Book 2 Module 1 1 be connected with=be related to 2 take exercise=exercise 3 be crazy about 4 have a temperature/fever 5 lie down 6 begin with 7 put…into… 8 become/fall ill 9 head towards/to/for… 10 catch/get a cold 11 get flu 12 have a sweet tooth 13 get/be injured 14 return to normal 15 above normal 16 below normal 17 breathe deeply=take a deep breath 18 out of breath 19 keep fit/healthy 20 keep us fit/healthy 21 be fit for 22 be off work 23 be out of work 24 be at work 25 keep…away 26 at least 27 at most 28 be worried/anxious about 29 be anxious for … 30 be anxious for sb to do 31 see sb doing 32 make sure 33 would rather do 34 go/be on a diet 35 a bit of 36 miss school 37 pay for… 38 a free health care system 39 the problem with…

40 have problems with… 41 pick sb up 42 be privately owned. 43 I rarely get toothache. =Rarely do I get toothache. 44 I take two hours’ exercise a week. 45 When Zhoukai’s mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously. 46 Zhou Kai went and did as he was told. 47 My mother has always made sure that we eat very healthily. 48 I’m not too heavy, so I never have to diet, or anything like that. 49 Unusually for me, I had a bad cold and a bit of a fever last week. 50 That is because I was stupid enough to play football in the rain 51 I’m captain of the class team at school. 52 I don’t’ think I get these things because I take a lot of exercise and am very fit. 53 Two years ago I broke my arm while/when (I was) playing football. 54 Britain was the first country in the world to have a free health care system paid for by the government. 55 The problem with this system is that poorer people don’t have the money to pay for private health insurance. 56 I’m going to change my job. 57 --You have left the light on. --So I have. I will go and turn it off. 58 Look at the clouds. It’s going to rain. 59 Take more exercise and you will become really fit. 60 Take more exercise or you will become ill.

Book 2 Module 1 1 和……有联系
2 锻炼 3 迷恋 4 发烧 5 躺下 6 以……开始 7 将……投入……

40 41 42 43

有……的问题 接某人 私人拥有 我很少牙痛

44 我一个周锻炼两个小时。 45 周凯的妈妈看到他没有穿夹克衫就往前门走 去时,她担心的盯着他。 46 周凯按照妈妈告诉的那样去做了。 47 我妈妈总是想方设法让我们吃得健康。 48 我不是很胖,所以我不必节食,也不必做其他 类似的事情。 49 对我来会说很少见的是上周得了重感冒还有 点发烧。 50 那是因为我真是够蠢的,居然在雨中踢球。 51 我在学校是班级足球队的队长。 52 我认为我不会得这些病,因为我经常锻炼很健 康。 53 两年前我在踢球时胳膊骨折了。 54 英国是世界上第一个由政府承担经费,实行免 费医疗的国家。 55 这个体制存在的问题是穷人没有足够多的钱 来支付私人医疗保险。 56 我打算换换工作。 57 --你一直开着灯。 --确实如此,我这就去把灯关上去。 58 看看云彩。眼看着要下雨了。 59 多锻炼锻炼身体,你就会变得健康。 60 多锻炼锻炼身体,否则你就会生病的。

8 生病 9 朝……前进
10 感冒 11 染上流感 12 好吃甜食 13 受伤 14 恢复正常 15 超过正常标准 16 低于正常标准 17 深呼吸 18 上气不接下气 19 保持健康 20 保持我们的身体健康 21 适合 22 不工作,休息 23 失业 24 在上班 25 使离开 26 至少 27 至多 28 为……而担忧 29 渴望 30 渴望 sb 做 31 看到 sb 正在做 32 确保确实 33 宁愿做 34 节食忌口 35 一点儿,有点儿 36 缺课 37 支付 38 免费医疗体系 39……的问题

