2015.4北京高三英语一模 单选

海淀 21. Mary has her weakness, ______ that doesn’t mean she is not qualified for her job. A. and A. That A. through A. shouldn’t A. cut B. yet B. Which B. across B. wouldn’t B. will cut

C. so C. How C. into C. can’t C. had cut

D. or D. What D. on D. mustn’t D. cuts

22. _______ Chai Jing said in her video about the smog has caused public concern. 23. When I was pushed onto the stage, I felt all the eyes in the hall _______ me. 24. You ______ reach him on his mobile now—his mobile is still under repair. 25. The paper ox my grandmother ______ for me is my most valued birthday gift. 26. —It is said that John’s paper got an A . —He deserves it. He _____a lot before he handed it in. A. prepared A. Having exchanged A. the longer A. finished A. which A. As if B. prepares B. Exchanging B. the longest B. having finished B. whose B. Now that C. had prepared D. has prepared 27. ______ opinions on the schedule, we finally reached an agreement. C. Exchanged D. To exchange C. a longer C. finishing C. where C. Even though D. a long D. to finish D. when D. In case 28. The long lasting cold current has brought ___ winter in my memory to the east coast of the United States. 29. Mike will become the first person in his family ______ college education. 30. Prince William took a visit to the Forbidden City on Feb. 28, _______ emperors once lived. 31. _______ she has earned her PhD, she wants to find a job with higher pay. 32. — Has James arrived at the hotel? — No, he ______ by fans for photographs at the airport. A. has surrounded A. It B. would surround B. What C. was surrounded C. This D. is being surrounded D. That 33. _______ worries me that my daughter plays with her cellphone for a long time every day. 34. — What do you think of the Huawei P7? — Terrific. I would buy one if I _____ an iPhone 6 Plus last year. A. didn’t buy A. encouraging B. don’t buy B. to encourage C. hadn’t bought D. haven’t bought 35. Premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech at the conference, _______ university graduates to start their own business. C. having encouraged D. encouraged

丰台 21. His early comedies were filmed ______ black and white. A. of A. take A. Although A. prepare B. with B. took B. Once B. preparing C. in C. had taken C. Since C. to prepare D. by D. will take D. If D. prepared 22. I’m not sure where my necklace is, but I have a pretty good idea who _______ it. 23. _______ most people come here for skiing, there are plenty of other things to do. 24. The food _______ in this way keeps fresh.

25. _______ to the house owner, the designer had a clear idea of what to do. A. To talk A. which A. to ring A. can avoid B. Talked B. whose B. ringing B. avoided C. Having talked C. when C. rung C. had avoided D. Being talked D. where D. having rung D. could have avoided 26. My office wasn’t far from Chinatown, _______ I found some very good Chinese restaurants. 27. Whenever I’m in trouble, I hear a voice _______ in my head ―You can do it.‖ 28. With a little more care, you _______ the traffic accident. It’s lucky that you just hurt your arm. 29. Sam’s bakery _______ a partnership with a local coffee company. Now they serve great coffee. A. has formed B. would form C. is forming A. printed A. That B. will print B. Whether C. was printed C. Who D. will form D. is being printed D. Where 30. The book I wrote last year _______ and it will soon come out. 31._______ online courses can produce good results remains to be seen. 32. --- Excuse me, where can I get my car filled up? --- There are gas stations at _______ end of the block. A. both A. how A. building A. may B. neither B. what B. to build B. must C. either C. why C. to be built C. should D. all D. who D. built D. need 33. Wonderful Friends, a show on Hunan TV, is about _______ people get along with animals. 34. The road _______ next week leads to Highway 62. 35. Although the test _____ look like a simple one, great care is needed.

东城 21.–Mum, where’s my packed lunch? –In the kitchen. I _____ you two sandwiches. A. make A. and A. had A.try A. grows A. that B. am making B. or B. have B. tried B. grew B. whether C. have made C. but C. was having C. trying C. is growing C. when D. will make D. so D. will be having D. having tried D. had grown D. why 22.I think we’d better keep to the subject, _____ we’ll waste our time. 23.Don’t phone me between 10:00 and 11:30 tomorrow morning. I_____ a meeting then. 24.During the weekend, the health club is usually full of people_____ to get in shape. 25.The children’s excitement _____ as Christmas drew near. 26. Tom’s worry is _____he won’t be chosen for the school football team. 27.–The fire in the supermarket last night was terrible! –They _____have taken some measures to prevent it occurring.

