2013 届高考英语高频词汇、句型必背篇
1. He had good fortune and made a big fortune.他运气很好,发了大财。 2. Compared with our parents, we areindeed fortune.与父母相比,我们的确很幸运。 3. The waiter and waitress were latein getting to the station, but fortunately the train was late as well.那位 男服务员和女服务员去车站时迟到了,但幸运的是火车也晚点了。 反义词:unfortunate(ly) 4. The lowest temperature last nightwas five degrees below zero.昨晚的最低温度是零下五度。 5. The merchant came from beyondthe sea.那位商人来自海外。 6. The manager put his head on the pillowand went to sleep in no time.经理头一挨枕头就睡着了。 7. The actress bought some material(s)to make herself a dress. 那位女演员买了一些布料为自己做一件上衣。 The actor searched all the dictionariesfor the word.那位演员查遍所有词典寻找那个单词。 8. We all have our weaknesses. 我们都有不足之处。 9. Rice is grown in China, Japan and other Asiancountries. 中国,日本和其他亚洲国家都种植水稻。 10. We aim at quality rather than quantity.我们要的是质量而不是数量。 11. The Student Union organized anEnglish speech contest.学生会组织了一次英语演讲比赛。 12. Does Radio Beijing broadcast the news every houron the hour? 北京广播台每小时整点播报新闻吗? 13. Several new railways are underconstruction in China? 中国的好几段铁路正处于建设中。 14. The students are listening to theteacher attentively now.学生们正在专心听老师讲课。 15. Children are curious abouteverything around them.孩子们对周围的一切都很好奇。 16. The government will build morehouses for the people.政府将为人民建更多的房屋。

17. I am pleased that the Canadiangladly accepted our invitation. 我很高兴那位加拿大人接受了我们的邀请。 18. A soldier's duty is to obeyorders.士兵的职责就是服从命令。 19. Those two aircraft took offat the same time.那两架飞机同时起飞。 20. The scientist changed into hissports shoes so that he could walk more comfortably. 那位科学家换上他的运动鞋以便走起路来更舒服。 21. The patient kept coughingall night.那个病人整夜不停的咳嗽。 22. We've got to be practical andbuy only what we need. 我们必须实际一些,只买我们所需要的。 23. The artist held an exhibition ofhis works last month.上个月那位画家举办了他的作品展。 24. We gave our classroom a thoroughcleaning before National Day. 国庆节前我们彻底打扫了教室。 25. All the boys were standing up straight.所有的男孩都笔直的站着。 26. I saw her going in the opposite direction.我看见他向相反的方向走去。 27. I'll go and see my nephew and niecenext Saturday.下星期六我将去看我的侄子和侄女。 28. Bill has a large collection of foreignstamps.比尔有很多外国邮票。 29. The book is translated from Russianto German.这本书是从俄语翻译成德语。 All countries, big or small, shouldbe equal.所有的国家,无论大小都应该是平等的。 30. They are busy preparing to go onholiday.他们忙于准备度假。 31. Don't be frightened by the televisioncamera. Just speak naturally. 不要害怕电视摄像,自然说吧。 32What will the weather be like tomorrow?明天的天气怎么样? 33. The old revolutionary lives onthe ninth floor of the ninety-storeyed building rather than the nineteenthfloor. We will go to his ninetieth birthday celebration partytonight. 那位老革命家住在 90 层楼房的第九层而不是第 19 层。今晚我们将去参加他的 90 岁生日聚会。

34. A fence at the back of thegarden separates/separated from the neighbours. 花园后面的篱笆把我们和 邻居分开了。 35. The wind turned my umbrellainside out.风把我的雨伞弄翻了. 36. I recognized Mike the momentI saw him in the garage.在车库里我一看见迈克就认出了他。 37. Do you know the average monthlyrainfall in this area?你知道这个地区的月平均降水量吗? 38. Sleep is necessary to health.睡眠对健康很有必要。 39. This bus can carry 60 passengers.这辆公共汽车能载 60 名乘客。 40. Fifty-nine years ago, ChairmanMao declared /announced the founding of the People's Republicof China.59 年前,毛主席宣告了中华人民共和国的成立。 41. The man in uniform looks familiarto me, but I don't remember his name. 那位穿制服的男人看起来很面熟,但是我记不起他的名字。 42. What is the best-known chain offast-food restaurant? 世界上最著名的快餐连锁店是什么? 43. The servant lived in London until quite recently/lately. He served the people heart and soul and he wasgiven a medal for his best service in the unit. 直到不久前,那个公务员一直住在伦敦,他全心全意地为人民服务,因为他在单位最佳服务,被授予了一 枚奖章。 44. The flying school graduates severalhundred pilots/ fliers every year. 那个飞行学校每年毕业几百个飞行员。 45The man living upstairs doesmental labour rather than physical labour. 住在楼上的那个人从事脑力劳动,而不是体力劳动。 46. This plant can be found in the southernpart of the country. 这个植物可以在该国的南部找到。 47. I must apologize(=make anapology) for not having been able to attending your wedding. 我应该向你们道歉,未能参加你们的婚礼。 48. Two dozen stolen bicycleswere returned to their owners last month.

