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Unit 2

Healthy eating

【素材示例】 话题:最近的一项调查表明,西安大约有50%的青少年 没有吃早餐的习惯。请用英语写一篇题为“Top Meal of the



Top Meal of the Day
A recent study shows that nearly 50 percent of the school kids in Xi'an do not have breakfast. They tend to feel sleepy in class and have bad memories, so it is hard for them to get high marks in all kinds of tests.①

Some students who study late into the night choose to miss breakfast so that they can have a few extra minutes in

bed.Others are given money to buy their breakfast on the
way to school because their parents are too busy to prepare it for them.In addition②,a few schoolgirls want to stay slim and often go to school without breakfast. In fact,the morning meal plays an important part.It

can provide 30 percent of the whole day's energy.For a
creative mind and better judgment,school kids should start their day with a regular breakfast.

【赏文酌句】 第一段:点明主题。 第二、三段:说明不吃早餐的种种原因。


【佳句模拟】 1.It is+adj./n.for sb to do sth某人做某事如何……。

[模拟] It is necessary for students to have breakfast.
学生吃早餐很必要。 2.in addition此外,另外,相当于besides,what's more。 [模拟] In addition,you should have more fresh fruits

every day.




1.日常饮食 n.节食 vi. diet
n.balance 核心 单词 3.牌示:标记;符号 n. sign 4.变细;减肥vi.苗条的 adj. slim 5.谎话;谎言 n.说谎 vi. lie

10.muscle n.
11.peach n.桃子 12.bacon n.熏咸肉 13.raw adj. 生的;未加工的 14.discount n. 折扣 15.consult vt. 咨询;请教;商量

2.平衡;权衡 vt.天平;平衡 肌肉;(食用)瘦肉

汉译英 6.顾客;消费者 n.


核 心 单 词 7.虚弱;弱点 n. weakness

16.fibre n.
纤维;纤维制品 17.glare vi.

8.强项;长处;力量 n. 怒目而视;闪耀;n.怒视 strength 18.combine vt.&vi.

9.消化 vi.&vt.摘要 n.


a balanced diet 重 2.体重减轻;减肥 点 lose weight 短 语 3.说谎 tell a lie

6.get away with 被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚

7.earn one's living 谋生
8.cut down 削减;删节 9.before long 不久以后 10.put on weight 增加体重

4.赢回 win...back
5.欠债 in debt

3.What do you think should go into a 1.再好也不过。 good meal? 经 典

Nothing could
be better. 2.那就是他 们所做的事。 That is what

4.“According to my research, neither your restaurant nor mine offers a balanced diet,”explained Wang Peng.

they did.


A.馨然过关 温故知新 B.基本通过


balance vt.平衡;权衡 n.天平;平衡

( 教 材 原 句 )What will happen to you if you don't eat a
balanced diet?如果你不均衡饮食,你会发生什么事呢?


keep the balance of 保持……的平衡
out of balance 失去平衡 keep one's balance 保持平衡 lose one's balance 失去平衡 balance against 权衡;使与……平衡








a________between work and relaxation.
(2012·天津,3) A.promise 完成句子 ②At first I thought it was a crazy idea because I didn't B.lead C.balance D.diary

have________ ________ ________ ________ ________(好的平
衡意识),nor did I have the ability to keep pace with the others on the team and they would tease me. (2011·北京·完形填空)

际关系。 She had ________ ________ ________working efficiency with good human relationships. 答案 ①C ② a good sense of balance ③ learned to


lie n.谎言;谎话

(教材原句)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with
telling people lies!他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚!


tell a lie/lies(to sb)(对某人)说谎
a white lie善意的谎言 lie to sb向某人撒谎 lie down躺下;平卧 lie in 在于

lie—lay—lain—lying 躺;位于

①At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River________,one of the ten largest cities in China. (2010·重庆,33) A.lies Chongqing B.Chongqing lies

C.does lie Chongqing

D.does Chongqing lie.


