopping — big?box retailers especially — in favor of online purchases on Taobao and a few other sites.In smaller towns than Beijing, Taobao will be the first choice when shopping online.
I have a list of some of my recent purchases on Taobao for a sense of how wide the marketplace is.Almost everything arrived a day or two after ordering with free shipping.I'm not even a big buyer, because I need friends to help me search the Chinese?language site.When I was searching my purchase history on my Chinese teacher's iPad, which helps me buy goods, I looked through with great difficulty about 10 of her purchases for every one of mine.
语篇解读:本文主要介绍了阿里巴巴对人们的购物产生的巨大影响,它已经深入到人们 日常生活的方方面面。
24.Alibaba's advantage mainly lies in ________. A.its low price B.its not charging small sellers C.its big size D.its business?to?business service 解析:选 C 细节理解题。由第一段第三、四句“Alibaba's advantage wasn't hard to judge: size.Alibaba is just big, even by Chinese standards.”可知,阿里巴巴的优 势就在于规模大。故选 C 项。 25.We know from the passage that Alibaba ________. A.acts as a bridge between the buyers and sellers B.charges small sellers on its site a percentage of the sale C.sells everything you want online D.has taken the place of traditional stores 解 析 : 选 A 推 理 判 断 题 。 由 第 一 段 第 一 句 “... by connecting big Chinese manufacturers (制造商) with big buyers across the world.”可知,阿里巴巴的运营模 式是将制造商与买家联系起来,由此推断出阿里巴巴起到了桥梁的作用,故选 A 项。由第一

段最后一句“... not charging small sellers a percentage of the sale.”可排除 B 项;由第一段第二句中的“almost everything”可排除 C 项;D 项在文中未提及。
26.What can be inferred from the last 3 paragraphs? A.Taobao sells millions of items with the lowest price. B.Alibaba's profit mainly consists of Chinese retail buying. C.Tmall is more popular than Taobao. D.The author can purchase items on Taobao without any difficulty now. 解析:选 B 推理判断题。由第三段第二句“Chinese retail (零售) buying makes up 80% of Alibaba's profit ...”可知,中国人的零售购买占了阿里巴巴利润的 80%,故选 B 项。 27.What is the passage mainly about? A.Taobao, the best choice for shopping online in China. B.Alibaba influences people's daily purchase in China. C.Shopping online goes beyond traditional shopping in China. D.How the author learns to purchase online in China. 解析:选 B 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,本文主要论述了阿里巴巴对人们日常购物产 生的巨大影响,故选 B 项。
C (xx·日照市校际联合检测)
Stephen Hawking Warns Humans Must Leave Earth Soon
Professor Stephen Hawking recently came out with a serious warning for people. While at the Starmus Festival, a festival in Trondheim, Norway, celebrating science and the arts, Hawking warned people that the human race is in serious danger.
Hawking criticized President Donald Trump for denying climate change. Then the physicist warned the audience, “I am not denying the importance of fighting climate change and global warming, unlike Donald Trump, who may just have taken the most serious and wrong decision on climate change this world has seen.”
Hawking proposed that the leading countries should send astronauts to the Moon before 2020 to restart a movement of more exploration in space. The BBC reported that Hawking suggested that we “build a lunar base in 30 years' time and send people to Mars by 2025”.
According to the BBC, Professor Hawking said, “Spreading out into

space will pletely change the future of humanity.” He continued, “I hope it would unite petitive nations in a single goal to face the mon challenge for us all.” The

physicist shared more ideas to motivate the younger generation to continue exploring

space. Hawking stated, “A new and ambitious space program would excite (young people), and stimulate interest in other areas, such as astrophysics (天体物理学)

and cosmology (宇宙学).”

Hawking also revealed his vision of other forms of energy that could move us

to a new planet. He warned the audience, “The Earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive.” He continued, “Our natural

resources are being drained at an alarming rate. We have given our planet the

disastrous gifts of climate change, rising temperatures, reduction of the polar ice caps, deforestation (滥伐森林), and decimation (大批杀死) of animal species. We can

be an ignorant and unthinking (考虑不周的) lot.”

The professor warned the audience that doing nothing would lead nowhere. He said, “If we succeed we will send a probe (航天探测器) to Alpha Centauri within the

lifetime of some of you alive today. It is clear that we are entering a new space

age. We are standing at the threshold (开端) of a new era. Human colonization and

moving to other planets is no longer science fiction, and it can be science fact.” Hawking advised the audience to move to other worlds because we are running out of




28.According to Hawking, what is the first step for humans to spread out into space?

A.To send people to Mars.

B.To build a lunar base. C.To send astronauts to the Moon.

D.To change the future of humanity.

解析:选 C 细节理解题。由文章第三段的第一句可知,人类要向太空扩展应在 2020 年之前把宇航员送到月球以重启太空探索,故选 C 项。

29 . The underlined word “drained” in Paragraph 5 can be replaced by


A.speeded up C.used up

B.stored D.explored

解析:选 C 词义猜测题。由该词前面的“natural resources”和后面的“at an

alarming rate”可以推断出,drain 在这里是“用完,耗尽”的意思,故选 C 项。

30.What is Hawking's attitude towards the Earth's future?





解析:选 A 观点态度题。由文章中反复出现的“warned”以及第五段的内容可以推断

出,霍金对地球的未来持悲观的态度,这也是他提出人类要离开地球的原因,故选 A 项。

31.The reason why humans must leave the Earth soon is that ________.

A.the Earth is under threat and the human race is in serious danger

B.humans have found other forms of energy to move to a new planet

C.a new and ambitious space program would excite young people

D.astronauts have found a better world in space than the Earth

解析:选 A 细节理解题。由第一段的第二句和第五段的第二句可知,人类必须离开地

球的原因是:人类处于危险之中,地球受到威胁,故选 A 项。


Living among trees, plants and flowers can fill your life with beauty. And if

you are a woman, it can also help you live longer.