24 辆被盗的自行车与上个月归还给了失主。 49. When I got home after the holiday/vocationthere were a lot of messages in my phone. 我度假回来时,我的电话里有许多留言。 50. Generally speaking, parents caremore about their children's health than about their own. 一般来说,父母关心子女的健康胜过关心自己的健康。 51. I can't tell ?one? from ?the other? becausethey are slightly different. 我分不清楚 one 和 the other,因为他们只有一点细微的差别。 52. There has been a 50% growth inthe market for personal computers. 市场上的私人电脑增长了 50%。 53. Thank you for offering to help, butI can manage it myself. 谢谢你主动提供帮助,我自己能行。 54. The terrorists? attack completelydestroyed the twin towers in New York. 恐怖分子的袭击彻底摧毁了纽约的双子塔。 55. In the afternoon they went to two orthree exhibitions of modern art. 下午他们去看了两三个现代艺术的展览。 56The secretary told me impatientlythat her boss was not in the office. 秘书不耐烦的告诉我,老板没在办公室。 57. The growth of population of theworld must be controlled. 必须控制世界人口的增长。 58. The stop sign actually made trafficsafer and faster. 停车的标志实际上使交通更安全更快。 59. Many universities have college/institutesof education. 许多综合性大学都有附设的教育学院。 60. Since you are going to Australia,you'd better find a practical method of improving your spokenEnglish. 既然你准备去澳大利亚,你最好找一个切合实际的提高英语口语的方法。 61. Were going to have our eyes examined/testedsometime next week.

下周的某个时候我们将检查视力。 62. The geography teacher asked usto finish the exercises in ten minutes. 地理老师要求我们在十分钟内做完练习。 63. Will you please ask the ministerto reconsider before taking a decisive step? 你能不能让大臣在采取决定性的步骤之前重新考虑一下。 64. The judge merely wants toknow the truth. 法官只不过想知道事实真相。 65. The tailor was busy measuringa customer for a suit. 裁缝正忙于为一个顾客量身材,以给他做一套衣服。 66. The students are kept busy reviewingtheir lessons all day long for the college entrance examination. 学 生们整天忙于为大学入学考试复习功课。 67. I t is possible but not probablethat director will go there next week. 有可能,但也不见得,主任/导演下周要到哪儿去。 68. The drivers and conductors gavehim a warm welcome on his arrival. 他一到达,那些司机和售票员们就给了他热烈的欢迎。 69. Judging from the post mark onthe envelope, the letter was probably posted forty daysago rather than ninety days ago. 从信封上的邮戳来判断,这封信很可能是 40 天以前寄出的,而不是 90 天以前。 70. Her daughter was one of the modellibrarians in 2006. 她女儿是 2006 年的模范图书管理员之一。 71. Don't forget to take medicine regularlythree times a day. 不要忘记一天三次定时服药。 72. A government officialshould put the people's interests/benefits before his own. 政府官员应该把人民的利益放在高于自己利益的位置。 73. Boards are laid down to protect the preciouspainted stones while the repair work is going on. 在修理工作进行期间附上木板,以保护那些绘有花纹的宝石。 74. China is a country belonging tothe third world. 中国是属于第三世界的一个国家。


