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Guess what do people feel in each picture? What kind of emotions can you think of? [来源:学科网ZXXK] words related to the emotions Fill in the form with the adjective form of the words. Noun exciteme happines nt s excited happy Adjective Noun Adjective frustratio sadness fear n fearful frustrated sad Some of your classmates are talking about their feelings. Help them choose the correct form of the word tovery complete sentences 1. I was anger /the angry. I was anger / angrier than ever before. 2. I felt contentment / content after the match. I knew I had tried my hardest, and a feeling of contentment / content came over me. [来源:学科网ZXXK] ? 3. I sense some frustration / frustrated from you. Are you frustration / frustrated because you did not win? ? 4. I was so fright / frightened during the horror film! I am still recovering from the fright / frightened. ? 5. I know that many people are concern / concerned about me. I have received letters from so many people, all expressing their concern / concerned. ? 6. I’m jealous / jealousy of her success but I am trying to replace my jealous / jealousy with happiness for her. Practice Flora entered a speech competition. Read her diary entry and help her fill in correct words to speech describe her I was ? the When I first heard about the competition, excitement full of ______________, I knew I wanted to go for it, but feelings. I was also _________ that I would not win. afraid I spent many hours practicing my speech and trying to improve it. My friends all said I had a lot of courage. frightened if they They said they would be very _____________ had to speak in public. ? After the competition was over, I felt I had done a good job. When I found out I was not the winner, I was filled with ______________ and ____________ of the boy frustration jealousy who came first. Even after all my hard work, someone else did a better job than I did! ? I felt many different things. First, I was _________ angry with the judges. Then I became very _________. sadI cried a lot, and couldn’t feel __________ about anything. My happy parents were very _______________ concerned about me. They felt I was thinking too much about winning, and not enough about my personal performance. ? They were right. I now realize that the boy who won made a better speech, but I did the best I could. I am _________ content with second place, because I know that I tried my hardest, and that is more important than winning. [来源:学科网ZXXK] V


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