Book 2 Module 2 1 be/become/get addicted to n/doing 2 be in danger 3 be out of danger 4 ban sb from n/doing 5 there is a ban on… 6 affect=have an effect on 7 influence=have an influence on 8 related to break into a house break into tears belong to take/follow one’s advice in order to(句首句中),so as to(句中) give up n/doing share…with sb… compare… to… compare… with… do/make a survery make a list of stop sb from… stop doing stop to do continue to do=continue doing offer sb sth=offer sth to sb cause many deaths illnesses (which are)related to smoking die of hunger die from an accident be seriously injured a heart attack ask sb for money be in pain take… to… leave school mind doing in public the public set/fix a date increase from…to…

increase by… by this time It is against the law to do. Don’t break the law, or you will be punished. Users who inject the drug are also in more danger if they share needles with other users. I used to be a drug addict. The next day, I broke into a house and stole a television and a video recorder. Using drugs increases the user’s heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, drug users sometimes have heart attacks. One day, the police took me to the police station. I work in a center for drug addicts, helping others to stop taking drugs. What is the public attitude to/towards smoking (in the place) where you live. I agree with you. I completely disagree. I couldn’t agree more. It would be good if they banned smoking in restaurants and cafes as well. Absolutely! That would be an excellent idea. That’s a good point. You can’t be serious. --Do you mind my smoking ?=Would you mind if I smoked? --Not at all./Of course not./Certainly not. --I’m sorry but I do./ Yes, I do. During/in the 1990’s/1990s, 21 million people died as a result of smoking cigarettes. Participants learn to recognize smoking triggers and they try to set a date in the future when they will stop smoking. Instead of smoking, make a phone call, take a short walk, talk with a friend. Choose a time when you will be relaxed but also too busy to think about smoking.


Book 2 Module 2 1 对上瘾
2 锻炼 3 迷恋 4 发烧 5 躺下 6 以……开始 7 将……投入…… 8 和有关系的 破门进入一个房子 大哭起来 属于 听从某人建议 目的是 放弃 和 sb 分享… 把…比做… 把…和…做比较 做一个调查 列一个名单 阻止 sb 做… 停止做 停下来目的是做 继续做 向 sb 提供 sth 导致许多人死亡 和吸烟有关的疾病 死于饥饿 死于一起事故 受到严重的伤害 一次心脏病发作 向 sb 要钱 处于痛苦之中 把…带到… 辍学,离开学校 介意做 当众地 公众 确定一个日期

增加了 到这时为止 做是违反法律的 不要触犯法律,要不你会受到惩罚的
如果那些注射毒品的人和其他吸毒者共用针头的 话,他们会面临更多危险。 我曾经是个瘾君子。 第二天我闯进一户人家,偷了一台电视机和一台 录像机。 使用毒品能够加快心律,增高血压。所以吸毒者 易患心脏病。 一天,警察把我带到了警察局。 现在我在一所戒毒中心工作,帮助其他人戒毒。 在你居住的地方,公众对于吸烟的态度是什么? 我同意你的观点。 我完全不同意。 我再同意不过了。 如果他们能禁止在餐馆和咖啡馆吸烟就好了。 当然了,这将是一个好主意。 这是个好主意。 你不是当真吧。 你介意我吸烟吗? 不介意,当然不 对不起我介意 在 20 世纪 90 年代,2100 万人死于吸烟。 参加者学会辨认引起吸烟的刺激物。他们尽力定 下一个停止吸烟的日期。 打电话,散散步,和朋友谈谈,而不是吸烟。 选择一个你会轻松点但又太忙碌而不能考虑吸烟 的时刻。

Book 2 Module 3 1. be (deeply) impressed with/by… 2. split up 3. make a note of 4. become/be known/famous as… for… to sb 5. change… into… 6. music instruments 7. of all time 8. something wonderful 9. the rest of his life 10. go deaf 11. No way! 12. at an early age 13. a leading/top composer 14. receive many prizes 15. play the violin/piano 16. have talent for… 17. show talent for a talented musician 18. lose interest in… be/get lost=lose sb’s way be lost in thought lose heart lose weight 19. mix… with… 20. have a deep influence/effect on… 21. encourage sb to do 22. as well as①和;同;以及 ② 除……之外=besides 或 in addition to 23. As time goes by/on … 24. Joseph Hayden was an Austrian composer and is known as “the father of the symphony”. 25. Having worked there for 30 years, Hayden moved to London, where he was very successful. 26. By the time he was 14, Mozart had composed many pieces for the piano and violin, as well as for orchestras.