②A particular danger was thought to________ ________(在
于)public baths.By 1,538,the French king had closed the bath houses in his kingdom. (2011·重庆·阅读理解C) ③她担忧地每夜都躺着无法入睡。 She would ________ ________ at night worrying. ④他躺在沙发上很快就睡着了。

He________ ________on the sofa and soon fell asleep.
答案 ①A ②lie in ③lie awake ④lay down

consult vt.咨询;请教;商量
(教材原句)However,as she was so afraid of being laughed at

by her friends,she did not consult a doctor but lived on a
diet of rice,raw vegetables,bananas and lemons.然而,由 于担心被朋友们嘲笑,她没有咨询医生,而是吃米饭、生菜、 香蕉和柠檬(来减肥)。 联想拓展 consult sb about sth向某人请教或咨询某事 consult with sb about/on sth与某人协商某事


①I can't give you the thumbs up right now.I will have to go back to________with my director.

A.deal B.associate C.bargain D.consult

②The minister said,“We are ready for discussions with any legal parties,but we'll never________with criminals.” (2011·湖北,27)

A.negotiate B.quarrel



完成句子 ③越来越多的客户向他们咨询有关社会保障制度的变化。 An increasing number of clients________ ________ ________

________Social Security changes.
答案 ①D ②A ③are consulting them about

limit vt.限制;限定

(教材原句)I don't want to upset you,but I found your menu

so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the
benefits of my food.我并不想让你心烦,不过我发现你菜谱 上的菜太少了,所以我就不着急了,我也开始宣传我餐馆的 食物的好处。


be limited to...受限制于…… set a limit to...=put a limit on...限制…… within limits在一定的范围内 beyond/over the limit超过限度

①Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be
successful,but they may also________our thinking. (2011·湖北,26) A.direct B.limit C.change D.improve

完成句子 ②我仅讨论这一问题的三个方面。

I shall ________ ________ ________ three aspects of the
subject. ③我们的时间有没有限制? Is there any ________ of the amount of time we have? 答案 ①B ②limit myself to ③limit


get away with被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚
(教材原句)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚!


get about 走动;到处旅行;(谣言)传开
get down to sth 开始认真做某事 get over 爬过;越过;克服;痊愈;淡忘;了解,传达 get through 通过(考试);完成;用光;联络到;使明了 get to(doing) 到达;着手……;开始做……

①The school isn't the one I really wanted to go to,but I
suppose I'll just have to________it. (2011·浙江,6) A.make the best of C.keep an eye on B.get away from D.catch up with

②After that,he knew he could________any emergency by doing what he could to the best of his ability.

A.get away with C.get through B.get on with D.get across

完成句子 ③我不知道他们怎么支付这么低的工资而未受惩罚。

I don't know how they manage to________ ________
________ paying such low wages. ④考试作弊必予追究。 If you cheat in the exam you'll never________ ________ ________ ________.




③get away with

④get away with it

cut down砍伐;削减,降低

(教材原句)In this way they cut down the fat and increased the fibre in the meal.这样,他们减少了脂肪,增加了食物里 的纤维。


cut down 把……砍倒;胜过;说服……降价
cut down on 减少;缩减 cut in 插嘴;超车 cut off 切断;停掉;使电话中断;切下来 cut short 打断(讲话);中断(活动)

cut up 切碎;摧毁;使伤心
cut out 剪去;击败;删去;关闭

①He was in the mountain for a year.He felt as if he
was________from the outside world. A.cut out C.cut up B.cut off D.cut through


②你的文章太长,请把它删减到1 000字。
Your article is too long.Please ________ ________ ________ ________ 1,000 words. ③丈夫离开她之后,她痛苦极了。 She was really ________ ________ when her husband left her.

One of the aircraft's engines ________ ________. 答案 ①B ②cut it down to ③cut up ④cut out

——句型精析 表示最高级意义的句型,(教材原句)“Nothing could be better,”he thought.他想:“再没有比这更好 (吃)的了。”

句中形容词的比较级与否定代词nothing连用,表达最高级的 含义。有此用法的常用否定词有: no, not , never , hardly, nothing,nobody等。

联想拓展 表示最高级意义的几种特殊结构: (1)never+比较级 (2)nothing/no+so+原级+as...


完成句子 ①多么有意思的小说啊!我从来没看过比这更动人的小说。 What an interesting novel!I ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________novel.