Women who live in homes surrounded by plants appear to have lower death rates

than women who live in areas with less green plants, according to a research.

Peter James and his team looked at information from one of

the largest and oldest investigations of women's health: the

Nurses' Health Study.

For the new study, the team looked at the death rates of

more than 100,000 women between the years xx and xx. Then the researchers pared the

death rates of these women to the green plants around their homes. To determine the

amount of trees and other vegetation (植被), researchers examined satellite images.

To make it more believable, the researchers considered other risk factors —

things such as the age of the women, their economic status, and race. They also looked

at whether or not the women smoked.

Peter James says he and his team were surprised to find such a strong link between

high vegetation levels and low death rates. He adds they were also surprised to find

how high levels of plant life can affect a woman's mental health.

The study suggests that living among vegetation lowered levels of depression.

Researchers say women in greener areas spent more time with other people, exercised

more and were less exposed to air pollution.

One of the biggest effects of greenery appeared to be a lowered risk of cancer.

Here are some numbers. The study found that women living in the greenest areas had

a 13 percent lower rate of dying from cancer.

James says that it is mon knowledge that vegetation helps the environment in

many ways. But, he adds, the new findings suggest ways for city planners, landscape

architects and policymakers to grow even healthier living areas.




32.What's the author's purpose in writing the text?

A.To introduce the green environment and call on people to enjoy it.

B.To show women living in green areas are more likely to live long.

C.To show the relationship between animals and plants.

D.To give some tips on how to live long.

解析:选 B 写作目的题。文章第一段引出话题,第二段提出本文的主题——女性若住



寿命更长。故选 B 项。

33.How did the researchers make the research more convincing?

A.By studying more people.

B.By examining satellite images.

C.By taking more factors into account.

D.By cooperating with the Nurses' Health Study.

解析:选 C 推理判断题。根据第五段第一句“To make it more believable, the

researchers considered other risk factors — things such as the age of the women,

their economic status, and race.”可知,为了使研究更有说服力,研究者考虑了很多因

素。故选 C 项。

34.When James found the connection between vegetation levels and death rates,

he was ________.





解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第六段第一句“Peter James says he and his team were

surprised to find such a strong link between high vegetation levels and low death

rates.”可知,当詹姆斯和他的团队发现高绿化率和低死亡率之间存在密切的联系时,他们 很惊讶。故选 D 项。
35.What can we learn from the text? A.People are unlikely to develop cancer because of living with green plants. B.People die from cancer more than from other diseases. C.Living with green plants can help lower depression. D.This finding is specially made for city planners. 解析:选 C 推理判断题。根据文章第七段第一句“The study suggests that living among vegetation lowered levels of depression.”可知,住在四处环绕植物的地方可以 帮助减轻抑郁。故选 C 项。 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) It can be difficult to make friends living in a big city, especially when you don't know many people. Over years of experience and studying social skills, I discovered it's possible to make friends without even trying. Here are just a few strategies that you can use. ·Be seen without trying to get attention. __36__ All you have to do is place yourself in environments where people will see you. This can be done anywhere you go, such as the supermarket or your yoga studio. ·Use the power of listening. There's an interesting phenomenon that occurs when you listen to other people — they'll keep talking. Just keep giving them good eye contact and show with your body language that you care. __37__ ·Think about what you can give to other people. So often we think about what we can get out of others when making friends, but that thinking needs to be turned around. Try offering a piece of helpful advice or invite someone you just met to have lunch with you the following week. ·__38__ When you have at least a few stories to share with others, you'll never run out of things to talk about. ·__39__ It may not be natural for some of us to smile, but a smile is one of the most attractive things that someone can display when they're meeting new people. __40__ They're always available if you want to connect with people instantly and develop true lasting friendships.

A.Smile like there's no tomorrow. B.Think about these five strategies as tools. C.Listening is a path to build trust and charm. D.Always have three good stories to tell others. E.You don't have to say anything interesting to get people's attention. F.Think hard and you will find a good way to make friends with others. G.Making friends is difficult, but if you try your best, you will make it. 语篇解读:生活在大城市中,尤其是没有很多认识的人的时候,或许交朋友会很困难。 本文便介绍了如何与人交朋友并建立牢固的关系。 36.解析:选 E 根据本段标题句“Be seen without trying to get attention.”及 空后的“where people will see you”可知应选 E 项(你不必说有趣的事情来吸引人们的注 意)。该选项中的 get people's attention 与本段标题相照应。 37.解析:选 C 根据本段标题句“Use the power of listening.”可知,本段建议 使用倾听的力量,因此 C 项(倾听是建立信任和魅力的途径)符合语境。 38.解析:选 D 根据下文的“When you have at least a few stories to share with others ...”可知,本段讲的是“有好故事来讲给别人”。根据关键词 stories 可知选 D 项。 39.解析:选 A 根据下文的关键词 smile 可知,本段介绍的建议与微笑有关,故选 A 项。 40.解析:选 B 根据空后的“They're always available if you want to connect with people instantly and develop true lasting friendships.”可知,最后一段是对上文所 说的五个策略的总结,故选 B 项。 练 二 语言知识运用保分练 限时30分钟
第一节(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) (xx·东北三省大联考)Whenever Michael Carl, the fashion market director at Vanity Fair, goes out to dinner with friends, he plays something called the phone pile game: Everyone places their __41__ in the middle of the table; whoever looks at their device ( 设 备 ) before the check arrives __42__ for dinner. Brandon Holley, the former editor of Lucky magazine, had trouble __43__ her mobile phone when she got home from work. So about six months ago, she began putting her phone into a milk tin __44__ she walked in. It remains there until after dinner.

And Marc Jacobs, the fashion designer, didn't want to sleep next to a noisy __45__.

So he __46__ puters and phones from his bedroom — a house rule he __47__ with

audiences during a screening of his film Disconnect.

As smartphones __48__ to make their way into our lives, and wearable devices

like Google Glass __49__ our personal space even further, users say these

disconnecting __50__ are improving their relationships — and __51__ their brains.