75. This kind of material is widelyused in plastic industry. 这种材料在塑料工业上被广泛的使用。 76. My aunt is seriously ill, and wemust send for a doctor at once. 我婶婶病得厉害,我们得马上派人去请医生。 77. Without the teacher?s permission,everyone is forbidden to walk out of the classroom. 未经老师许可,大家都不许走出教室。 78. None of the musical instrumentsare made in Germany.这些乐器没有德国制造的。 79. Before the job interview the intervieweegot nervous. 在工作面试之前,这个面试者变得紧张起来。 80. They went to rebuild the bridge damagedby the floods. 他们去重建被洪水毁坏的桥。 81. Christmas Day falls on December25th. The Whites enjoyed a merry Christmas in China last year. 12 月 25 日是圣诞节。怀特一家在中国度过了一个愉快的圣诞节。 82. It?s no use quarrelling about itwith such a man. 与这样的一个人争吵这件事情没有用。 83. Another problem is that soil is gradually lost. 另一个问题是土壤逐渐流失。 84. My uncle always encourages me when I meet with difficulties. 当我遇到困难时,我叔叔总是鼓励我。 85. This valuable oil painting is worth more than a million dollars. 这幅珍贵的油画价值超过 100 万美元。 86. Geographically the United States may be separated into three major districts. 在地理上,美国被划分为三个较大的行政区。 87. British is a European country rather than an African country. 英国是欧洲国家,而不是非洲国家。 88. The person whom I have always admired for her courage is Madame Curie. 我一向佩服她胆量的那个人是居里夫人。

89. Sometimes it is difficult to pick up programmes clearly on the radio. 有的时候很清楚的接收到电台节目很难。 90. The trainer expressed her satisfaction with their scores. 教练对他们的得分表示满意。 91. A hurricane came unexpectedly and as a result we had an unpleasant journey. 一场飓风意想不到的到来,结果我们进行了一次令人不愉快的旅行。 92. The project which was agreed on last month will be put into operation soon. 上个月通过的那个工程很快就要操作了。 93. Fifteen percent equals three twentieths. 15%等于 3/20. 94. We are holding the meeting in honor of this great inventor. He is our honored guest. 我们举行会议以向这位伟大的发明家表示敬意,他是我们的贵宾。 95. The accident occurred (=happened)on Wednesday.事故发生在星期三。 96. He sent her a telegram announcing his immediate return to Pairs. 他给她发电报,告知他将马上返回巴黎。 97. This article is so difficult that we can?t understand it without the teacher?s explanation. 这篇文章很难,没有老师的解释我们很难读懂。 98. My grandfather said that he preferred the country to the city. 我爷爷说,乡村和城市相比,他更喜欢乡村。 99. The pupil pronounced a word wrongly and the teacher reminded him to pay attention to his pronunciation.那个学生把单词的一个音发错了,老师提醒他今后要更加注意发音。 100. Would you please tell us something about your experience in Europe. 你能不能告诉我们你在欧洲的一些经历。 101. This year our landlady is goingto celebrate her fortieth birthday. 今年我们的老板娘要庆祝她的 40 岁生日。 102. Natural gas was discovered in large quantities under the North Sea. 在北海下发现了大量的天然气。

103. Autumn is the season of harvest.秋天是收获的季节。 104. Stars fill every part of the known universe.星星遍布已知宇宙各处。 105. Your granddaughter looked disappointed when her request was turned down. 当请求被拒绝时,你孙女看起来很失望。 106. He saw a man on horseback in the distance.他看见远处有个骑马的人。 107. Grammar is of great importance to English beginners.语法对英语初学者很重要。 108. The young musician is going to hold a concert .那个年轻的音乐家要举办一个音乐会。 109. Sometimes I have biscuits for breakfast.有时我早餐吃饼干。 110. This expert devoted all his life to educating the children.这位专家一生都致力于教育孩子。 111. Strictly speaking, your answer is not quite right.严格说来,你的答案不十分正确。 112. The tourists began to make preparations for the long journey in January. 哪些游客开始为一月份要进行的长途旅行做准备。 113. Professor Wang is a person of great determination .He spent twenty years in carrying outthe experiment.王教授是一个要毅力的人。他花费了 20 年的时间来做这个实验。 114. The grandson wanted to buy a box of chocolates. But his grandmother was not unable to affordit.孙子 想要买一盒巧克力,但祖母买不起。 115. The lab is equipped with modern electrical equipment.实验室配备要现代化的电气设备。 116. The new flat is furnished with splendid furniture.新套房布置有豪华的家具。 117. Good medicine is bitter in the mouth.良药苦口 118. The man had a narrow escape from death in the Cultural Revolution. 在文革中,那个人九死一生。 119. The majority of the people presentvoted for him .He was elected president by a narrowmajority.在场 的多数人为他投票,他以勉强过半的票数当选为董事长。 120. Can you give a description ofyour product?你能不能给我描述一下你们的产品。 121. News of victories and defeatskept coming from there. 胜利和失败的消息不断地从那儿传来。