=It's ________ ________ ________ ________that I have ever
read. ②我想不出比这更好的主意了。 I ________ think of ________ ________ idea.

英译汉 ③I can not agree with you more. ____________________________________________________


①have never read a more moving;the most moving

novel ②can't;a better

have sb doing sth 允许某人做某事 (教材原句)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with

telling people lies!他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们后跑掉! 联想拓展
have sb/sth doing sth让某人做某事/让某事发生(动作持续)(肯 定句) have sb do sth让某人做某事 have sth done让别人做某事;完成某事;遭遇不幸的事

have sth to do有事情要做

完成句子 ①我不允许你用那种粗鲁的方式跟你的妈妈说话。

I ________ ________ ________ ________to your mother in a
rude manner. ②这故事让我们笑个不停。 The story________ ________ ________all the time. ③老板让机器夜以继日地转个不停。

The boss________ ________ ________ ________day and


Don't be worried.I'll________ ________ ________ ________
finish the work. ⑤她从自行车上摔下来,摔断了腿。 She fell off her bike and________ ________ ________ ________.


①can't have you speaking

②had us laughing

had the machine running ⑤had her leg broken

④have Tom help you


表示不准、不许、禁止等。在回答带有 must 的问句时, 不用mustn't,而用needn't或don't have to。 2. shall 表示命令、履行义务、意愿、许诺、警告、强制、 威胁、决心等,一般用于二、三人称中,并用于陈述句。



1 . You ought to have helped him with his English , ________ you? 2.—________ we start early? —Let's not start too early.

3.You ________ not refer to your notes in the test according
to the rule. 4.—Need I finish the work today? —Yes,________ ________./No,________ ________.

5.—Must we do it now? —No,you ________. 答案 1.shouldn't/oughtn't 2.Shall 3.shall/must

4.you must;you needn't


Ⅱ.单项填空 1.It's quite warm here;we________turn the heating on yet. (2012·天津,8) A.couldn't B.mustn't C.needn't D.wouldn't

2.Days later,my brother called to say he was all right,
but________say where he was. A.mustn't C.wouldn't B.shouldn't D.mightn't (2012·江苏,28)

3.The police still haven't found the lost child,but they're
doing all they________. A.can B.may C.must (2011·四川,20) D.should

4.They________have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed. (2011·全国Ⅰ,32)





5.It________be the postman at the door.It's only six o'clock. (2011·江西,23) A.mustn't C.won't B.can't D.needn't

6.You________buy a gift,but you can if you want to. (2010· 湖南, 23) A.must C.have to B.mustn't D.don't have to

7.—May I take this book out of the reading room?
—No,you________.You read it in here. (2010· 陕西, 23) A.mightn't C.needn't B.won't D.mustn't

8.—________I take the book out? —I'm afraid not. (2010·四川,3)

A.Will B.May



9.Mark________have hurried.After driving at top speed, he arrived half an hour early.(2010·天津,9) A.needn't B.wouldn't



10 . What do you mean , there are only ten tickets ? There________be twelve. A.should C.will B.would D.shall












议论文 议论文是高考书面表达常考体裁,文章以议论为主,通

阐明作者的观点与主张,说服别人。议论文在内容上必须有 论点、论据和论证三要素,在结构上要有引子、正文和结论 三部分。

典题示例(2012·湖北) 请根据以下提示,并结合事例,用英语写一篇短文。 You cannot choose what you are given,but you can choose how you make use of it. 注意:1.无须写标题,不得照抄英语提示语;

3.文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称; 4.词数为120左右。


发表评论。 2.时态易用一般现在时态。 3.内容灵活,为半开放性内容。 套用模板

开头:引用“引语”,或据现象等提出论点。 正文:阐述自己的观点,论证自己的观点。 结尾:总结或号召。


①hold entirely different ideas ②ideas completely/entirely differ among... 2.做某事是个好/坏主意 ①It's a good/bad idea to do sth

②Doing sth/To do sth is a good/bad idea.

【佳作欣赏】 Youcann otcontrol what happens to you,but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you①,and in that,you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.② Take Lance Armstrong for example③,he is famous for

his courage.Though he was diagnosed with serious cancer
that had spread throughout his entire body,he overcame the cancer and won the Tour de France seven times from 1999to 2005.④He becomes one of the best athletes ever.