A. must A. in student. A. sent 30.–Can you give me a ride? A. to leave A. even though A. which

B. will B. on

C. would C. to

D. should D. at

28.The room he has just rent is about 9 meters _____ length and 3 meters wide. 29.Charles entered New York University in 2009 and one year later _____ toUniversity of London as an exchange B. had sent B. leaving B. in case B. where C. was sent C. left C. as long as C. when D. had been sent D. being left D. in order that D. whose

–Sorry. There is no room _____ in my car.

31.You’d better prepare some candles at home _____ the power fails. 32.My uncle has a large greenhouse in his garden _____ he grows vegetables in winter. 33.–Good news! There’s a supermarket _____in this area next month! –Cool! It will be convenient for us when it’s open! A. building 34.–Sarah went to the party. –Really? I _____ her if I had gone with you. A. met they’re seeing. A. what B. where C. that D. why B. had met C. would met D. would have met 35. Spending a few hours learning about the history and culture of the destination will help tourists understand _____ B. built C. having built D. to be built

门头沟 21. –– Your father knows so much about history! –– Thank you. He _______ it in college for 4 years. A. studied A. for A. with A. Press A. head A. who B. has studied B. or B. at B. To press B. to head B. which C. had studied C. so C. on C. Pressed C. headed C. where D. studies D. but D. to D. Pressing D. heading D. when 22. The number of old people in China is increasing fast, ____ this is putting much pressure on medical system. 23.At the Christmas party, the foreign friends danced _______ music with the students. 24. _______ the button on the desk if you have any questions in the language class. 25. There are about 60% of Chinese tourists _______ abroad for the Spring Festival Holiday. 26. I saw the film Running men in cinema last month, _______ drew a lot of people’s attention. 27. –– You will not feel lonely if you have a brother or sister. –– En…I don’t know. It _______ be better. A. must A. hear A. As A. whether B. might B. hearing B. When B. that C. should C. heard C. As long as C. when D. would D. to hear D. Even though D. why 28. He raised his voice to make himself _______ but in vain. 29. _______ Apple’s Iphone 6 is more expensive, a large number of young people want one. 30. The problem for you at the moment is _______ you have made up your mind to learn it well.

31. His salary _______ since he came back to his hometown to work. A. has raised A. has left A. what A. wouldn’t cough A. Celebrated B. has been raised B. is leaving B. when B. didn’t cough B. Celebrating C. raised C. had left C. that C. won’t cough C. Celebrate D. was raised D. would leave D. which D. don’t cough D. To celebrate 32. They failed to catch the train because it _______ when they arrived at the station. 33. The government has made it clear _______ 35 international soccer stars will be invited to coach students in soccer. 34. You_______ so badly now if you had taken the medicine yesterday. 35. _______the victory in World War II, China and Russia held a lot of events together this year.

石景山 21. ________ the sight of the police officers, the thief ran off. A. In A. would ask B. At B. was asking C. On C. has asked D. With D. had asked 22. I went to see Dr. Smith yesterday, only to be told that he ________ for leave. 23. -Hi, Anna. I called you several times yesterday afternoon but the line was always busy. -Sorry, Tom and I ________ our project on the phone. A. had discussed C. were discussing A. that A. searched for C. had searched for alive Chinese history and culture. A. that A. suffered A. Who A. may A. neither A. experienced A. taken A. Since B. where B. having suffered B. Which B. must B. either B. to experience B. being taken B. While C. in which C. suffering C. What C. can C. no one C. being experienced C. to take C. If D. which D. having been suffered D. That D. shall D. both D. having experienced D. take D. Because 27. Although ________ from illnesses for years, the old lady still faces her day with a smile. 28. ________ impresses the readers most is the author’s humor and wisdom. 29. You ________ pay the price if you insist on doing so. 30. The twin brothers were busy playing games and ________ noticed their mom’s returning. 31. The new software Emperor’s One Day gives children the chance ________ life as a ruler. 32. We are eager to see concrete measures against smog ________ in the near future. 33. ________ speed reading is a useful skill in the Internet age, slow reading is getting popular. 34. Tom made an excellent speech without ________ his notes even for once. B. which B. discussed D. have been discussing C. what B. have searched for D. have been searching for D. /

24. One key point of his speech on arts is ________ arts should serve the people. 25. The villagers ________ the buried people without stop since the accident happened.

