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Unit 2 Working the land

1.At that time,hunger was a disturbing problem in
many parts of the countryside.(p.10) 当时饥荒是许多农村地区面临的严重问题。

?词语归纳 hunger n.& v.饥饿,渴望;使……饥饿 hungry adj.饥饿的;渴望的 die from/of hunger 死于饥饿 hunger for/after sth.渴望 go hungry 挨饿

He had a hunger after knowledge and truth.

选用上述单词或短语填空。 Robbean would never forget that his little sister (1)____ due to the lack of food and her death made him determined to rid Africa of (2)____so that nobody would (3)____ any more.So when he had a chance to learn agriculture in China , he spared no effort to learn as much as he could.Yes,he had a (4)____ for knowledge about farming. (1)died of (4)hunger hunger (2)hunger (3)go hungry

2.Yuan Longping searched_for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields.(p.10) 袁隆平在不增加土地面积的基础上寻求达到增收 的途径。

词语辨析:search for,in search of,look for
search for 搜寻(动词词组) in search of 搜寻(介词词组)

look...for 搜查某地/某人寻找某物
The dog were in the forest in search of/looking for/searching for clues of the criminals. =The dogs searched the forest for any clues of the criminals. =The dogs were in the forest to look for any clues of the criminals.

选用上述短语填空。 (1)The poor professor felt everywhere on the floor ________ his glasses. (2)The police ________ the thief ______ the lost wallet. (3)What are you ________? You've been on net for ages.

(1)in search of/searching for/looking for (2)searched;for
(3)looking for/searching for

3.Thanks_to his research,the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger.(p.10) 多亏他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中又多 了些办法。

thanks to=because of 由于;多亏 Thanks to your help,we accomplished the task ahead of schedule. 亏得你们帮忙,我们才提前完成了任务。 rid...of 摆脱,除去 get rid of 摆脱,去掉


(1)____________(多亏你的帮助),we were successful.
(2)______________(幸亏他体质好),Jack was able to

pull through his recent serious illness.
(1)Thanks to your help

(2)Thanks to his strong constitution

B.完成下列句子。 rid myself of debt 摆脱了债务) at last. (1)I'm glad to _________________( to get rid of the bad habit (2)It's hard for her _________________________( 去掉这 个坏习惯).

4.Yuan Longping is quite satisfied with his life.(p.10)

?词语归纳 satisfy vt. 使满意;使确信;使消除疑虑 satisfy one's needs 满足某人的需要 be satisfied with 对……满意 with satisfaction 满意地 to one's satisfaction 使某人满意的是…… be far from satisfactory 远远不能让人满意

A.将下列句子译成英语。 (1)考试结果让我们大家都满意。 _____________________________________________ The result of the examination satisfied us all. (2)他圆满的解释消除了我的顾虑。

______________________________________________ His satisfactory explanation satisfied my doubts.

B.选用上述单词或短语完成下列小片段。 In order to (1)____the needs of my wife,I worked hard day and night.However,one day,the manager told me

though many clients (2)____my work,as a top salesman,

it (3)____.At that time I knew if I wanted (4) _____my
boss,I must work harder and harder.I did so.A (1)satisfy (2)were satisfied with (3)was far from satisfactory (4)to satisfy

few months later,I was asked to go to the manager's

office.He looked at me (5)_____and (6)_____,he
told me I was promoted as department manager.

(5)with satisfaction (6)to my satisfaction

5.Indeed,he believes that a person with too much money has more rather_than fewer troubles.(p.10)


?句型归纳 rather than 而不是 Would rather do sth.than do sth. Would do sth.rather than do sth.

Prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.
Prefer doing sth.to doing sth.

宁愿干某事, 而不愿干某事

Would rather that sb.did/had done sth.

选用上述短语填空。 (1)We ________live in the countryside________ in the city. (2)I________ you were here now. (3)He ________staying home ________ climbing the mountain with his parents. (1)would rather;than (2)would rather (3)prefers;to

(4)It is you ___________he that is to blame. rather than
6.He therefore gives millions of yuan to equip others

for their research in agriculture.(p.10)


?词语归纳 equip...with...用……装备…… be equipped with 装备着…… equip...for sth./to do sth.为了……而装备 be well/poorly equipped 设备精良的/较差的 equipment n. 装备;设备(不可数名词) a piece of equipment 一件设备

选用上述单词或短语完成下列小片段。 (1)________ much knowledge about education,Li Ming thought the training course had (2)____________ his job.He was appointed to a middle school , whose classrooms and readingroom (3)___________computers and other necessary (4)________.He was glad to see all this and when he saw the well (5)_________laboratory, he felt he liked the school and would do quite well there. (1)Having been equipped with (2)equipped him for (3)were equipped with (4)equipment (5)equipped

7.Now Dr Yuan has another dream:to export his rice so that it can be grown all around the globe.(p.10)
如今袁博士还有另外一个梦想:那就是看到他的稻谷 长遍全球。

export v.&n.输出,出口;出口物

exporter n.出口者
exportation n.输出,出口

The blood can also export waste products from the tissues. 血液还能从身体组织里排出废物。


(1)Oil has supplanted coffee ________________.
原油已经取代咖啡成为我们的主要出口货物。 (2)This company has a large home market and ________. 这家公司国内市场非常大,不需要出口。 (1)as our main export (2)doesn't need export

8.lost_in_thought 陷入沉思 ?词语归纳 be lost in thought 陷入沉思 be deep in thought 沉思 be/get lost in the forest 在森林中迷路 be sunk in deep thought 陷入沉思 I was so lost in thought that I almost forgot myself.



(1)The old man________and did not hear us come

(2)All the villagers went to search for the boy who
____________.(在森林中迷路) (1)was lost in thought (2)was lost in the forest

9.They focus_on keeping their soil rich and free of disease.(p.14)

?词语归纳 focus n.焦点,中心点 vt.集中,聚焦

focus on 集中(注意力,精力)于 focus one's mind/attention on 集中注意力于 Just turn up the music on your radio and focus on that. 只要打开收音机专心听音乐就行。


Global warming is the (1) _____of the meeting to be
held tomorrow.Experts from different countries will

(2)____ a possible solution to this problem.In fact
many scientists are (3)_____ this research.

(1)focus (2)focus on

(3)focusing their attention on


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