“Disconnecting is something that we all need,” Lesley M. M. Blume, a New

York writer, told The New York Times. “The expectation that we must always be __52__

to everyone creates a real problem in trying to __53__ private time. But that private

time is more important than ever.”

A popular method for __54__ is to choose a box for your cellphone, like Ms.

Holley.“__55__ my phone is lighting up, it's still a distraction (使人分心的事

物), so it goes in the __56__,”she said.

Others choose new __57__.“No screens after 11 p.m.,”said Ari Melber, a TV

host.“I found the evenings were more __58__, and I was sleeping better,”he said.

Sleep is a big factor, which is why Peter Som, a fashion designer, doesn't want

to sleep __59__ something that is full of photos and e?mails. He keeps his phone

charging in the living room overnight.“It __60__ is a head?clearer,”said Mr. Som.







解析:选 D 本文的主题是如何远离手机,结合上文的“the phone pile game”可知,

此处指吃饭时大家把手机放在桌子中间。故选 D 项。





解析:选 A 根据上下文可知,他们是在餐馆吃饭,因此,此处表示“谁在账单到来之

前看手机谁就得买单”。pay for 意为“为……付钱”,符合语境。故选 A 项。





解析:选 B 根据第二段的内容可推知,布兰登·霍利在控制自己不看手机方面有困难,

所以她想了个办法:从六个月前开始,她一进门就把手机放到一个奶粉罐里。examine 意为

“考试;检查”;ignore 意为“不理会;忽视”;charge 意为“收费;开价;控告”;find

意为“发现”。故选 B 项。

44.A.at the moment

B.for the moment

C.the moment

D.in a moment

解析:选 C 设空处前后为结构完整的句子,因此,中间需要连词连接。根据语境,此

处指她一回到家,the moment 意为“一……就……”,符合语境。at the moment 意为“此

时此刻”;for the moment 意为“暂时;目前”;in a moment 意为“马上;很快”。





解析:选 B 根据下文“puters and phones”可知,此处指能发出声音的设备(device)。


和手机。故选 B 项。





解析:选 A 根据上文“didn't want to sleep next to a noisy ________”可知,

此处指他禁止在卧室里放置这些设备。ban 意为“禁止;取缔”,符合语境。lose 意为“失

去;丧失”;collect 意为“收集”;adjust 意为“调整;适应”。





解 析 : 选 D 根 据 马 克 · 雅 各 布 斯 的 职 业 及 下 文 的 “with audiences during a

screening of his film Disconnect”可知,这是他在公众场合与观众分享(shared)的经验。

故选 D 项。talk 意为“谈论”;agree 意为“同意”;provide 意为“提供”。





解析:选 C 根据下文“even further”可知,手机在持续(continue)进入我们的生活。

故选 C 项。intend to do sth.意为“打算做某事”;choose to do sth.意为“选择做某事”;

happen to do sth.意为“碰巧做某事”。





解析:选 B 根据上文的“make their way into our lives”可知,电子设备侵占我






解析:选 A 文章前三段提到谁在账单到来之前看手机就得买单、一进门就把手机放到


关于脱离手机的技巧(techniques)。故选 A 项。practice 意为“练习;实践”;example

意为“例子”;achievement 意为“成就”。





解析:选 D 结合上下文可知,电子设备在不断侵占我们的私人空间,远离电子设备对


空处表示程度更进一步。故选 D 项。





解析:选 B 根据上下文可知,如果不偶尔脱离电子设备,随时准备与他人保持联系,

这容易使我们疲于应付,而没有了个人空间。故选 B 项。available 意为“有空的;可利用


53.A.figure out

B.save up

C.set aside

D.take up

解析:选 C 根据语境可知,时时保持与别人联系的期望在留出个人时间方面产生了一

个问题。set aside 意为“留出,拨出(金钱、时间等)”,符合语境。





解析:选 D 上文都在谈论 disconnecting 的重要性,结合本段中提到的“to choose a

box for your cellphone”可知此处指脱离(disconnecting)手机的方法,故选 D 项。此处






解析:选 B 根据句意“如果手机屏幕亮起,这依然是分心的事,因此……”可知,设

空处引导条件句,故选 B 项。





解析:选 A 根据上文的“A popular method for ________ is to choose a box for

your cellphone”可知,手机屏幕亮起仍是一件让人分心的事情,所以就把它放到一个盒子

里。故选 A 项。上文的“choose a box”也是提示。





解析:选 D 上文所述的是一些人远离手机的规则,再根据空后的“No screens after

11 p.m.,”可知,其他人选择了不同的规则。故选 D 项。game 意为“游戏;体育活动”;

order 意为“命令;顺序”;step 意为“步骤”。





解析:选 C 根据下文的“...and I was sleeping better”可知,睡得好说明放松了。

flexible 意为“灵活的;柔韧的”;urgent 意为“紧急的;急切的”;relaxing 意为“使

人放松的”;upset 意为“烦恼的;不快的”。

59.A.far from

B.next to



解析:选 B 这里对应第三段的“And Marc Jacobs, the fashion designer, didn't want

to sleep next to a noisy ________.”以及下文的“keeps his phone charging in the

living room overnight”;由他把手机放到客厅可知,他不喜欢把手机放在旁边睡觉。far

from 意为“远离”;next to 意为“紧挨着”;beyond 意为“超出;非……所及”;within

意为“在……之内”。故选 B 项。





解析:选 A 根据上下文可知,此处指把手机放到客厅的好处:这绝对是种大脑清洁剂。

definitely 意为“确切地;肯定地”;rarely 意为“罕见地”;finally 意为“最终”;

originally 意为“原先地;最初地”。根据语境可知选 A 项。

第二节(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分)


Passing Life's Tests with Love

When I was in school, I could always tell when my class was about to take a test.