27. While he was still a teenager, Mozart was already a big star and toured Europe giving concerts. 28. Hayden met Mozart in 1781 and was impressed with him. 29. However, it was Hayden that/who encouraged Beethoven to move to Vienna. 30. As he grew older, he began to go deaf. 31. Yexiaogang, who was born in 1955, is one of a group of Chinese composers known as the New Tide. 32. He showed musical ability at an early age and began studying piano when he was four years old. 33. After graduation, he worked there as a lecturer. 34. They lost heart. Lost in thought, he didn’t see me. 35. Tom as well as his friends has left. Tom besides his friends has left. Tom has left. His friends have left as well. 36. I hurried to the concert, (only) to find the star had left. 37. I hurried to the concert, only to be told the star had left. 38. It was the first time that I had seen him. 39. I had hoped/thought/planned to see a film, but I had an unexpected visitor. 40. Hardly had I arrived home when the phone rang. 41. No sooner had I arrived home than the phone rang. 42. By the end of last term, we had learned 200 Chinese characters. 43. The storm struck/hit our city, causing great damage. 44. Having caused great damage, the storm left. 45. I often sing as I walk along.

Book 2 Module 3 1. 对……印象深刻
2. 分裂,分割 3. 记录,做笔记 4. 作为/以……而著名 因为……而著名 对于 sb 来说是著名的 5. 把……变成…… 6. 乐器 7. 有史以来 8. 很精彩的某种东西 9. 他的余生 10. 变聋 11. 没门,不可能! 12. 在很小的时候 13. 一个优秀的//首席作曲家 14. 获得了许多奖 15. 演奏小提琴//钢琴 16. 具有……的天赋 17. 表现出对……的天赋 一个有天赋的音乐家 18. 失去对……的兴趣 迷路 限于沉思之中 丧失信心 减肥 19. 把……和……混合 20. 对……有深远的影响 21. 鼓励某人做……

27. 莫扎特还在青少年时期就成了明星, 在欧洲巡 回演出。 28. 海顿在 1781 年与莫扎特相遇,莫扎特给他留 下了深刻的印象。 29. 然而,是海顿鼓励贝多芬移居维也纳的。 30. 随着年龄的增长,他的耳朵变聋了。 31. 出生于 1955 年的叶小纲,是以新潮流而著名 的中国作曲家中的一员。 32. 在很小的时侯,他就展示出音乐能力,四 岁时,他开始学习钢琴。 33. 毕业之后,他在那里当讲师。 34. 他们灰心了。 由于陷于沉思中, 他没有看到我。 35. 不但是他的朋友还有汤姆已经离开了。 不但是他的朋友还有汤姆已经离开了。 汤姆已经离开了,他的朋友也已经离开了。 36. 我匆匆忙忙赶到音乐会,结果却发现那个明 星已经离开了。 37. 我匆匆忙忙赶到音乐会,结果被告知那个明 星已经离开了。 38. 那时我第一次看到他。 39. 我原希望/想/计划去看电影,但是来了一个、 不速之客。 40. 我一到家电话就响了。 41. 我一到家电话就响了。 42. 到上个学期末为止,我们已经学了 200 个 汉字。 43. 暴风雨袭击了我们城市,造成了巨大损失。 44. 在导致了巨大损失之后,暴风雨停了。 45. 我经常一边走一边唱。

22. as well as①和;同;以及 ② 除…之外=besides 或 in addition to…
23. 随着时间的流逝,…… 24. 约瑟夫·海顿,奥地利作曲家,以“交响乐之 父”而著名。 25. 在那儿工作了 30 年后,海顿移居伦敦。在伦 敦,他取得了成功。 26. 到 14 岁时为止,莫扎特不仅已经谱写了很多 管弦乐曲,还谱写了许多钢琴曲和小提琴曲。

