Unit13 People--Lesson 2 Personalities and Jobs(ppt)_图文

Lesson 2 Personalities and Jobs

Words and Expressions personality athletic independent n.个性,性格 adj.喜爱运动的 adj.独立的


adj.整洁的 selfish adj.自私的 adj.敏锐的,锋利 sharp 的,尖的 characteristics n.特点,特性

Words and Expressions n.渴望、欲望 desire

satisfaction harvest biology aboard damp assistant


n.收获 n.生物学 prep.在(上)船(飞 机、火车、公共汽车) 上 adj.潮湿的 n.助手,助理

Words and Expressions clerk n.文员 n.售票员,指挥

butcher poet




Do you think there is necessary
connection between “ personalities

and jobs” ?

Can you think of some words about

athletic, confident, creative, independent, intelligent, neat, outgoing, patient, selfish, sharp

Look at the photographs and

guess what kind of job they

What personalities do you think they have?



Do you want to be a teacher? Why?


What characteristics a doctor needs have?





sportswoman sportsman

Like Bill Gates!

computer expert

Farmers play an important part in society, do you think so?


Work in pairs and discuss the following

1. What job do you want to do? Why?

2. What characteristics have you got
that are good for this kind of job? 3. What will you have to do to get this job? What skills will you need and what exams will you have to pass?

Complete each sentence with a word from the Key Words box.

athletic, confident, creative,
independent, intelligent, neat, outgoing, patient, selfish, sharp

confidentperson is someone who is 1. A ________ sure that he or she can do something or deal with a situation successfully. 2. A person with a _____ sharp mind is able to think and understand things very quickly.

3.________ Selfish person would care only about themselves and not about other people.

patient person can wait for a long 4. A ______
time for something without getting angry or worried.

5. Someone creative _______ is good at

producing new ideas and good ideas. 6. Someone intelligent _________ is clever and good
at understanding ideas and thinking quickly.

7. Someone _________ outgoing likes to meet

and talk to new people.
8. Someone ___________ independent is able to do things by themselves and in their own way.

9. A ______ neat person likes to keep things tidy.

10._________ Athletic like to exercise and are good at sports.

Listen to a class discussion
and answer the questions.

Use the Strategies to help

1.Which student believes that
computer programmers are not

sociable but they have to be

Xiao Dong

2. What characteristics do the students
think that tour guides should have? Independent , communicative and well – organized. They can deal with unexpected situations

and problems.

3. Li Liang said, “They must never give
up.” which job is he talking about here?

Farm technicians

4. What is Wang Shu’s opinion about
people who wish to be nurses? Caring and

concerned for
other people.

They want to
help others.

5. Who wants to be a doctor?

Cao Wen

Listen again and write down at least five ways of giving opinions.
1.My impression is that a lot Your of computer programmers Opinion are not very sociable. 2. It seems to me that they have to be creative. 3. As I see it , farm technicians are very important in our country.

4. I couldn’t agree more. 5. I’m certain that this is a very exciting job.

6.That’s cool ! 7. I would have thought that some of you might like to work in…

Listen to the dialogues and complete the
Function File. Mn, Anything else, Really, That’s

interesting, Yes, Right Showing interest

1. A: Did you know that Alice can speak three languages? B: ______? Really I find that very hard to

2. A: I feel that air lines should not allow

new-born babies aboard their long
distance flights.

B: _______, Yes I quite agree.
3. A: I ’ve just seen Ian holding a bunch

of flowers and walking into
restaurant. B: ____________. Anything else He told me he was going to the library! 4. A: Do you remember what I said


B: ________. Mn A: Well, it means that when things are going well……. 5. A: It really makes me mad… like that pink shirt! B: _______? Right

A: Yes! I really dislike it when… 6. A: we’ll only go camping if the sun is shinning . Otherwise we’ll go to the cinema and watch the new Jackie Chan movie.

B: _________________. That’s interesting I just
wanted to see…

Listen to the sentence. Repeat and draw arrows to show rising or falling intonations.

1. Would you? That’s great!
2. You’re right there!

3. That’s excellent.
4. That’s cool! Good for you!

Complete the passage with the correct words in brackets. Jackie is an (1) __________ independent (independent /independence) dolphin trainer. She used

to work at Sea World but she prefer the (2)____________ independence (independent/ independence) of making her own decisions. She loves her job because she says that dolphins are one of the most (3) _________ intelligent (intelligent/

intelligence) animals on earth. Jackie believes that any animal trainer has to have two important characteristics. The first is (4) ________ patience (patient/ patience). Animals take a long time to train so you have to (5) _________ patient

(patient/ patience) with them. The

second characteristic is (6)
__________ confidence (confident/confidence). Animals react well to (7)_________ confident (confident/ confidence) people. I asked Jackie if there was any other

animal with almost the same level of
(8) ___________ intelligence (intelligent/intelligence) as the dolphin and do you know what she replied? “human, of course!”

Choose a job from the list below and
write notes about the say what qualities

and skills are needed for the job.
architect, astronaut, accountant,

engineer, dentist, fire fighter, poet,

Would you enjoy doing these
jobs? Discuss in pairs. Showing

interest using the language in
Function File.

Write sentences about your

best friend and say what job
would be suitable for him /

her . Give reasons.


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Unit13 People Lesson2 Personalities and jobs
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