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A Demonstration Lesson in Senior Three

Topic Methods Learner Teacher Date

Revision of vocabulary according to the context Reading, summarizing and practicing Senior three students of Qingdao No.66 High School Lan Lan from Qingdao No. 16 High School 2010-11-25

Learning Aims 1 To master the method of learning vocabulary 2 To apply the method to practice


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ѧϰĿ꣺þƪƪʻѧϰ ѧϰѵ㣺վƪƪڴʻѧϰеӦ ѧָ 1 ̽ѧϰΪʦΪ 2 ϰᄈѧϰ Procedure: Step Lead in Talking about methods of learning vocabulary by themselves StepGuiding & autonomous exploration The practical learning of vocabulary in the context Step Specific Application The exercise of context learning methods Step Power ups Multiple training Step Assignment

Without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed. David Wilkins1972

Free discussion Please find out the different meanings of strike in the passage.

Last week, Grathy experienced his most unforgettable thing in his life. That day, he was dealing with the strike in his office, after the clock struck twelve, the earthquake happened. The huge stones continuously struck him on the body. He was stuck in the ruins in total darkness. He was about to despair when it struck him that there was a box of matches on the desk, he fumbled() carefully, finding them luckily and struck one. By the dim light, he found a piece of wood, striking the stones for help. Fortunately, a rescue worker heard him, and made every effort to save him successfully. He was struck by his spirits of saving the wounded, being thankful to win the rebirth. The different meanings of strike______________________________________ Guiding exploration Part 1 In the future, care for the environment will become very important as earths natural resources run out. (B4 M1)

Do you know other meanings related to run? 1) I run five miles every day to keep fit. 2) They run the horse round the village to appreciate the rural sight. 3) The machine is running properly. 4) My friend used to run a western restaurant. 5) The road runs along the river, extending west. 6) The news runs that the retired chairman will come back. 7) He ran the risk of losing life to save the drowning boy. 2 Now encourage yourself to review other phrases about run 3 Please fill in blanks with phrases on the screen. 1) I _____________ an old friend on the road who I havent seen a long time, but I recognized him immediately. 2) The policeman was _______________ the thief, finally he caught him, . 3) We _____________ the petrol, so the car cant move. 4) The drunken man __________ an old man and fled away. 5) Before the students start to write, they should__________ the whole exam paper. 4 Please make a proper match with two teams of sentences. 1) The little girl picked up a book, and then she put it onto the bookshelf. .

2) When will you come back, shall I pick up you at station? 3) I believe it will pick up soon, so you neednt worry. 4) He picked up the job by a most unlikely chance. 5) My grandma has a habit of picking up the news. A: It is said the patient will be out of hospital, because he is picking up. B: She picked up some French while studying in France. C: The bus stopped to pick up the passengers. D: The little boy picked up a piece of leaf on the road. E: In order to learn English, I buy a radio to pick up VOA. Part 1 A nurse is nursing the sick patiently. 2 Could you find other examples applied to the conversion? _________________________________________________ 3 Now challenge yourself to give the meanings of underlined words in the following sentences. 1) She dieted for several weeks to lose weight. 2) The man always shoulders his responsibility to support the whole family. 3) We sat in the stand to watch the football match. 4) My teacher narrows his eyes, smiling happily at the news. 5) The boss fired the lazy worker, because of his being late constantly. 6) .The children are shaping the sand into a tower. Brief sum-up Learning vocabulary should rely on _______________ Specific Application Please make the right choices.

1 It you ___ two rabbits, you will catch neither. A hold up B get on C run after D go up

2 Could you __ this math problem after my detailed explanation? A figure out B get out C leave out D give out

3 The little girl felt very __ when her parents forgot her birthday A excited B deserted C puzzled D disappointed

4 Do you have some __? I want to buy a piece of newspaper. A charges B change C changes

D charts

2009 ϸ߿׿

Four British ships fired on the Bismark. Finally, this huge warship struck the icebergs then sank. ________________________________________________________________
2010 㶫߿

Every country has its own culture. Even though each country uses doors. .Doors may have practical functions and purposes which lead to __22__ differences. When I first came to America, I noticed that a public building had two different doors and they had distinct functions. 22. A .national Power- ups
2008 ߿ ȫ II

B. embarrassing

C .cultural

D .amazing

From the time each of my children started school, I packed their lunches. And in each lunch, I write a note. Often written on a napkin (ͽ), it might be a thank-you for a special moment, a reminder of something we were happily expecting, or a bit of 23 for the coming test or sporting event. 23. A. congratulation
2009 ߿

B. improvement
ȫ II

C. explanation

D. encouragement

Ķ A ƪ

I know what youre thinking : pizza ? For breakfast? But the truth is that you can have last nights leftovers in the a. m. if you want to. So eat something in the morning, anything. I know plenty of friends who end up having no breakfast altogether, and have just coffee or orange juice. I say, try heating up last nights leftovers-it may sound crazy, but if it works for you, do it! The word leftovers in Paragraph 1 probably means__________. A. food remaining after a meal C. meals made of vegetables
09 ȫ I Ķ C ƪ

B. things left undone D. pizza topped with fruit

Laws allowing these animals to be bought in from deep forest areas without stricter control, says Peter Schantz. But monkey-pox may be the wake-up call, thats because researchers believe infected animals may infect their owners. What does the phrase the wake-up call most probably means? A a new disease C a dangerous animal B a clear warning D a morning call

Every word in a new context is a new word sum-up

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