Book 2 Module4 一.This is a painting by the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, considered to be the greatest western artist of the twentieth century. 这是西班牙画家巴勃罗·毕加索的一幅油画,他 被认为是 20 世纪西方做伟大的画家。 Considered to be … 该短语为过去分词,在句中作 定语,修饰 Picasso. 本句中 consider 的用法如下: 1、consider 意为“考虑, 细想”时, 其后可跟: 1.) 名词或代词: We must consider the matter from different standpoints. 我们应当从各个角度来考虑一下这件事。 We must consider it very carefully. 2.) 从句: We must consider what's to be done. He considered how he should answer. 3.) “疑问词+不定式”: Have you considered how to get there? 你是否考虑 过如何到那里? We have to consider what material to use first. 我们 先得考虑用什么材料。 注意: consider 作 “考虑” 解时, 不能直接接不定式。 4.)动名词: He considered going to see them in person. 他考虑 亲自去看望他们。 He is considering changing his job. 他在考虑调换 一下工作。 5.) 介词 over 或单独用: He said they had considered over it. 他说他们已经 考虑过了。 Let me consider. 让我考虑一下。 2、consider 意为“认为, 以为, 把??看作”, 其 后可跟: 1.) 从句: We consider that a friend in need is a friend indeed. 我们认为患难之友才是真正的朋友。 2.) 名词的复合结构(即名词作宾语补足语): We consider Beijing the heart of our country. 我们认为北京是我国的心脏。

3.) 带形容词的复合结构: They considered me too young to do the work. 他们认为我太年轻, 干不了这项工作。 4.) 带不定式的复合结构: We consider only such methods to be correct. 我们认为只有这样的方法才是正确的。 注意: 不定式后主要是 be, 间或为其它动词 (多为 完成式) 。 We all considered him to have stolen Tom's wallet. 我们都以为是他偷了汤姆的钱包。 5.) 带介词短语的复合结构: We always consider these people as our true comrades. 我们一向认为这些人是我们真正的同志。 They always consider themselves in the right. 他们 总认为自己对。 6.) 带“it 形式宾语+形容词+真正宾语(动词不 定式、从句等) ”: We consider it our duty to help her. 我们认为帮助 她是我们的职责。 I consider it a great pleasure that I can work with you. 我觉得能和你在一起工作是极大的快乐。 注意: consider 作“认为”解时, 一般不接动名词。 二.Cubist artists painted objects and people, with different aspects of the object or person showing at the same time. 立体派画家所画的内容为人与物,画面同时呈现 人与物的各个面。 With 复合结构指的是“with+宾语+宾语补足语” 结构,它是一个十分有用的结构,不仅教材中经 常出现,考试中经常考到, 1)with+宾语+形容词 He often sleeps with the windows open. Don’t speak with your mouth full. 2) with+宾语+副词 www.zkenglish.com He stood before his teacher with his head down. He was lying on the bed with all his clothes on 3)with+宾语+名词 He died with his daughter yet a schoolgirl