122. Food and clothing are importantthings to human beings.对于人类来说衣食是很重要的东西。 123. They had a heated discussionbefore the question was settled. 在问题解决前他们进行过激烈的讨论。 124. Man is trying to exploit solar energy.人类正在开发太阳能。 125. The bomb exploded loudlyand the explosion sent the birds in the trees flying in alldirections. 炸弹轰隆一声爆炸,爆炸声使得树上的鸟儿朝四面八方飞起来。 126. Our house is very convenientfor the shop.我们的房子离商店很近。 127. They have the newspapers deliveredby lorry, plane or rail as soon as they are printed. 报纸一印发出来就被卡车、飞机或火车运走了。 128. Heavy snow promises a goodharvest. 瑞雪兆丰年。 129. I spent three quarters of anhour persuading him to give up the crazy idea. 我花了 45 分钟的时间说服他放弃那个疯狂的主意。 130. The English teacher started that classwith dictation .We dictated quite a few words and expressions.英 语老师那节课一开始进行了听写,我们听写了好几个单词和词组。 131. The adventurer told us of his adventureon Highway 66. 那个冒险家给我们讲述了他在 66 号公路上的冒险。 132. The judge was satisfied withZhou Lan? performance.裁判员对周兰的表现很满意。 133. Every teacher is asked to have furthereducation. 每一位老师都被要求进行继续教育。 134. Computer is one of the mostimportant inventions in this century. 计算机是本世纪最重要的发明之一。 135. Nowadays more and more wealthyfamilies send their children abroad for study. 如今越来越多的富裕家庭送子女到国外学习。 136. Under the leadership of theParty, we are sure to realize the four modernizations. 在党的领导下,我们一定会实现四个现代化。

137. If I had known his address, Iwould have written to you. 如果我早知道他的地址,我就会给他写信的。 138. I went downstairs to fetchmy raincoat.我下楼去取我的外衣。 139. My companion was filled with envyat my success.我的同事对我的成功充满了嫉妒。 140. Biology is a branch of naturalscience.生物是自然科学的一个分支。 141. A fork and knife is often used wheneating western food.吃西餐时常用刀叉。 142. The foreigners can speak twoother languages besides Spanish, Japanese , Indianand Greek. 除了西班牙语、日语、印地语和希腊语外,那个外国人和还能讲另外两门语言。 143. His income is double/twicewhat it was five years ago.他的收入是五年前的两倍。 144. An ant has two stomachs.蚂蚁有两个胃。 145. The engineer felt ashamedof being so rude to his team leader. 那位工程师因对队长如此粗鲁而感到惭愧。 146. Before getting on the plane you musthave your luggage (=baggage) weighed by the airportworkers.上 飞机前,你必须让机场人员称一下你的行李。 147. Please practise the dialogue--- Pratice makes perfect. 请练习一下这个对话——熟能生巧。 148. I bought a packet of cigarettes.我买了一包烟。 149. Hearing the good news, the Young Pioneerscheered and clapped. 听到那个好消息,那些少先队员们喝彩鼓掌。 150. Jia Sixie was well-known as a pioneerin farming.贾思勰是农学的先驱。 151. It is the custom to kiss eachother when people meet in France. 在法国人们相遇时彼此轻吻是个习俗。 152. The Frenchmen will be back nextFebruary.那些法国人明年 2 月回来。 153. The chemist has made someimportant discoveries in chemistry. 那个化学家在化学方面进行了一些重要的发现。

154. The machine doesn?t work. I?ll get it repairedthis evening. 这台机器失灵,我今晚要让人修一下。 155. Will you do me a favour to booka magazine while you are in the post office? 你在邮局时帮我订一份杂志好吗? 156. The history teacher sang us hisfavorite song in his last lesson. 历史老师在上节课上给我们唱了他最喜欢的歌曲。 157. In modern society many people suffer alot from the polluted air. We should fight a battle against pollutionto protect our environment. 在现代社会许多人饱受空气污染之苦。我们应该与污染作斗争,以保护我们的环境。 158. The juiceof this kind of fruit is extremely sweet.这种水果的果汁极甜。 159. Theman in a sweater wiped the sweat on his face and went on workingin the field. 那个穿毛衣的人擦了擦脸上的汗水,继续在田野里干活。 160. The typistlearned the technique of typing in that technical school. 那个打字员是在那个技术学校学会打字的。 161.Which is the larger continent, Asia or Africa? 哪一个是较大的州,亚洲还是非洲? 162. Ihaven?t much belief in his honesty.我不大相信他的老实。 163. Withthe development of modern agriculture and industry,more and more waste is produced. 随着现代工农业的发展,越来越多的废物被生产出来。 164. Thereis going to be a volleyball match between Americaand Russia. 美国和俄罗斯之间将有一场排球比赛。 165. Altogetherthere are more than two thousand students coming from peasantfamilies and no more than three hundred coming from workers?families. 总共有 2000 名学生来自农民家庭,只有 300 名学生来自工人家庭。 166.Besides his work in physics, Einstein was active in politics.