You could feel the __61__ (anxious) in the air. Their smiles were tight, everyone

__62__ (tap) their pencils on desks. A few students tried to tell jokes to relax.

Most of us wanted to start, so we could just get it over with.

Every once in while, however, a teacher would give us a break and announce that

the test was going to be open book. __63__ (immediate), you could see our smiles

__64__ (return). A few students would laugh, and you could even hear a cheer or two.

The pressure went __65__. As we took out our books, all of __66__ (we) knew that

the answers would be right in front of us. All we had to do was find them.

Many people say that life __67__ (be) one long series of tests we have to face.

This is true. But __68__ most people don't realize is that they are all open book

tests. The answers are always right there in front of you, and they are so simple.

You just have to open the book of your soul to any page, __69__ you will see the

words,“JUST LOVE”. Just love yourself. Just love everyone as yourself. When you

do this, you will pass every test that life throws at you. When you do this you will make the world a __70__ (bright), better and happier place.
语篇解读:学生时代,人人惧怕考试,而之后的生活也是由一个又一个的考试组成的。 只要你充满爱心,就会通过每一次检验,生活也会变得更美好。
61.anxiety 考查词性转换。句意:你可以感觉到空气中的焦虑。设空处位于冠词 the 之后,应用名词形式。故填 anxiety。
62.tapping 考查非谓语动词。句意:他们笑容紧绷,每个人都在课桌上轻敲着铅笔。 分析句子结构可知,前后两部分之间没有连词连接,因此“everyone ________ their pencils on desks”不是一个完整的分句,而是独立主格,在句中作状语;tap 与其逻辑主 语 everyone 之间是主动关系,应用现在分词形式。故填 tapping。
63.Immediately 考查词性转换。句意:你可以看到我们的笑容马上就回来了。设空 处在句中作状语,应用副词。故填 Immediately。
64.return(ed) 考查非谓语动词。句意见上一题解析。此处为“see+宾语+宾补” 结构,see 为感官动词,其后常用不带 to 的不定式。故填 return。此处还可填 returned, 构成“see+that 从句”,returned 为从句谓语。
65.away 考查固定短语。句意:压力消失了。go away 意为“(问题、不愉快的感觉 等)消失”,为固定短语,符合句意。故填 away。
66.us 考查代词。句意:当我们拿出书的时候,我们所有的人都知道答案就在我们面 前。设空处作 all of 的宾语,且指代从句中的 we,应用 us。
67.is 考查时态。句意:许多人说生活是一系列我们不得不面对的测试。此空所在的 主句为一般现在时,且此处表达的是现在的一种状态,故应用一般现在时,所以应填 is。
68.what 考查名词性从句。句意:但是大部分人没有意识到的是它们都是开卷考试。 分析句子结构可知,设空处引导主语从句,且从句中缺少宾语,指事或物,故用 what 引导。
69.and/where 考查连词。句意:你只需要打开你灵魂之书的任何一页,你就会看到 这些词:“去爱就好。”根据句意可知,前后之间为顺承关系,故用 and 连接。此处也可填 where,构成定语从句修饰 any page。
70.brighter 考查形容词比较级。句意:当你这样做的时候,世界会变成一个更明亮、 更美好、更幸福的地方。根据句意可知,此处暗含比较意义,与其后的 better 与 happier 为并列关系,应用比较级。故填 brighter。
练 三 写作规范增分练 限时35分钟 与单元基础回扣练
Ⅰ.写作规范增分练 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) (xx·江西省重点中学盟校联合模拟)

Last Monday, my aunt went to attend a meeting. After a meeting, my aunt went to a restaurant for lunch. However, when it was time pay the bill, she couldn't find her purse. She remembered she had it when she leaves the hotel. She thought someone must have stolen her purse. Just then, a man in his early twenty came up and paid the bill for him. My aunt was very gratefully. They talked for a while but my aunt finally realized that who the young man was. My aunt had before collecting some money to help the son of a man she'd met. What surprised her were that the young man should be the son.
答案:第二句:第一个 a→the 第三句:pay 前加 to 第四句:leaves→left 第六句:twenty→twenties; him→her 第七句:gratefully→grateful 第八句:but→and; 去掉 that 第九句:collecting→collected 第十句:were→was 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 假定你是李华,请用英语给今年考入哈佛大学的朋友 John 写封信,信的内容包括: 1.祝贺他考入哈佛大学; 2.请他谈谈学习方法; 3.祝他在大学里生活愉快。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Dear John,

Yours, Li Hua 参考范文: Dear John, Sincere congratulations on your admission to Harvard University! I'm really delighted to see that your hard work has paid off. Since I am going to take the National College Entrance Examination next year, I hope that you can share some effective methods you used in high school. For example, how did you reasonably manage your time?Sometimes I do not even have enough time to finish my homework. Moreover, could you please tell me how to deal with stress and anxiety? I have been under pressure for a long time, especially when I am not satisfied with my grades. Thank you very much indeed. May you enjoy yourself in Harvard University!Looking forward to your reply! Yours, Li Hua Ⅱ.单元基础回扣练 (一)单句语法填空 1.I can't stand staying (stay) outside in such a cold weather. 2.Programs, designed_(design) to join the old and the young together, are growing in popularity all over the world. 3.For example, playing football and watching TV take up much of my spare time. 4.If someone is always plaining about/of life, he won't experience the real happiness of life. 5 . It is urgent that doctors and nurses (should)_be_sent (send) to the earthquake?stricken area. (二)单句改错 1.Some fat people suffer some diseases, high blood pressure, for example.suffer 后加 from 2.It was so bad weather that we stayed at home all the day.so→such 3.It doesn't matter for me what to do as long as I work with you.for→to 4.If you can't get any satisfaction, plain the park ownerplain 后加 to 5.A good plan came up with at the meeting yesterday.去掉 with (三)完成句子 1.He likes pop music, while_I_am_fond_of_folk_music.

