2015 高考高频词汇必背及训练系列 9
1.historical adj.历史的,有关历史的 This is a historical event of China. 这是中国的一个历史性事件。 historical/historic 辨析 historical:adj.通常表示和历史有关的、史学的或过去的。 historic:adj.通常表示历史上出名的或具有历史意义的。 This book is based on a historical event. 这本书来源于历史事件。 Waterloo is a historic battlefield. 滑铁卢战场是一个具有历史意义的战场。 用 history 的正确形式填空 (1)We have no________evidence for it. 单项填空 (2)The________Nanchang Uprising is the symbol of our formal fight against the enemy. A.history B.historic C.historical D.historied 2.pack (1)vt.& vi.捆扎,包装,挤满,塞满 She packed her bags and left. 她收拾好行李就动身了。 The room was packed with people.屋子里挤满了人。 (2)n.捆,包裹;一伙(人),一帮(人);大量,一大堆 a pack of cigarettes =a packet/a package of cigarettes 一包香烟 a pack of thieves 一伙小偷 a pack of lies 连篇的谎话 The workers________the glasses and marked on e ach box“This side up” . A.carried B.delivered C.pressed D.packed 3.reject v.拒绝(接受);废弃;摒弃 We felt a bit embarrassed,as our offer was rejected. 我们觉得有些尴尬,因为我们的提议被拒绝了。 Being disabled,he was rejected by many companies. 由于残疾,许多公司拒绝雇佣他。 The young generation has rejected many of the traditions and customs of its parents. 年轻一代摒弃了父母的许多传统习俗。 rejection n.拒绝 I have a good many things to fear,among which I fear rejection and loneliness most. 许多事让我害怕,其中最让我害怕的是被冷落和孤独。 refuse/reject 辨析 refuse:通常暗示决心且常带有粗鲁之义。可接名词、代词或动词不定式。主语为人、物均可。 reject:表示因为不令人满意、有缺陷或无用而抛弃;它暗示无条件的拒绝。后多接名词,主语为人。 She refused to help me.她不肯帮助我。 We rejected his idea for a music club,and decided to have an art club instead.

我们没有采纳他关于成立音乐俱乐部的想法,而是决定成立艺术俱乐部。 (1)The patient's body________the transplanted heart,which surprised all of them. A.reflected B.rejected A.rejected B.refused C.projected D.objected C.refusal D.rejection (2)Thousands of people________to pay taxes. (3)I asked him to lend me some money,but he________. A.refused B.rejected C.agreed (4)— Are you still mad at her? —Not really,but I can't________that her remarks hurt me. A.deny B.refuse C.reject D.decline 4.reaction n.反应 What was his reaction to the news? 他对这消息有何反应? reaction to sb/sth 对??反应/回应 in reaction to...对??作出反应/回应 These changes were not in reaction to the company's recent losses. 这些变动不是针对公司最近的损失而作出的反应。 react v.反应,回应 react to sb/sth 对??作出反应,回应 react against sb/sth 反对,反抗,抗拒?? react on/upon...对? ?有影响 react with...与??起化学反应 用适当的介词填空 (1)The eye reacts________light. (2)Your attitude will react________him. ( 3)He reacted________your punishment by not coming h ere. (4)Hydrogen(氢气)reacts________oxygen(氧气). 5.responsible adj.有责任的,应负责任的;可信任的,可靠的 You'd better give the paper to a responsible man. 你最好把文件交给一个可靠的人。 The pilot of the plane is responsible for the passengers' safety.飞行员要对乘客的安全负责。 responsibility n.责任 be responsible for sth 对??负责;作为原因 be responsible to sb 对某人负责 a sense of responsibility 责任感 have responsibility for sth 对??负责 It's one's responsibility to do 做??是某人的责任 注意:responsible 作“需负责任的,应负责任的”讲时,不可置于名词前。作“可靠的,可信任的”讲时, 可以放在名词前修饰名词。 Who's responsible for this terrible mess? 谁应该对这一团糟的局面负责? You can leave the children with him—he's very responsible.你可以把孩子留给他——他是非常可靠 的。 Now that you're 13 you should have more sense of responsibility. D.didn't do

你现在已十三岁了,应当有更多的责任感。 (1)Scientists found that the chemical was directly________for those deaths. A.responsible B. responsive C.guilty D.accounting D.responsive (2)Even though parents no longer live together,they each continue to be________for their children. A.responsible B.responsibility C.response 完成句子 (3)帮你提高英语是我的责任。 It's my responsibility________________you improve your Enlgish. 6.permission n.允许,许可 No official permission has been given for the event to take place. 这项活动未得正式批准,不能进行 。 She took the car w ithout permission. 她未经允许擅自使用了汽车。 permit vt.允许,准许 permit sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 permit doing sth 允许做?? ask for permission 请求许可 give sb permission to do sth 允许某人做某事 ask permission for sth 为某事报请批准 without permission 未经许可 with sb's permission/with the permission of sb 在某人的许可/准许下 (1)He entered the room without ________,which angered his parents. A.inviting B.asking C.told D.permission (2)I applied to the authorities for________to cross the frontier. A.permission B.permits C.excuse D.expedition (3)Passengers are p ermitted________only one piece of hand luggage onto the plane. A.to carry B.carrying C.to be carried D.being carried 7.ordinary adj.平常的,普通的 Readers of the magazine said t hey wanted more stories about ordinary people. 这本杂志的读者说他们想要更多关于普通人的故事。 out of the ordinary 不平常的,非凡的,特殊的 in the ordinary way 一般地,通常地 In the ordinary way,she's not a nervous person. 一般而言,她不是一个爱紧张的人。 I'm looking for something a little more out of the ordinary. 我正在找些稍不寻常的东西。 ordinary/common/general/usual 辨析 这四个词都有“普通的”意思,但含义有细微的不同。 (1)ordinary 与 common 意思相近。有“日常的” , “随时碰到的” , “平常的” , “平凡的” , “平淡无奇的”等 含 义,是 distinguished 和 superior 的反义词。