除了物理学方面的工作以外,爱因斯坦还积极参与政治。 167. Marxleft his native country for Francefor political reasons. Later on he took French nationality and became a Frenchcitizen. 由于政治原因,马克思离开祖国去了法国。后来他取得了法国的国籍,成立法国公民。 168. Theink is taken out by special technique.墨水可用一种特殊的技术出去。 169.Johnson was badly paid in this company, so he can?t make endsmeet. 约翰逊工资待遇很差,所以不能量入为出。 170. Suppose/Supposingthere were another planet with the same conditions as those onthe earth, that would be great.假如还有另外一个与地球状况相同的行星,那该多好。 171. The beautyand her husband visited a beautiful island surrounded wit greentrees. They were deeply struck by the beauty of nature there. 那个美人和她的丈夫参观了被绿树环绕的美丽岛屿。他们被那儿的自然美景深深迷住了。 172. Tomthrew the ball to Jim. Jim seized it quickly and in no time passed it toPeter. 汤姆把球扔给了吉姆,吉姆很快抓住后,又立即传给了彼得。 173.Senior Three students are required to attend the lecture on time. 高三学生被要求准时听讲座。 174. MrBush was brought up in Chinaso he has a good knowledge of Chinese history. 布什先生从小在中国长大,所以他精通中国历史。 175. Weare all anxious about his safety, for he is doing a most dangerousjob. 我们都担心着他的健康,因为他干着一项非常危险的工作。 176. Whenit suddenly began to rain we dived into a village.. 当天突然开始下雨时,我们冲到一个村子里。 177. Wetake the socialist road in China. We are sure socialismhas more advantages over capitalism.我们中 国走社会主义道路。我们坚信社会主义比资本主义有更多的优越性。 178. The butcherwhispered a few words to the captain.那屠夫低声给船长说了几句话。 179. I?m terribly(=very) sorry to tell you that the situation here seems hopeless.


我很遗憾地告诉你这儿的形势很令人绝望。 180. Our monitoris making rapid progress in mathematics (=maths) because of his scientificstudy method. 由于科学的学习方法我们班长数学学习进步很快。 181. Therobber advanced toward(s) the bank clerk shouting angrily. 那个强盗愤怒地大喊着朝银行职员冲过去。 182. The standard(=level) of living in our country is lower than in yours. 我们国家的生活水平比你们国家的要低。 183. Withthe ban on smoking, the tobacco company has suffered a lot of losses. 因为那个戒烟令,烟草公司遭受了很大的损失。 184. Theauthor left for a variety of reasons (=for various reasons.) 这位作者因种种原因离开了。 185. Thelittle boy was playing with a wooden gun.那小孩在玩木枪。 186. An unusualthing happened (=occurred) while the traveler were making a voyageacross the Atlantic Ocean.那位旅行者在穿过大西洋时,发生了一件异常的事。 187. Inthe museum the visitors saw the nation?s art treasures. 在博物馆来宾看到了国家的艺术珍宝。 188. Communicationsand transport are a problem in that area. 通信和交通运输是那个地区的一个问题。 189. Wordquickly about the accident spread throughout the country. 关于那个事故的消息很快传遍了全国。 190. Hisname is unknown to us.我们不知道他的名字。 191. Weoften eat green vegetables because we have a vegetable garden. 我们经常吃绿色蔬菜,因为我们有一个蔬菜园。 192. Thisis the twelfth time the reporter telegraphed the editor. 这是记者第 12 次打电报给我。