There is no perfect life in the world.⑤But we can change our fate.If we have confidence and work hard,we absolutely will be victorious.⑥I believe that we cannot change our

nprevious situation,but we can change the way we make use
of it.⑦

1.把所给信息巧妙地串联起来,信息丰富,语意饱满。 2.人是自己命运的主人。命运给予我们的不是失望之酒, 而是机会之杯。因此,让我们毫无畏惧,满心愉悦地把握命 运。rather than的使用,表达流畅,为文章添彩。

3.take...for example属较高级表达,比for example更生
动。 4....diagnosed with...与that引导的从句的使用,展示了 作者的语言应用能力,也使语言变得简练。

5 .作者鼓励自己要树立信心,才能到达胜利的彼岸。 confidence,absolutely,victorious几个高级词汇的运用,表 达简洁流畅。

些自己的看法,全文结构严谨,过渡自然,语言运用富于变 化,内容不仅入情入理,结构也层次分明,错落有致,这一 切足以证明考生的实力。


一封信。 72%, 看电视 12%, 看报纸 1.提供给人们更加生动的画面;

1.新闻报道比电视更具深度; 2.看报纸不受时间限制;


注意:1.描述出不同的看法和观点; 2.词数:120~150; 3.参考词汇:调查——survey;智力——intelligence;



Dear Editor,
We did a survey on how people get news.For most of us today,television is our main source of news in our daily life.According to the survey on the ways of getting news,72%of people watch TV , and only 12%read


Most people agree that TV presents more vivid

pictures to the TV viewers.Besides,TV reports are very
direct and brief.However,some people think the newspaper is a better source of news in many ways.First of all, newspapers can cover events in depth,and the reports include many details.Also,there is no time limit for reading

a newspaper.In addition,readers use their brains to follow
and get a news report,which helps improve their


1 . The minute I saw the look on my dad's face as he unwrapped those swirling black letters carefully placed in a cheap frame,I knew I had given the perfect gift.


分析:本句是一个复合句。句子的主句是I knew I had given

the perfect gift;the minute引导 时间状语从句,意为
“一……就……”;句中as同样引导时间状语从句,意为 “当……的时候”。placed in a cheap frame为过去分词短语 作定语;I had given the perfect gift是宾语从句。 译文:当父亲打开被认真放在便宜的包装里的盘旋排列的词


2.They were first introduced to Europe during the 1100s,

when armies returned from the Middle East with
knowledge of using wind power. (2011· 安徽· 阅读理解B) 分 析 : 这 是 个 主 从 复 合 句 , 主 句 为 They were first introduced to Europe during the 1100s;introduce这里表

示, “ 引进 ” ; when 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰 the
1100s;with knowledge of doing sth表示“懂得做某事”。 译文 :在 12 世纪,当军队从中东带着使用风力发电的知 识返回时,它们(风车)首次被传入欧洲。


1.The gradual bleaching(变白)of the Great Barrier Reef,
which came into the public eye in 2002, is his latest interest. (2011· 安徽· 阅读理解A) 分析: 该 句为含有定语从句的复合句。 which 引导非限 制性定语从句,指前面整个部分;come into the public

译文: 逐渐“白化”的大堡礁 2002年受到大众的关注, 也是他目前最感兴趣的事情。

2.“I'm delighted and amazed at how much media recognition that the Pulitzer brings,as compared to

even the National Book Critics Award,which I was also
surprised and delighted to win,”said Armantrout. (2010·山东·阅读理解C)

分析:句子的主干是典型的倒装结构:直接引语+said+主 语(Armantrout)。直接引语是一个复合句,其主干部分是 I‘m delighted and amazed at...;how much media recognition

是介词宾语,that the Pulitzer brings是定语从句,修饰
recognition;as compared to even the National Book Critics Award是省略了it is 的比较状语从句;which I was also surprised and delighted to win是非限制性定语从句,修饰 the National Book Critics Award。

我既高兴又惊讶,它甚至可以同国家书评奖相比,当然获得 书评奖时,我也感到惊讶和高兴。”


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