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The 3rd Period

Language points

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P42.Using Words And Expressions

1 1. In the twenty-first century, educated people find it
difficult to believe that living conditions in the nineteenth expose people _____ century ________ to serious illnesses. The link illness _____ to drinking reports of many doctors _______ polluted water. However, one hundred years ago people did not connect a disease to the environment. So they did not _______ blame the companies that supplied dirty water. The doctors found that the dirtier the water, the more ______ severe the illness. It was only later when people began to examine test its quality that they_______ _______ the water and _____ rejected the idea that cholera was _________ absorbed from the air. It was only when everybody began to attack the dirty conditions defeated and was not a problem any that cholera was _________ more.

Expressions & phrases (1)
1. know about… 了解……的情况 2. lift up 3. steam engine 举起;抬起;提升 蒸汽机

4. physical characteristic 人体的特征 5. put forward a theory about black holes 提出一个有关黑洞的理论

6. infectious disease


7. in scientific research 在科学研究上

8. examine a new scientific idea 验证一个新的科学思想

9. draw a conclusion


10. analyse the results 分析结果
11. a well-known doctor 一个著名的医生

12. ordinary people
13. expose (…)to sth.


14. the most deadly disease 最致命的疾病
15. terrified people 17. absorb sth. into… 被吓坏的人们 16. get interested in sth./doing sth. 对…产生兴趣 把….吸收入….

18. gather the information 收集信息 19. determine to do sth. 决心干某事

20. a valuable clue


21. the water pump 23. link … to …


22. in addition (to…) 除..…之外还有…


(be linked to…)

24. have it delivered (have sth. done) 叫某人送东西

25. die of… 死于…
26. announce with certainty 肯定地宣布 27. polluted water 29. deal with… 被污染的水

28. prevent sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人干某事 处理……

30. solve the problem 解决难题

Expressions & Phrases (2)
1. come to an end 3. look into… 到了尽头

2. find the cause of this illness 找出疾病的起因 调查…… 4. apart from… 除…..之外;此外 (=except for…) 5. prepare for… 预备好…. 6. be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求

7. a revolutionary theory 一个革命性的理论
8. lead to… 通向…. ;导致… (注意:to为介词)

9. make sense 有意义

10. at times =sometimes 有时候
11. contribute to sth. 有助于;促进

12. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 13. point of view 观点

14. living conditions 居住条件 15. break… in/into pieces 把…摔成碎块 16. be devoted to sth./sb. 专致于…….; 关心…;挚爱…

17. devote one’s life to doing sth. 献身于…..
18. curved line 曲线

19. achieve great success 取得巨大的成功

Language Points & invent
discover v. “ 发现“,被探索或被揭示物老早就客观存 在着. Columbus discovered America in 1492.哥伦布于1492 年发现了美洲.

Who discovered radium?


invent v. “发明”,指的是发明原先不存在的东西.

Who invented the steam engine? 谁发明了蒸汽机?
2.Who invented the way of giving electricity to everybody in large cities?是谁发明了把电带给大城市 中的每个人的办法?

the way of doing sth.= the way to do … “做…..的方法” She showed us the way of cleaning it.= She showed us the way to clean it.她给我们示范清洗它的办法. the way引导的定语从句的引导词有三种, 可以用that;可以 用in which;还可以省略.

I don’t like the way (that/ in which) you speak to your father 我不喜欢你跟你父亲讲话的方式. 与way相关的短语:

by the way 顺便说
lose one’s way 迷路

by way of … 通过……的方法
no way (俚语) 没门,别想

feel one’s way 摸黑走,谨慎从事on one’s way to…在去…的路上
in this way=by this means=with this method用这种方法

3.Who put forward a theory about black holes?谁提出了黑洞的理论?

put forward
(1) to offer (an idea, suggestion etc.) for consideration 提出(建议等) (2)推荐某人或自己任职位;提名 May I put your name forward as our monitor?我能否提名你当我们 的班长?

put away 抛弃;舍弃
put on 穿上;戴上;增加 put out 熄灭(灯);扑灭 (火) put up with… 忍受……

put down 写下来;记入名单;
put off 耽误;延期 put up 建立;建造

?You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please ______ the books when you’ve finished with them. A. put on B. put down C. put back D. put off

4.This was the most deadly disease of its day. die (v.) dead (adj.) death (n.) deadly adj. 1.dangerous; likely to cause death 危险的;致命的 a deadly disease/weapon 2. highly effective against sth. or someone 强有力的;致命 的 a deadly remark 击中要害的评论 3. aiming to kill or destroy意在杀死的;不共戴天的: a deadly enemy不共戴天的敌人

adv. 1. Very极度;非常;十分: deadly serious 十分认真 2. like death 死一般地: deadly pale 死一般苍白

5.But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera. 在句中是过去分词作后置定语,表示被动.意为“患霍乱 的”.如:The book written by Luxun is very popular. expose v. (1) to make visible 暴露 “expose ….to….”

He exposes his skin to the sun. 他把皮肤暴露在阳光下. (2)to reveal the guilt or wrong doing of …揭露;揭发 He exposed their plot.他揭穿了他们的阴谋. I threatened to expose him ( to the police).我威胁要(向警 察)揭发他.

expose to 使易受,使受 expose a fraud 揭穿 骗局 expose sth. to the light of day 把某事暴露于 光天化日之下 ? ? ? ? The disc, in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. A. recorded B. recording C. to be recorded D. having recorded

6. So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak.每次爆发霍乱时就有大批惊慌的 老百姓病死. every time是连词,引导时间状语从句,意为“每次,每当”, 如: Every time I meet him, I always think of the things happened between us.每次见到他,我就想起发生在我们 之间的事情. immediately, the moment, directly, instantly 等都可以作 连词,引导时间状语从句,意为“一……就……”,如:

I will give the letter to him immediately I see him.我一见 到他就把这封信给他. I came directly I got your letter.我一接到你的信就来了.

7.The first suggested that cholera multiplied in the air without reason.第一种看法是霍乱病毒在空气中无缘无 故地繁殖着.(Suggest 用法参考P43.4,并完成相关的练习) 8.absorb v. 吸收(液体);承受;承担 (费用等)
Use the cloth to absorb the spilled ink. 吸干撒的墨水

We will not absorb these charges.我们不能承担这些费用.

I was absorbed in a book and didn’t hear you call.专心 看书


The big company has gradually absorbed these small companies into its own organization.这家大公司逐渐将这 些小的公司吞并了。
9.valuable (1) adj. worth a lot of money值钱的;贵重的;有价值的 a valuable diamond 贵重的宝石 valuable information 重大的消息

(2) n. (常用复数形式) sth. that worth lots of money贵重物 品
Mary kept her valuables in a safe. 玛丽把她的贵重的东西藏在保险箱里. addition adv. as well as 另外
In addition, the course also produces practical experience. 此外,这门功课还提供了实践的基础.

A number of people came to the zoo in addition to Per and Paul. 彼得和保尔以外,还有许多别的人来到动物园.

Finish Exercises on P4 & P42.P43 Ex.3.4.5.

1.Finish the exercises on your book. 2.Review


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