193.Would you like to go to the cinema or the theatre/theater? 你想去看电影还是去看戏? 194. Thatfirm has the tallest chimney in the city, therefore you will haveno trouble finding it. 这个公司有城市中最高的烟囱,所以找到它没有什么困难。 195. I suggestedthe stranger arrive at the square before sunset. 我建议这个陌生人在日落之前到达广场。 196. The prisonerwas sentenced to death.这个罪犯被判死刑。 197. I cameacross a distant relative.我遇到了一个远亲。 198. Nowhe is in possession of a big company and has a high position insociety now. 现在他拥有一个大公司,并且在社会上有很高地位。 199. Weare to learn the sentence patterns by heart, the first five in particular. 我们要用心学句型,尤其是前 5 个。 200. My opinionis opposite to your.我的看法跟你的相反。 201. The murdererhad a fierce look on his face when he fired his gun at the policeman. 当凶手向警察开枪的时候,他的脸上看上去很凶猛。 202. Honestlyspeaking, I don?t trust (=believe in) your headmaster. 老实说,我不相信你们的校长。 203.Please accept my congratulations on your marriage.请接受我对你新婚的祝贺。

语法攻略 100 句背诵
It 句型 1. 2. It is/has been 3 years since he got married.他结婚 3 年了。 It will be 3 years /a long time before everything returns to normal. (将)要 3 年/很长时间一切才恢复原状。 3. It was 3 hours before the fire was put out.过了三个小时大火才被扑灭。


4. 5.

It won?t be long before he comes back.不会要很久他就会回来的。 It/This is/wasthe first(second) time (that) I have been/had been here. 这是我第一(二)次我来这里。


It makes no difference to me when the sports meeting will be held. 运动会什么时候举行对我说无关紧要。


Two many students find itdifficult to get into the classroom on time in the morning.太多学生觉得早上 按时到校很难。 It is no use/good learning without practice.学而不用没有用处/不好. It was Oct 1st,1949 when PRC was founded. 中华人民共和国成立的时间是 1949 年 10 月 1 日。

8. 9.

10. It was on Oct 1st,1949 that Chinawas founded. 中华人民共和国就是在 1949 年 10 月 1 日成立的。

11. If I were you, I wouldn?t helphim. 如果我是你,我就不会帮他。(与现在) 12. If it were to rain tomorrow, Iwouldn?t go for the picnic. If it should rain… If it rained … 如果明天下雨,我就不去野餐。(与将来) 13. If you had come earlier, you wouldhave met him. 如果你早一点来你就会遇上他了。(与过去) 14. (How)I wish I knew the answernow, but I don?t know. 我希望我现在知道答案。(wish) 15. (How)I wish I had known theanswer, but I didn?t know. 我希望我当时知道答案,但我不知道。(wish) 16. I would rather you had finishedyour homework. 我宁愿你已经完成了作业。

I would rather (that) you came to see me tomorrow. 我宁愿你明天来看我。 Iwould rather (that) you left now. 我宁愿你现在就离开。 17. If only I had been to Beijing. 要是我去过北京就好了。(ifonly) 18. If you had taken/followed the doctor?sadvice then, you would recover now. 如果你听了医生的劝告,你现在就康复了。(混用) 19. He suggested that we (should) put the meetingforward. His accent suggested that he came from Hubei. 他建议我们提前开会,他的口音暗示他来自湖北。(宾从中虚拟与陈述) 20. What is required at the meeting is that thenight school (should) be set up by October 1.会议上提出的要 求是夜校要在 10 月 1 号前建立。 21. He hesitated for amoment before kicking the ball, otherwise he would have scored a goal.他在进球之前 犹豫了一下,要不然,球就进了。 情态动词 22. It?s possible that he was linked to the case: he mighthave had a hand in planning the murder.有可能他 和这个案子有关:他可能参与计划了这起谋杀案。 23. We all surprised to hear that Jenny should haveaccused her parents of their family violence behaviors. 我们都很惊讶地听说 Jenny 竟然起诉她父母的家庭暴力行为。 24. He should have told me the truthearlier. 他本该早点告诉我事实真相的。(情态动词) 25. Mike can?t be cleaning the classroom now.I saw him playing basketball on the playground a moment ago. Mike 肯定不在打扫教室。刚才我看见他在操场上打篮球。 26. I was on the high way when this car went pastfollowed by a police car. They must have been driving at least150 kilometers an hour. 我正在高速上行驶,突然一辆警车尾随的汽车超过我。他们肯定是以 150k/h 的速度在开车。 27. He must have arrived in Shanghai yesterday,didn?t he? 他一定在昨天已经到达了上海,是吗?(反意疑问句) 感叹句,强调句,主谓一致