他喜欢流行音乐,而我喜欢民间音乐。 2.I prefer taking_exercise_outdoors_to_surfing the Internet at home. 我宁愿到户外进行锻炼也不愿待在家里上网。 3.This is_the_same_pen_as_I_lost_last week. 这同我上周丢失的那支钢笔一样。 4.As far as I know, he was the_first_man_to_pass_the_driving_test. 据我所知,他是第一个通过驾考的人。 5.Which_part_of_this_book_do_you_think is the most interesting? 你认为这本书中哪一部分最有趣?
2019-2020 年高考英语一轮复习 Unit20NewFrontiers 高考试卷分块专练
练 一 阅读理解提速练 限时35分钟 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)
A Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee Type:Fantasy Storyline: When Ophelia moves to a strange city where it never stops snowing, she discovers a boy locked away for 75 years in a museum.She must help the boy before the Snow Queen freezes the world.Along the way, Ophelia learns how to believe in things she cannot see. Targeted readers: People who like fairy tales would enjoy this book. A Hundred Horses By Sarah Lean Type:Mystery Storyline: The wooden horse Nell brings along during her visits to her aunt and cousins is stolen by a girl named Angel.As Nell finds out Angel's true identity, a bond grows between them and a group of 99 horses.Word has it that the 100th horse is magical.But where is it?Nell doesn't know, but Angel might know.

Targeted readers: Kids who like animals and nature will be sure to find this book exciting. How to Catch a Bogle by Catherine Jinks Type:Fantasy Storyline: Birdie is an orphan who is good at trapping monsters with her singing voice.She is the only goblin (小妖精) hunter in the world.When kids go missing, it's up to her to figure out why. Targeted readers: Anyone who is looking for monsters will take great pleasure in this book. I Even Funnier: A Middle School Story by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein Type:Fiction Storyline: After a car accident Jamie loses his family, and then he moves in with his aunt, uncle and his cousin Stevie, whose basic aim is to trick Jamie.But Jamie keeps having a positive attitude and running after his goals.He was recently honored the Funniest Kid ic of New York State. Targeted readers: This book would be great for anyone who is fond of humorous books. 语篇解读:本文是一篇应用文。文章介绍了四本书籍,提供了每本书的名称、作者、种 类、故事情节和目标读者。 21.Which writer tells a story about a girl saving a boy? A.Karen Foxlee. B.Sarah Lean. C.Catherine Jinks. D.James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据文章对第一本书的简介,尤其是第二句“She must help the boy before the Snow Queen freezes the world”可知,在冰雪女王冰冻世界之前 Ophelia 必须帮助那个男孩逃离,Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy 的作者是 Karen Foxlee, 故选 A。 22.Nature lovers may take interest in ________. A.Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy B.A Hundred Horses C.How to Catch a Bogle

D.I Even Funnier: A Middle School Story

解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第二本书对目标读者的描述“Kids who like animals and

nature will be sure to find this book exciting”可知,喜欢动物和自然的孩子一定会

发现这本书是令人兴奋的,故第二本书 A Hundred Horses 符合要求,即 B 项正确。

23.Who went through life challenges without losing heart?





解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据文章对第四本书的简介的“But Jamie keeps having a

positive attitude and running after his goals”可知,Jamie 在失去父母寄居在亲戚

家时依旧保持积极的态度,追求自己的梦想,故选 D 项。

24.In which section of a newspaper can we find such a passage?




D.Local news.

解析:选 B 文章出处题。根据文章对四本书的介绍可知,这篇文章可能来自报纸的文

学版块,即 B 项正确。


(xx·湖北大冶模拟)Actress Danai Gurira calls herself a Zimerican. Her parents

came from Zimbabwe. She was born in the American State of Iowa. But her family moved

back to Harare, Zimbabwe, when she was five years old. She returned to the United

States for college and has lived there ever since.

“I was always in a hodgepodge of culture,” she said. “There's no other

identity I know, really.” The actress may be best known as Michonne, the

zombie?killer in the television series The Walking Dead. But when Gurira is not

killing zom?bies, she is busy with other projects. She recently played rapper Tupac

Shakur's mother in a film. And she is now busy racing between theaters for two plays

in New York City — plays that she wrote.

Her play Familiar is an off?Broadway edy?drama. It centers on the cultural

clashes between American and African traditions. The play takes place in the State

of Minnesota. The eldest daughter of Zimbabwean parents is getting married to a white

man. The story was taken from her own observations, Gurira said,“I was at a wedding

and I was just struck by all of my family's absurdities - and my own included. And

I just knew I couldn't not write about it!”The upper middle?class life of Familiar

may seem familiar to many American audiences.

But the setting of her play Eclipsed — Gurira's Broadway debut (首次登台) —

is something else entirely. Gurira decided to write Eclipsed after reading a New York Times story about the civil war in Liberia, and the young women who fought in

it. She described it like this. “These were, like, 22?, 23?year?old girls, women,

who had, like, you know, little skimpy jeans on, little skimpy tops, and really looked

cool and hip and current and then, they had these big AK?47s on their backs.” Gurira

went to Liberia and met with women who were former soldiers and peace negotiators.

She wrote the play based on their stories.



25 . The underlined word “hodgepodge” in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by






解析:选 D 词义猜测题。根据文章第一段可知,达娜·古瑞拉出生于美国,后随家人


接受着多民族、多文化的教育。由此可推测,hodgepodge 意为“大杂烩”,与 mixture 意

思相近。故选 D 项。

26.What can we learn about Familiar?

A.It is a reflection of culture shock.

B.Gurira is getting married to a white man as the eldest daughter.

C.Gurira was sorry for her wedding in the U.S.

D.The story is from a magazine.

解析:选 A 推理判断题。根据第三段第二句“It centers on the cultural clashes between American and African traditions.”可知,戏剧 Familiar 以美国和非洲的文化

冲突为主要关注点,因此是文化冲突的反映。故选 A 项。

27.What's the best title of the text?