26. Beautiful stories and legends about the West Lake, ________ have been passed down for hundreds of years, keep

A. referred to A. would live

B. being referred to B. lived

C. referring to C. had lived

D. having referred to D. lives

35. The old man wished he ________ to see the birth of his grandchild.

西城 21. If you need someone with professional computer knowledge, ______to Joe. A. talks A. more A. comparing B. talking B. less B. compared C. talk C. much C. to compare D. talked D. fewer D. being compared 22. Unless you are brave enough to speak up, you’ll lose ______ chances to make yourself understood. 23. In China, New Year’s Day isn’t a big moment ______ with the Spring Festival. 24. —How was your trip to Switzerland? —Perfect! How I wish you ______ with us! A. have been A. even if A. to keep A. is the load A. in B. are B. as long as B. kept B. the load was B. for C. were C. as if C. having kept C. was the load C. into D. had been D. now that D. to be kept D. the load is D. from 25. Susan’s voice still remained calm ______ she was getting annoyed. 26. My granny does crossword puzzles each day ______ her mind sharp. 27. So heavy ______ that I felt great relief after taking it off. 28. For better sound effects, he was asked to speak ______ the microphone during the whole process. 29. —Could you give me some advice on getting a job? —First, find out ______ you like doing best. A. what A. hadn’t exercised B. which B. didn’t exercise C. how D. why D. haven’t exercised 30. I ______ for six months. I’m really out of shape. C. don’t exercise 31. —Daddy, how much do you earn an hour? —If you _____ know, $20 an hour. A. may B. must C. can D. should 32. —Something smells really good in here! —You ______ my Easter cookies. Have one! A. smell A. allow A. which B. are smelling B. allowed B. when C. were smelling C. to allow C. where D. smelt D. allowing D. whose 33. A new learning center has been built in the school, ______ students to get to know the world more easily. 34. Jack will hold a meeting ______ people can voice their opinions on today’s global economy. 35. —The tickets to Texas are not available now. —Oh. Flights ______ fast at festivals. A. sold B. sell C. will sell D. have sold

朝阳 21. —Are you doing your homework? —No, I’m writing a short play. It _____at the Christmas party. A. will be put on A. going B. will put on C. go C. puts on D. is put on D. gone 22. In order to keep fit, the old man makes it a rule _____ for a walk after supper every day. B. to go 23. —Steve, the vacation is coming soon. Have you found a summer job yet? —I suppose I can work at the boy’s camp_____ I worked last summer. A. that B. where C. which D. what 24.Sally was excited to meet Susan at the party last night. They _____ each other since they graduated from Oxford University in 2010. A. haven’t seen B. hadn’t seen C. didn’t see D. don’t see 25. —We’ve only got this small bookcase―will that do? —No._____ I was looking for was something much bigger and stronger. A. What A. from A. that A. to climb A. for B. Where B. at C. after B. the one B. climbing B. and C. That D. until C. ones C. climb C. yet D. or D. those D. climbed D. Which 26. I will wait _____ 6:30, but then I’m going home. 27. Studies show that people who have a glass of wine per day do better than _____ who don’t. 28. Oh! I can feel something _____ up my leg! It must be an insect. 29. She doesn’t speak our language,_____ she seems to understand what we say. 30. —Congratulations! I hear you’ve won the first prize in the singing competition. —You _____ be mistaken. I’m in the dance class. A. must B. may C. should D. could D. was repaired D. has been reduced 31. If it _____ earlier,the printing machine would not have broken down. A. has been repaired A. had reduced C. had been repaired B. is repaired C. has reduced 32.A public health campaign_____ the number of heart disease deaths by 80 percent over the past three decades. B. had been reduced 33.—How are you getting along with your German, Kate? —Oh, Mr. Black, I’m so tired of it. Maybe I should drop out _____ it kills me. A. when B. after C. while D. before 34. —What do you do, Rita? —I’m a clerk in a foreign company now. But I _____ English in a high school for 10 years. A. teach B. have taught C. see C. taught D. to see D. am teaching 35.Comparison may make something appear more beautiful than it is when _____ alone. A. seen B. seeing