28. What a nice day today! What fine weather it is! How fine the weather is! 今天天气多么好啊! 29. What fun it is to swim in thehot day! 热天游泳是多么有趣的事啊! What good newsit is! 多么好的消息啊! 30. How beautiful the flowers are! 这些花多么漂亮啊! 31. It is the ability to do the jobthat matters not where you come fromor what you are. 是做工作的能力而 不是你来自哪里或者你是什么重要。 32. It was not until she tookoff her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star. 直到她取下深色 的眼镜,我才意识到她是个有名的电影明星。 33. How was it that theymanaged to finish the work in such a short time? 他们究竟是怎么样在如此短的时间完成工作?(强调句型的疑问句) 34. Mary along with/as well as/together with her parents lives inthis house. 玛丽和她的父母亲居住在这个房子里。 35. It is I, rather than he, that am to blame. 我而不是他应该受到责备。 36. Large quantities ofwater have been polluted.大量的水已被污染。 37. Between the two windows hangsa picture/hang two pictures. 在两扇窗子中间挂着一幅图画。

38. It has been raining in the pastthree weeks. 过去三周一直在下雨。(完成时间状语) 39. He was writing a book last year, but Idon?t know whether he has finished it. 他去年在写一本书,我不知道他写完了没。 40. The plane is arriving in 5 minutes. 飞机将于 5 分钟之后到达。(进行时表将来) 41. I had meant to come here, but I was toobusy then.(过去完成时) 我本来打算来这儿的,但是当时太忙了。


42. If he comes today , I won?t go.今天如果他会来,我将不走。(主从句时态) 43. He studied in Shanghai for 3 years, and then he haslived in Beijing till now/ since then/ever since 他在 上海读了三年书。然后就一直住在北京。(过去时,完成时) 44. I will have written 200 poems by theend of next term. 到下学期末为止,我将写完 200 首诗。(将来完成时) 45. He is afraid of being laughed at/operatedon.他害怕人嘲笑。 (被动中的介词不省略) 46. The workers get paid by the month.这些工人按月发工资。(get 表被动) 47. His theory proved (to be ) true.他的理论被证实是对的。(系动词) 48. This book sells well and is worthreading. Besides, it is easy to understand. 这本书好卖,而且值得一读,另外,这本书读起来易懂。 49. The Great Wall is worth reading. (=Itis worthwhile to visit the Great Wall ). 长城值得参观。

50. The plane flew ten times as high as the kite. (那架飞机飞行高度是那个风筝的十倍。)

51. The big tree is four times the height of that small one. (这颗大树的高度是那棵小树的四倍。) 52. We have produced twice more grain this year than we did last year. (我们今年生产的粮食是去年的两倍。) 53. There are five times as many students as we expected. (到的人是我们预计的五倍。) 54. I spent twice as much time on my studies as you did. (我花在学习上的时间是你的两倍。) 55. The more careful you are, the fewer mistakesyou will make. (你越仔细,出错越少。) 56. I can?tagree with you more. (我完全同意你的意见。)

57. Tom jumps no higher than I do. (Tom 和我一样都跳得不高。) 58. She studies harder than anyone else in her class.=She studies harder than any other student in herclass. (她比她班上任何学生学习更努力。) 59. I have never seen a betterfilm (than this).(我从未看过比这还好的电影。)

60. Seldom has she tried toclarify the misunderstanding between us since we quarrelled last month. 自从我们上个吵架后,她很少试图澄清我们之间的误会。 61. Only when he returned did wefind out the truth. 只有当他回来时,我们才能查明事实真相。 62. Never before have Iseen such a moving film. =I have never seen such a moving film before. 以前我从未看过这么感人的电影。 63. Hardly had I sat downwhen the bell rang. 我刚一坐下电话就响了。 64. Not until he left his home did he began toknow how important the family was for him. 家他才开始了解家对他而言是多么的重要。 直到他离开

So suddenly did the earthquake occur that no one managed to escapefrom their collapsing houses. 地震发 生的如此突然,没有一个人成功地从快要倒塌的房屋中逃离。 65. So dark was it that hecouldn?t see the faces of his companions. 天这么黑,他看不见同伴的脸。 So hard does he work that he is popular with his teachers. 他学习努力以至于很受老师喜欢。 66. Young as she is ,she hasseen much of the world. 她虽然年轻,但却见过很多世面。 67. Should it rain tomorrow,the sports meeting would be put off. 万一明天下雨,运动会就会推迟举行。