A.Culture Is the Key to Solving Problems

B.Actress Brings African Experiences to America

C.A Good African Writer

D.No Discrimination, No War

解析:选 B 标题归纳题。本文主要介绍了女演员达娜·古瑞拉将非洲的生活经历带入

美国,在她创作和演出的戏剧中体现非洲元素的故事,因此 B 项作为文章标题最适合。A 项

强调了文化的重要性,C 项强调她是一位非洲的好作家,D 项强调歧视和战争的关系,都没


C Picture the scene. You're on your way home when you remember the fridge is empty but you don't have a pound for the trolley (手推车) and parking is a nightmare. Or you promised to pick up a six?pack of beer on the way to a friend's party but it's pouring with rain and parking is still a nightmare.Wouldn't it be great if you could pick up what you need without getting out of your car? Russian inventor Dahir Kurmanbievich has thought of a drive?through supermarket that would make all that possible. A customer would drive up to an available bay, much like in a petrol station, and — while remaining in the car — select the goods by operating with a button. These goods are placed immediately onto a conveyor (传输) belt, where they travel a few feet to the checkout. When it is finished, the customer drives forward, pays for the goods and drives off with them. Mr Kurmanbievich said the invention is directed at “solving the technical problem of improving the quality of customer service while providing probable convenience and choice of products, reducing time to service customers, cutting the queue time and lowering the costs of the supermarket”. So?called drive?through supermarkets have already been tried by some big supermarkets, but these operate more like click?and?collect services as customers have to order their goods online between two hours and three weeks in advance. While the drive?through supermarket would need a lot of space and infrastructure (基础设施) investment to get off the ground, it would bine the consumer's convenience and speed of buying goods online with the sales opportunities that e with product discovery on store shelves. It's great while fuel prices are low. The question is: will driverless cars be able to do the shopping? 语篇解读:俄罗斯发明家设计出了未来的免下车超市,顾客驾车就可以购买到所需要的 商品。 28.What can you do in a drive?through supermarket? A.You can park your car wherever you like. B.You can buy what you want in your car. C.You can use the trolley free of charge. D.You can protect yourself from heavy rain. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句话可知,免下车超市里你可以不用下车

就能买到你需要的商品。故选 B 项。 29.When shopping in a drive?through supermarket________. A.customers will first drive into a petrol station B.customers will operate their cars with a button C.customers will put the goods onto a conveyor belt D.customers will drive their cars to the checkout 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第三段可知,顾客在车里点击按钮操作,商品会立即到
传输带上,然后驱车去结账带着东西离开,一切都在车里进行。故选 D 项。 30.Which of the following is probably the main benefit for sellers? A.Providing probable convenience. B.Having more products to choose from. C.Cutting the queue time. D.Reducing service time and costs. 解析:选 D 推理判断题。根据第四段中的“reducing time to service customers”
和“lowering the costs of the supermarket”可知,对于商家来说,免下车超市减少了 服务顾客的时间并降低了成本。其他三个选项都是对购物者的好处。故选 D 项。
31 . According to the writer, what will be necessary for a drive?through supermarket?
A.A lot of space for cars. B.The customer's convenience. C.Speed of buying goods online. D.Product discovery on store shelves. 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中的“the drive?through supermarket would need a lot of space and infrastructure (基础设施) investment to get off the ground” 可知,作者认为免下车超市需要为购物的汽车提供更大的空间。故选 A 项。
D (xx·河南省八市测评)I always believed that my parents had a good marriage, but just before I, the youngest of four children, turned sixteen, my belief was painfully tested. My father, who used to share in the chores around the house, gradually started being downhearted. From the time he came home from his job to the time he went to bed, he hardly spoke a word to my mom or us kids. The strain on my mom and dad's relationship was very evident. However, I was not prepared for the day that Mom told us that Dad had decided to leave. All that I could think of was that I was going to bee a product of a divorced family. It was something I never thought possible,

and it grieved me greatly, I kept telling myself that it wasn't going to happen, and I went totally numb when I knew my dad was really leaving. The night before he left, I stayed up in my room for a long time. I prayed and I cried and I wrote a long letter to my dad. I told him how much I loved him and how much I would miss him. I told him that I was praying for him and wanted him to know that, no matter what, Jesus and I loved him. I told him that I would always and forever be his Krissie ... his Noodles. As I folded my note, I stuck in a picture of me with a saying I had always heard:“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.”
Early the next morning, as my dad left our house, I sneaked out to the car and slipped my letter into one of his bags.
Two weeks went by with hardly a word from my father. Then, one afternoon, I came home from school to find my mom sitting at the dining room table waiting to talk to me. I could see in her eyes that she had been crying. She told me that Dad had been there and that they had talked for a long time. They decided that there were things that both of them could and would change and that their marriage was worth saving. Mom then turned her focus to my eyes.
“Krissie, Dad told me that you wrote him a letter. Can I ask what you wrote to him?”
I found it hard to share with my mom what I had written from my heart to my dad. I mumbled a few words and shrugged.
A few days later my dad was back. We never talked about the letter, my dad and I. I guess I always figured that it was something that was a secret between us.
语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文,讲述的是在父亲要和母亲离婚时,作者给父亲写了一封 信,这封信挽救了父母的婚姻。后来父亲又回到了家人的身边。
32.What happened to the author's parents when she was sixteen? A.They left her alone. B.They were getting divorced. C.They shared in the chores together. D.They had a good marriage. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“but just before I ... tested”和“The strain on my mom and dad's relationship was very evident. However, I was not prepared for the day that Mom told us that Dad had decided to leave ... of a divorced family” 可知,作者 16 岁时父母之间的关系很紧张,父亲要和母亲离婚,决定离开他们。

33.What is the meaning of the underlined word “grieved” in Para. 1?

A.Made sb. angry.

B.Made sb. delighted.

C.Made sb. sad.

D.Made sb. greedy.

解析:选 C 词义猜测题。结合全文内容尤其是画线词前的“It was something I never

thought possible”可知,作者并不希望父亲离开他们,所以当时她非常伤心。

34.What can we learn from the passage?

