高一英语新人教版必修4同步练习 unit 3 a taste of english humour reading

Unit 3

第 2 课时 Reading

Ⅰ.单词拼写 读下面的句子,根据所给的首字母或汉语提示写出一个完整、准确的英语单词,使句子 顺畅。 1.He failed again, so he looked rather d________. 2.Are you c________with your life? 3.We were all a________to hear that an old man over 80 took the university entrance exam. 4.I was late but f________the meeting hadn't started. 5.The area is covered with snow t________the year. 6.Can I sit down? I'm________(疲惫不堪). 7.We should try our best to________(克服)all difficulties. 8.With a________(满口)of rice, he could hardly say anything. 9.I'm ________(相信)that he is telling the truth. 10.Can the________(杰出的)scientist win the national prize for science? Ⅱ.用本课所学知识翻译下列短语。 1.直到现在________________________________________________________________ 2.使英美两国人民的生活更快乐______________________________________________ 3.对他们的生活感到满意_________________________________________________ 4.贫穷的,境况不好的______________________________________________________ 5.普通的日常工作__________________________________________________ 6.在全世界出名_______________________________________________________ 7.克服所有困难的决心______________________________________________________ 8.对某人不友好______________________________________________________ 9.为了寻找__________________________________________________________ 10.挑出,选出____________________________________________________________ 11.每一口都吃地津津有味_______________________________________________ 12.担任主角,主演_________________________________________________________ 13.作为一个伟大的演员被人们喜爱和怀念_____________________________________ 14.使用手势____________________________________________________ 短文填空 根据课文内容进行填空,每空限填一词。 Up to now nobody has been able to do better than Charlie Chaplin in__1__. He made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed, so they could feel more__2__with their lives. Chaplin's parents were poor music hall__3__. It was__4__that Chaplin was brought up very successfully when he was very young. Unfortunately, his father died, leaving the family__5__off. Chaplin could act the fool doing__6__everyday tasks. Nobody was ever__7__watching him for he made everything entertaining. He became known__8__the world. The tramp, a poor,__9__man with a moustache, wore large trousers, worn- shoes and a small round black hat. Later, Chaplin wrote, directed and out produced the films he__10__in. In 1972, Chaplin was given a special Oscar for his outstanding work in films. 1.________2.________3.________4.________ 5.________6.________7.________8.________ 9.________10.________ 单项填空 从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 1.My friend knows where he can________a good used car at a reasonable price. A.put up B.get up C.set up D.pick up 2.There was a________carpet on the floor of his living room.
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A.Chinese beautiful green B.green beautiful Chinese C.Chinese green beautiful D.beautiful green Chinese 3.(2010· 山东-30)Up to now, the program________thousands of children who would otherwise have died. A.would save B.saves C.had saved D.has saved 4. ________was expected, only five people turned up at the party, ________disappointed the hostess very much. A.As; which B.As; that C.It; that D.It; which 5.Two middleaged passengers fell into the sea.________,neither of them could swim. A.In fact B.Luckily C.Unfortunately D.Naturally 6.________house prices up all the time, the complains can be heard everywhere. A.As B.For C.Through D.With 7.So amused________that I couldn't help laughing when I saw the children dressed up as santa clauses on Christmas Day. A.did I feel B.had I felt C.I felt D.I had felt 8.We can't go abroad this year, so we'll have to________ourselves with a holiday in Shanghai. A.content B.satisfy C.meet D.adjust 9.After she'd________her initial shyness, she became very friendly. A.overcome B.defeat C.beat D.struggled 10.The chairman thought ________necessary to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting. A.that B.it C.this D.him 11.The stranger stared at me as if he________me. A.knows B.knew C.knowing D.had known 12.The mountain village was________by the snow for more than a month. A.cut down B.cut in C.cut off D.cut up 13.Up to now, he________quiet. A.is B.has been C.was D.had been 14.He walked around stiffly________a walking stick. A.carried B.carry C.and carrying D.and carried 15.The book is anything but________; it is, in fact, rather exciting and fascinating. A.boring B.bored C.interesting D.interested

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答案: 答案:1.depressed 2.content 3.astonished 4.fortunately 5.throughout 6.wornout 7.overcome 8.mouthful 9.convinced 10.outstanding 答案:1.up to now 2.brighten the lives of Americans and British 3.feel content with their lives 4.badly off 5.ordinary everyday tasks 6.become known throughout the world 7.the determination to overcome all difficulties 8.be unkind to sb. 9.in search of 10.pick out 11.eat each moutful with great enjoyment 12.star in 13.be loved and remembered as a great actor 14.make use of gestures 答案:1.humour 2.content 3.performers 4.astonishing 5.worse 6.ordinary 7.bored 8.throughout 9.homeless 10.starred 单选答案: 1D 考查动词词组辨析。句意:我的朋友知道在哪里买到价格公道而质量尚好的旧车。 put up“举起, 抬起, 建造”; up“起床”; up“设立, get set 竖立, 创(纪录)”; pick up“(便 宜地)买到”。 2 答案:D beautiful 属于表示观点的描绘性形容词,green 表示颜色,Chinese 表示国 籍。根据多个形容词修饰名词的顺序可知本题答案为 D。 3 答案:D 考查时态。up to now 表示“直到现在”,句中谓语动词往往用现在完成时 态。 4 答案:A as 引导非限制性定语从句,位置比较灵活,表示在意料之中;which 引导 非限制性定语从句,表示在意料之外。本句话意思是“正如所预料的,只有 5 个人参加了那 次聚会,这使女主人非常失望。” 5 答案: 从 neither of them could swim 判断,可知应该是“不幸的是”, C。 C 选 句意: 两个中年乘客掉入海中,不幸的是,他们两个都不会游泳。 6 答案:D 考查 with 短语的复合结构。as(随着)后接从句,for(因为)后接从句,with +宾语+宾语补足语是一个非常有用的状语结构,考生应熟记。 7 答案:A 考查倒装句。题意:当我看到孩子们在圣诞节装扮成圣诞老人时,感觉如 此有趣,以至于忍不住大笑起来。so...that...表示“如此??以至于??”,so+形容词/副 词放在句首,用部分倒装。本题要考虑时态问题。根据句意,应用一般过去时来表示。 8 答案:A 题意:今年我们不能出国,所以只能去上海度假了。content oneself with sth.表 示“满足;满意;知足”。 9 答案:A 题意:她克服了开始时的羞涩之后,就变得非常友善。overcome 表示“克 服;解决;战胜”;例如:Can you overcome your shortcomings?你可以克服你的缺点吗? 10 答案:B 题意:大会主席认为有必要邀请史密斯教授作大会发言。形式宾语 it 代替 了后面的不定式短语 to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting. 11 答案:D 他认识我与过去事实不符,所以 as if 从句中用过去完成时。 12 答案:C cut off 意为“切断联系,隔绝”。 13 答案:B up to now 作时间状语常与现在完成时连用。 14 答案:D and 连接两个并列谓语动词,C 项中去掉 and 正确。 15 答案:A anything but 意为“一点也不”,所以填入的成分应该与 exciting and
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fascinating 意义相反,因此,可以排除 C、D。boring 通常表示某物所具有的特点或某物或 某事给人的感觉;bored 意为“厌烦的;不感兴趣的”,通常是指某人对某事感到厌烦。句 意为“这本书一点也不枯燥;事实上,还非常令人振奋且吸引人”。因此,A 为正确答案。

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