68. Present at the meeting aresome scientists from China. 出席会议的是一些来自中国的科学家。

69. I found him lying on his back on theground. 我发现他仰卧在地上 (v-ing 作宾补) 70. Can you see the bridge being built/ tobe built next year / built in 1990? 你能看见这个在修建的/ 明年将要建的/ 1990 年建的大桥吗?(非谓语作定语) 71. I can?t imagine his (him) swimmingacross the river alone. 我无法想象他独自游过了这条河。(ving 作宾语) 72. He died, leaving an orphan. 他死了,留下一个孤儿。(结果状语,顺承关系) 73. He arrived at the station, only to findthe bus had left. 他到达车站却发现车已经离开了。(结果状语,出乎意料) 74. The patient needs operating on at once. 这位病人需要马上做手术。 75. Seeing the dog, he stopped his car. 看见狗,他停下了车。 76. The professor came in, followed by thestudents. 教授来了,后面跟着学生。 77. Addicted to playing computer games, hewas absent-minded in class. 沉迷于网络游戏,他上课心不在焉。 78. So many people being absent, the meetinghad to be put off. 由于如此多的人缺席,会议不得不推迟。 79. Not having received a reply, he decidedto write a sixth letter 没有收到回复,他决定写第 6 封信。

80. I can never forget the day when we worked together and the day (that/which) we spent together. 我不能忘记我们在一起工作和一起度过的日子. 82. I will never forget the day when (onwhich) I joined the party. 我永远也忘不了我入党的日子。(关系副词) 83. There are 54 students in our class, of whom the most diligent is a newcomerfrom a faraway mountain village. 我们班有 54 人,其中最勤奋的是一个来自于遥远的山村的新同学. 84. As I explainedon the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting. 正如我在电话中所解 释的,你的请求将会在下次会议中被考虑. 85. He was educated at a local school, during which time he studied very hardand was made (elected) Chairman of the Students? Union. 他在当地的一所学校里接受教育,在此期间,他学习非常努力,并被选为学生会主席. 86. I can think ofmany cases where students obviouslyknew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn?t write a good essay. 我可以想起很多学生明显知道很多英语单词和表达却不能写出一篇好文章的实例. 87. Weall know that, if (it is) not carefullydealt with, the situation will get worse. 我们都知道,如果没有认真处理的话,这种情况将会变得更糟. 88. How long do you think itwill be before China sends a manned spaceship tothe moon? 你认为再过多长 时间中国才能把人造飞船发射到月球. 89. Each/Every time I was in trouble, he would come and help me out. 每次我有困难的时候,他都会来帮我解围. 90. No matterhow/However difficult the task is, we will try our best to complete itbefore the deadline. 无论任务多么艰巨,我们都将尽力在最后期限之前完成. No matter what decisions you make, I willsupport.

91. That the earth moves around the sun is known to all.

It is known to all that the earth moves around the sun. What is known to all is that the earth moves around the sun. 众所周知,光是以直线传播的。 As is known to all, the earth moves around the sun.(非限制性定语从句) 92. When and where the house will be built is stillbeing discussed. 房子何时何地会建正在讨论当中。 93. China is no longer what it used to be. 中国不再是曾经的样子了。 94. Whoever is elected should do what he can to help the people. 任何当选的人应该尽其所能帮助人民。 95. I really wondered what it was that made him so angry. 我真的想知道到底是什么使得他那么生气。 96. It remains to be seen whether you are right. 你是否是对的还拭目以待。 97. That?s because he didn?t understand me. 那时因为他不理解我。 That?s why he got angrywith me.那正是他对我生气的原因。 The reason why I was sad was that he didn?t understand me. 我难过的原因是他不理解我。 98. You?ve no idea how important it is for us to learn English well. 你不知道对于我们来说学好英语有多么重要。 99. After years of hardship, they finally reached what is called Americanow. 多年的艰辛之后,他们最终到达了现在被称作“美国”的地方。 100. What they have in common is that theyare all independent. 他们的共同之处是他们都很独立。 101. What used to be considered impossible hasnow turned into realities. 过去被认为不可能的事情现在都变成了现实。

102. Word came that our team won the footballmatch.消息传来,我们队赢了足球比赛。 103. University graduates have no idea (of) what it takes to start acompany. 大学毕业生不知道开一家公司需要什么。 104. She said that the plan would work out well. That was where I disagreed. 她说计划会进行良好,那正是我不同意的。 105. It?s said that he has been admitted toan ideal university. He is said to have been admitted to anideal university. It was reported that a bridge would bebuilt here. A bridge was reported to be built here. 106. He insisted on going and that what hedid was not wrong and that he be set free. 107. We suggest taking effective measures and that heshould be sent where he is badly needed. The expressions on his facesuggest that he was content/satisfied with it

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