4)with+宾语+介词短语 She said good-bye with tears in her eyes. He was asleep with his head on his arms. 5)with+宾语+现在分词(短语) He fell asleep with the lamp burning. I won’t be able to go on holiday with my mother being ill. 因为妈妈有病,我无法去度假。 6)with+宾语+过去分词(短语) He sat there with his eyes closed. 他闭目坐在那儿。 All the afternoon he worked with the door locked. 整个下午他都锁着门在房里工作。 7)with+宾语+不定式(短语) I can’t go out with all these clothes to wash. With so many people to help us, we are sure to finish it in time. 有这么多人帮忙, 我们一定能按时完成。 三。But I can’t stand that picture of a golden-haired girl. 但我受不了那幅金发女郎的画。 stand 忍受,后面可接名词或动词的-ing 形式。 He can’t stand working in the extreme heat for several hours. stand for 代表 stand at attention 立正 stand away 不接近,离开 2)合成形容词 名词+形容词 snow-white 雪白的 名词+现在分词 English-speaking 讲英语的 名词+to+名词 face-to-face 面对面的 名词+过去分词 man-made 人造的 数词+名词 one-way 单行的 数词+名词+形容词 two-year-old 两岁的 数词+名词+ed five-storeyed 五层的 动词+副词 see-through 透明的 形容词+名词 high-class 高级的 形容词+名词+ed noble-minded 高尚的 形容词+形容词 light-blue 浅蓝色的 形容词+现在分词 good-looking 相貌好看的 副词+形容词 ever-green 常青的 副词+现在分词 hard-working 勤劳的 副词+过去分词 well-known 著名的 副词+名词 fast-food 专门提供快餐服务的

介词+名词 downhill 下坡的 四.He is most famous for his lively paintings of horses. 他以画马著称。 most + 形容词或副词, 前面不加定冠词 the 时, 其意思为“非常” 如: 。 I am most pleased with your answer. 五. interest ['intrist] n.兴趣; 趣味; 关心; 注意 感兴趣的事, 爱好 [常用复]利益; 利害关系; 权利; 股权 重要性; 影响; 势力 利息; 息金 find no interest in such things 对这样的事不感兴趣 a question of common interest 共同关心的问题 have an interest in a business 在某企业中享有股权 the public interests 公共利益 a matter of considerable interest 相当重要的事情 percent interest on a loan 借款付五分息 the shipping interest 航运界 She has two great interests: music and painting. 她有两大爱好:音乐和绘画。 She returned our favour with interest. 她加倍地报答我们的恩惠。 习惯用语 be interested in 对...感兴趣[关心] 同...有投资关系; 在...拥有股份 have an interest in 对...有兴趣[关心] 在...中有股 份、权益等 hold sb.'s interest 吸引住某人的兴趣 in the interest(s) of 为...利益; 为...起见, 对...有利 lose interest 不再感兴趣; 不再引起兴趣 show (an) interest in 对...表示关心 (有兴趣) take (an) interest in 对...感兴趣 have no interest in 对...不[不太]感兴趣 feel no interest in 对...不[不太]感兴趣 take no interest in 对...不[不太]感兴趣 with interest 有兴趣地, 津津有味地; 附加利益; 加重地, 加倍地 interest sb. in sth. 使某人注意, 关心或参入某事; 使某人对某事感兴趣

Book 2 Module 5 1. in total=totally=in all 2. now that=since 3. believe in believe sb=believe what sb says 4. be similar to 5. replace him/take the place of him/take his place in place of=instead of 做状语 6. play a part in… take part in… 7. work on… 8. send/receive messages of congratulations 9. land safely 10. in space 11. take photographs of=take a photograph of 12. a success/ failure a surprise 13. offer sb’s congratulations on/upon… 14. take off 15. scientific achievements 16. the third country to send a man into space 17. (thousands and) thousands of people 18. wish…success/luck 19. look through the telescope 20. a five-day visit to China 21. get out of… 22. come on 23. go aboard (the ship/plane) go abroad 24. at the start/beginning of… 25. be delighted to do… 26. more or less 27. divide…into… be divided into… 28. concentrate (one’s attention) on/upon… 29. all over the country 30. daily newspaper home news international news 31. cultural events financial reports

film reviews, book reviews 32. royal family 33. This was because… 34. You don’t believe in aliens, do you? I don’t believe a word of it! 35. It is a crazy idea. 36. You must be joking! You can’t be serious. 37. When Yang took off form Jiuquan in northwest China at 9 am yesterday, China became the third nation to send a man into space. 38. Yang is the 431th person to travel in space, including astronauts from 32 countries. 39. Lu, whose parents were born in China, spoke to Yang in Chinese during his flight. 40. In total, these astronauts have spent more than 26,000 days in space. 41. Kofi Annan called the flight a step forward for the whole world. 42. Newspapers in Britain can be divided into the quality press and the popular press. 43. The sun, founded in 1964, is the most successful of the popular newspapers. 44. Around four million people read it every day and it sells more than any other daily newspaper. 45. Whatever// no matter what he says, don’t believe in him. Don’t believe whatever he says. 46. Since// Now that I have made this first visit, 51. I hope I can come many more times. 47. Could I possibly have your autograph on my arm? 48. The book whose cover is white belongs to me. 49. His parents won’t let him marry anyone whose family was poor. 50. He is always the first to come and the last