He is in ordinary clothes.他穿着平常的衣服。 (2)common 有“时时发生的” , “平凡的” , “阶级低微的”等含义。反义词是 rare 和 uncommon。 It was not a common thing for him to receive letters. 对他来说收到信不是常有的事。 (3)general 含有“多数的” , “较少例外的”含义,如普通的意见、习俗、习惯、规则、见解、真理等等。 He has a good general education. 他受到良好的普通教育。 (4)usual 多指“习惯性的” , “遵循常规的” , “一贯如此的” 。 He made the usual mistakes wh ich all beginners make. 他犯的就是那些初学者老犯的错误。 (1)Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as________sickness. A.normal B.regular C.average D.ordinary (2)Though he is an________worker,he works very hard. A.ordinary B.common C.usual D.general

(3)In my opinion,the________feeling is that you have made a serious mistake. A.general B.common C.ordinary 8.type n.类型,种类 different racial types 不同的人种 a rare blood type 罕见的血型 I love this type of book. 我喜欢这类书籍。 I love these types of books. 我喜欢这些种类的书籍。 考点提示: (1)type n.具有某种特征的人,典型;v.打字,打印 She's the artistic type. 她是艺术家一类的人。 She's not my type. 她不是我喜欢的那种人。 How fast can you type? 你打字有多快? (2)type of 后接的名词通常无冠词。 this type of hat=a hat of this type 这种样式的帽子 (3)同义词 kind/sort D.universal

①用单数 kind/sort 还是复数 kinds/sorts 取决于之前的用词 each/every/one kind of animal 每一种/一种动物 all/many/other sorts of animals 所有/许多/其他种类的动物 ②kind/sort of 后接单数名词或不可数名词,kinds/sorts of 后接复数名词或不可数名词。 This kind of question often appears in the exam. 这种问题在考试中常出现。 That sort of behaviour is not acceptable. 那样的行为是不允许的。 These sorts of behaviour are not acceptable. 这种行为是不允许的。 These kinds of questions often appear in the exam. 此类问题在考试中常出现。 单项填空 (1)Do you know what________of blood is yours? A .type 完成句子 (2)He is not________________to be unfaithful. 他不是背信弃义的那种人。 (3)They're two of________—both workaholics! 他们俩一个样——都是工作狂! 9.unique adj.独特的,唯一的,独一无二的,无人可比的 Each person's fingerprints are unique. 每个人的指纹都是不同的。 Van Gogh was a unique painter. 梵·高是一位独一无二的画家。 (1)作“唯一的,独一无二的”意思时可用 absolutely,totally 或 almost 修饰。作“独特的,罕见的” 讲时,可用 more,very 等修饰。 (2)unique to sb/sth 意为“(某人、地或事物)独具的,特有的” 。 The Koala is unique to Australia. 树袋熊是澳大利亚独有的。 In this lecture,I can only give you a purely________view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future. A.private B.personal C.unique D.different B.kind C.sort D.matter

10.through prep.

(1)凭借;因为;由于 You can only achieve success through hard work. 你只有孜孜不倦才能成功。 I heard of the job through a newspaper advertisement. 我从报纸广告中知道了这份工作。 (2)穿过,经过 The Thames River flows through London. 泰晤士河流经伦敦。 The burglar got in through the window. 窃贼是从窗户进来的。 (3)自始至终,从头到尾 The children are too young to sit through the concert. 这些孩子太小,音乐会没完就坐不住了。 He will not live through the night. 他活不过今天夜里。 考点提示: all through 一直;从来就 be through(with)完成;做好 through and through 地地道道,彻头彻尾 get through 通过;接通 go through 一直进入;通过 all through the night 整夜 break through 突破 (1)He suddenly saw Sue________the street.He pushed his way________the crowd of people to get to her. A.across;across C.over;into B.over;through D.across;through

(2)The sunli ght came in________the windows in the roof and lit up the whole room. A.through B.across C.on D.over

(3)—Have you________? —No.I had the wrong number. A.got in B.got away C.got off D.got through

答案:1.(1)historical (2)B 2.解析 句意:工人们把玻璃杯装好,并给每个箱子标上“此面向上”的标记。pack 包装,给??打包。 答案 D 3.(1)B (2)B (3)A (4)解析 答案 A 4.(1)to (2)on (3)against (4)with 5.(1)A (2)A (3)to help 6.(1)D (2)A (3)解析 考查非谓语动词。句意: “旅客只可以随身携带一件行李登机。 ”permit sb to do sth 允许某 人做某事,句中是被动语态,passengers 是 carry 的逻辑主语,用主动式。故选 A。 答案 A 7.(1)D (2)A (3)A 8.(1)A (2)the type (3)a kind 9.解析 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:在这次演讲中,就如何生活得丰富多彩(这个问题),我只能给出纯 个人的观点,并且对未来提出一些建议。根据句意,此处的观点应该只属于我个人而不涉及他人,因此选 择 B。private 私人的,隐私的;unique 独特的,独一无二的; different 不同的,差异的,均不合题意。 答案 B 10.(1)D (2)A 句意: “打通电话了吗?” “没有。电话号码错了。 ”get in 进入,插嘴;get away 逃脱,离 (3)解析 考查词义辨析。句意:——你对她还很恼火吗?—— 不恼火了。但我不能否认的是她的话确 实伤害了我。 deny 否认; refuse 拒绝;reject 拒绝;decline 下降,减少。

开;get off 下车;get through 通过;接通。答案 D


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