A.The author handed the letter directly to her father.

B.The author's father wrote back to her when he finished reading the letter.

C.The author's letter made a difference to her father.

D.The author shared what she wrote with her mother.

解析:选 C 推理判断题。根据第三段中的“She told me that ... was worth saving”

和第四段中的“Krissie, Dad told me that you wrote him a letter”以及最后一段中的

“A few days later my dad was back”可知,作者给父亲写的信对父亲起了作用。

35.What might be the best title for the passage?

A.A Promise Kept

B.A Letter of Apology

C.A Broken Family

D.A Great Daddy

解析:选 A 标题归纳题。根据全文内容尤其是最后一段的“it was something that was

a secret between us”可推知,作者和父亲在那封信中可能作了约定,因此选 A。

第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)

Growing Minds Need Greener Spaces

It is not a secret that spending time outdoors is good for us. The more we learn

about the benefits of being in nature, the more sense it makes to get outside.

__36__New research suggests that kids may learn better when they are surrounded

by greener spaces. Green spaces are spaces filled with vegetation — like trees,

flowers and other plants.

But these days, outdoor time is peting for a child's attention with indoor

activities. Children may find it difficult to resist puters, television and

electronic games.__37__All these indoor activities can hurt a child's physical and

mental health.

Doctor Payam Dadvand and his team at the Center for Research in Environmental

Epidemiology in Barcelona study the environment effects on health and learning.

The researchers used information from satellites to learn how many green spaces

surrounded each school.Over one year, the children took puterized tests four

times.__38__They found that the children with higher contact with green spaces had

better ability to memorize.They were also more attentive.__39__More trees mean less air pollution.
__40__Lisa Freund is an expert in child psychology for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. She says more studies are needed to learn the reasons that vegetation in and around schools improves mental ability.
A.They measured memory and attention span. B.This could be especially important for school children. C.Approximately one half of the world's population live in cities. D.The question of why green spaces affect learning is a new one. E.The research suggests good air quality is the main reason for the results. F.So, in many parts of the world children are spending less and less time outdoors. G.The researchers created mathematical models to pare the amount of vegetation. 语篇解读:新的研究表明,当孩子被绿色空间包围时学习效果会更好。这就要求我们更 加关注环境问题,为孩子营造更健康的生活和学习环境。 36.解析:选 B 根据上一段可知,多进行室外活动对我们有益。空格后面一句提到了 周围环境对孩子的影响,故此处应用 B 项(这可能对学校的孩子们尤其重要)承上启下。 37.解析:选 F 前面两句提到越来越多的孩子难以抵挡电脑、电视和电子游戏等室内 活动的诱惑,用于室外活动的时间越来越少。F 项(因此,世界上很多地方的孩子在室外的 时间越来越少)可承接上文。 38.解析:选 A 本段介绍的是研究的过程。后面两句介绍了研究结果。A 项说明研究 人员测试了周围环境对孩子的记忆力和注意力的影响,用在此处符合逻辑。 39.解析:选 E 空格前面两句说明了研究结果,E 项(研究表明良好的空气质量是出现 这种结果的主要原因)与上文承接自然,且与下一句联系紧密。 40.解析:选 D 下文提到专家认为我们需要进行更多研究来找出绿色植被影响智力的 原因,故可用 D 项(为什么绿色空间影响学习是一个新问题)总领该段。 练 二 语言知识运用保分练 限时30分钟
第一节(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Do you get to play with any neat toys at school? As more and more schools take advantage of new __41__to make learning easier, you may get the chance to __42__ personal puters, laptops or maybe even smartphones in the classroom. __43__ were not always as well?equipped as they can be today, though. Before students had pencils and paper, they

often used slates (石板), which were__44__, handheld blackboards that they could write on with chalk. In fact, the classroom chalkboard didn't__45__ until the late

1800s. It must have been __46__ for teachers to be able to write on a large surface

that the entire class could see at the same time. While chalkboards __47__ seem like a thing of the past today, they were cutting?edge (最尖端的) technology at one time!

Over the years as new technologies__48__, new items were slowly added to

classrooms as __49__figured out how they could be used to __50__ the learning

experience. Copying machines revolutionized classrooms__51__ they came along in the

mid?1900s. Being able to __52__students copies of lessons for homework and studying

expanded the classroom__53__ its walls and the usual school day. The use of audio tapes and headphones in the classroom made learning foreign

languages__54__. They also helped students with vision or reading __55__, since

they could now listen to lessons rather than __56__them. There are hundreds of other __57__ of educational technology over the years.

In the past couple of decades, though, schools have __58__ a great increase in the

use of cutting?edge, modern technology in the classroom.

With the invention of the personal puter, education got a great __59__. When you factor in (把……考虑在内) the Internet, modern education looks__60__ than it

did when your parents were in school.



41.A.technology C.thought

B.discovery D.design

解析:选 A 下文提到计算机、笔记本以及智能手机等,这些东西表明了新科学技术

(technology)的发展。 42.A.buy




解析:选 D 根据第三段中的“new items were slowly added to classrooms”可知, 学生在教室里可以使用(use)计算机等科技设备。





解析:选 C 联系上文中的“in the classroom”可推知,此处指过去教室(Classrooms) 的配套设施不像现在这样好。





解析:选 B 结合下文介绍的教学用大黑板的好处可以推知,过去学生用来写字的石板


45.A.give up

B.work on

C.turn back

D.e out

解析:选 D 本段叙述教室设备的变化。由此可以推知,教学用大黑板直到十九世纪晚

期才出现(e out)。





解析:选 C 在大一些的黑板上写字当然是不错的(nice)。





解析:选 A 由上文从手握黑板到大黑板的变化可推知,黑板在今天当然(certainly)