to leave. 51. I have no room to live in. 52. You can never be too careful while (you are) crossing the road. Book 2 Module 5 1. 合计,总共 2. 既然 3. 相信(某人为人)信仰 相信某人所说的话 4. 和…相似 5. 代替,取代 而不是,代替 6. 在…中扮演角色,起作用 参加 7. 从事 8. 发送/收到贺信 9. 安全着陆 10. 在太空中 11. 拍照 12. 一个成功/ 失败的人,一件成功/ 失败的事 一个使人惊奇的人,一件令人吃惊的事 13. 表示祝贺 14. 起飞;脱下;请假; (事业)腾飞 15. 科学成就 16. 第三个把人送入太空的国家 17. 成千上万的人 18. 祝…成功/好运 19. 透过望远镜看过去 20. 对中国为期五天的访问 21. 从…中出来 22. 来,快点,得了吧 23. 上船/飞机 出国 24. 在…开始 25. 高兴地做 26. 或多或少 27. 把…分成…, …被分成(把整体分成部分) 28. 全神贯注于… 29. 遍及全国 30. 日报

国内新闻 国际新闻 31. 文化事件 财政报道 影评,书评 32. 皇室家族 33. 这是因为… 34. 你不相信外星人,不是吗? 我一点也不相信. 35. 真是个荒唐的想法. 36. 你一定是在开玩笑吧. 你不可能当真. 37. 昨天晚上九点,杨利伟在中国西北部的 酒泉起飞,中国成为世界上第三个把人 送入太空的国家。 38. 在来自 32 个国家的宇航员中,杨是第 431 位太空旅行者。 39. 卢的父母在中国出生,他用中文与飞行员 杨利伟交谈。 40. 这些宇航员总共在太空呆了 26000 天。 41. 联合国安南称这次飞行是全世界的一个进步。 42. 英国的报纸可以被分成严肃性报刊和 通俗性报刊。 43. 成立于 1964 年的太阳报是通俗性报纸中 最成功的报纸。 44. 大约 400 万人每天读他并且它比任何其 他的日报卖得都要好。 45. 不管他说什么,不要信任他 不要相信他说的任何话。 46. 既然这是我第一次参观,我希望能再 多来几次。 47. 能请您在我的胳膊上签个名吗? 48. 那本封皮是白色的书是属于我的。 49. 他的父母不会让他和任何家庭贫困的人结婚.. 50. 他总是第一个来,最后一个走。 51. 我没有屋子住。 52.过马路时,你怎么仔细都不过分。

Book 2 Module 6 1. come out 2. fall in love with… be in love with… 3. play a part in…(比较:play the part of …) 4. to one’s surprise = to the surprise of… in surprise 5. care about care for 6. (every)now and then = from time to time = at times =occasionally 7. martial arts masters with unusual abilities 8. be popular in… be popular with/among … 9. take place=happen 10. as far…as 11. at the age of… 12. employ sb to do 13. make a film 14. win a prize 15. argue with sb about/over sth 16. make a mistake/ make mistakes 17. Good for you! 18. What is on the box? 19. The thing is… 20. It is generally agreed that…= People generally agree (that)… 21. Now, to everyone’s surprise, Ang lee, director of a number of excellent films, has made a martial arts film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 22. The film belongs to the type of Chinese story called Wuxia. 23. The story takes place in the early 1800s in China. 24. The action takes place on Peking rooftops, and in places as far away as the deserts of western China. 25. As in the old wuxia stories, characters leap through the air every now and then, with

beautiful, graceful movements, while audiences shout in surprise. 26. Unusually, it is the female characters that interest us most. 27. Brave, good and strong, Xiulian is the character we care about most. 28. One cannot forget the wonderful Chow Yun-Fat, who is as good with a sword as he is with a gun. 29. His romantic scenes with Yu Xiulian are very moving, as their eyes show all the love that they must not express in words. 30. Ask a young person in the street who the greatest American film director is, and you may get the answer Steven Spielberg. 31. He has certainly made more successful films than any other director in the west. 32. He showed that he had unusual abilities when he was very young, completing his first 15-minute home movie at the age of 13. 33. But it’s generally agreed, that he, more than anyone else in the history of the films, understands the meaning of the word “entertainment”. 34. In the last fifteen years some of his films have been less successful. 35. He played a part in a film at the age of five, which made him popular. 36. To my surprise, he looked at me in surprise. 37. He returned home, tired and hungry. 38. They fell in love at the first sight. They have been in love with each other ever since. 39. The movie was so moving that it moved some ladies to tears. 40. (Much) to my surprise, he passed the exam. 较:To my (great) surprise, he passed the exam

41. He is fond of singing while I care about dancing. 42. After the long journey, he returned home, exhausted and disappointed. 比较: Exhausting and expensive, the journey disappointed us. Book 2 Module 6
1. 出版;出来;发芽,开花 2. 相爱 相爱(强调状态) 3. 在…中起作用/ 扮演角色(比较: 扮演…角色) 4. 令某人吃惊的是 吃惊地 5. 对…感兴趣, 关心 照顾, 喜欢 6. 时不时地偶尔 7. 有非凡能力的武术大师 8. 在…处受欢迎 受某人的欢迎 9. 发生 10. 远到…, 像…那样远 11. 在…岁时 12. 雇佣某人做 13. 拍一部电影 14. 赢得一个奖 15. 和某人争辩某事 16. 犯错 17. 你太棒了 18. 电视正在演什么 19. 情况是… 20. 人们普遍认为…… 21. 令每一个人吃惊地是, 许多优秀影片的导演李 安已经拍了一部被称为卧虎藏龙的武侠片。 22. 这个电影属于一种被称为武侠的中国故事。 23. 这个故事发生在 19 世纪初的中国。 24. 动作发生在北京的屋顶上和西部沙漠。

25. 正如在古代武侠故事中, 影片中的人物时不时 地在空中跳跃并伴有许多优美的动作, 而观众 则吃惊地大喊。 26. 不同寻常的是,就是女性角色最使我们感兴 趣。 27. 勇敢、 善良、 坚强的秀莲是我们最关心的角色。 28. 大家不会忘记很棒的周润发, 他使剑和使枪一 样好。 29. 他和俞秀莲之间的浪漫戏很感人,他们的眼 神传递了所有的爱意,这种爱是不可以通过 语言表达的。 30. 问问街上的年轻人,谁是美国最伟大的导演, 你就会得到答案--斯皮尔伯格。 31. 他比西方任何其他导演拍摄了更多成功的电 影。 32. 年少时他展示出了非凡能力;13 岁时就完成 了第一部 15 分钟的家庭自拍电影。 33. 人们普遍认为, 他比电影史上的任何人更理解 娱乐这个词的意思。 34. 在过去的 15 年里,他的一些电影不是那么成 功的。 35. 他在五岁时在一部电影中扮演一个角色, 这使 他非常著名。 36. 令我吃惊地是,他吃惊地看着我。 37. 他回到了家,又累又饿。 38. 他们一见钟情。自从那时起他们就一直相爱。 39. 这部电影如此感人, 以至于她使一些女士感动 地流下了泪水。 40. 令我(非常)吃惊的是,他通过了考试。 令我(非常)吃惊的是,他通过了考试。 41. 他喜欢歌唱而我喜欢跳舞。 42. 长途旅行之后,他回到了家,又累又失望。



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