解析:选 D 根据句中的“new items were slowly added to classrooms”可推知,






解析:选 B 文章叙述教室设备的发展变化,故此处指教育者(educators)。





解析:选 A 联系教室增加新设备的目的可知,此处指教育者弄清楚了怎么样能够使用






解析:选 C 二十世纪中期复印机一出现就使得教室发生了革命性的变化,故此处用






解析:选 B 有了复印机以后,教师就可以给(give)学生布置书面的家庭作业。





解析:选 D 根据空前的 homework 和 expanded 等信息可知,这么做超越(beyond)了教






解析:选 A 本文叙述科技给教育和学习带来的好处,故录音磁带和耳机使外语学习更






解析:选 C 结合下文中的“they could now listen to lessons”可知,此处指视力

或阅读问题(problems)。question 常用来指需要回答和解释的问题,故 A 项不符合语境。





解析:选 C 上文提到有阅读障碍的学生,所以此处指他们可以听,而不是阅读(read)。





解析:选 B 作者上文列举了黑板、复印机和耳机等应用于教育上的设备。此处指还有






解析:选 A 在过去几十年里,学校见证了教室里越来越多地使用尖端的现代化技术,

故此处应用 see。





解析:选 D 个人电脑的发明使教育有了很大的发展和改善。improvement“改善”。





解析:选 B 联系互联网以及科学技术的发展可知,现代教育看起来与过去父辈在校那


第二节(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分)

Baseball, only one word, is enough __61__ (make) millions of people in the US

think of many images — spring afternoons, cold beers and hot dogs.

Delicious treats aside, baseball is also a game for fathers and sons to

enjoy.Fathers pass __62__ favorite teams to their sons. Grandfathers share stories

of games __63__ (play) long ago. Many US children try to collect trading cards with the pictures of their favorite
players on __64__. In schools it is as likely for friends to trade baseball cards __65__ it is for them to trade lunches.
Baseball players __66__ (know) as “the boys of spring” because that is the time of year __67__ the sport is most often played. And the players e __68__ all shapes and sizes. To play baseball you don't have to be tall like a basketball player or strong like an American footballer. You just need to want to have fun.
Besides, baseball games are not as fast?paced as basketball games so they allow __69__ (view) to relax, talk and get to know each other.
Today, baseball is not the American most?watched sport, but it is its most historical. It has gone past being __70__ (simple) a game and has bee part of the fabric of US culture.
语篇解读:本文是说明文。文章讲述了美国人深爱棒球。棒球不再仅仅是一项运动了, 它已成为美国文化结构的一部分。
61.to make 考查非谓语动词。be enough to do sth.意为“足够做某事”,故填 to make。
62.down 考查副词。pass down 意为“流传”。 63.played 考查非谓语动词。设空处作定语,修饰 games,因为 play 与逻辑主语 games 之间是动宾关系,且所表示的动作已完成,故填 played。 64.them 考查代词。设空处指代前面提到的 cards,故填 them。 65.as 考查副词。设空处与前面的 as 构成 as ...as 结构,表示“像……一样”。 66.are known 考查时态和语态。由于主语 Baseball players 是 know 的动作承受者, 需用被动语态,又根据上下文语境可知,需用一般现在时,故填 are known。 67.when 考查关系副词。设空处引导定语从句,且在从句中作时间状语,故填 when。 68.in 考查介词。e in all shapes and sizes 在该句意为“有各种体型和身高”。 69.viewers 考查名词。根据语境可知,设空处应指“观众”,故填 viewers。 70.simply 考查副词。设空处修饰 being,需要其副词形式,故填 simply。 练 三 写作规范增分练 限时35分钟 与单元基础回扣练 Ⅰ.写作规范增分练 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) This morning, I was walking on the streets when I saw that two travelers were reading a map, looked puzzled. It seemed that they were lost. I went up and asked what I could help them. They told me they are looking for the Temple of Heaven. I

led them to nearest bus stop and advised them to take Bus No. 20, who could take them there directly. They were appreciated my help greatly. Short after that, the bus came and we waved goodbye each other.
Seeing them on the bus, we felt a kind of satisfaction. 答案:第一句:streets→street; looked→looking 第三句:what→how/if/whether 第四句:are→were 第五句:nearest 前加 the; who→which 第六句:去掉 were 第七句:Short→Shortly; goodbye 后加 to 第八句:we→I 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 每年的 9 月 22 日是世界无车日(World Car Free Day),现在全世界已有 1 500 多座城 市参与到这项活动中来。请根据以下要点给你校的英语网站写一篇短文。 写作要点: 1.简单介绍该活动; 2.说明此项活动的意义; 3.号召全校师生积极参与。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯
参考范文: World Car Free Day, an international event, is celebrated on September 22 every year. Up to now, more than 1,500 cities all over the world have promoted this event. With the development of society and economy, a large number of families have bought private cars, which contributes to much heavier traffic and more serious air pollution. World Car Free Day that aims at encouraging people to take public transport, ride bicycles or walk instead of driving private cars can raise awareness among the whole world of energy saving and environmental protection.

If you are a responsible person, participating in this meaningful activity is

a good opportunity for you to make contributions to helping create a more harmonious

world. Let's work together to make it!



1.Whatever you say, my parents won't permit my going (go) with you tonight.

2.John often es into conflict with his boss.

3.If you want to buy it, you must place an order in advance.

4.It was the year when Britain declared war on Germany.

5.After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane took up her job as

a doctor in the countryside.


1 . The entrance to the parking place was too small and often got


2.He has devoted most of his time and energy to finding a cure of the disease.

第二个 of→for

3.By the end of last month he has worked in Shanghai for twenty years.has→had

4.The young men were assessed either safe or unsafe drivers.either 前加 as

5.To help the poor children return to school, the government calls on the public

to make donation of money to them.make 后加_a 或_donation→donations


1 . The victims in a big earthquake can always depend on the police to












3.We have been in_correspondence_with each other for months.


4.The train won't leave in an hour; in_the_meanwhile/meantime,_we can have



5.There_is_no_doubt_that Mary performed well in the speaking petition.



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