译林牛津高中英语模块七Unit 1选择题和任务型阅读练习

模块七 Unit 1选择题和任务型阅读练习(为南通 地区高二学生准备)

模块七 Unit 1选择题和任务型阅读练习 一、单项填空 1. — Tom is in high spirits these days. — A. So what 2. Li Han, explains why A. 不填; a 3. It is ? He received a good job offer. B. How come C. What’s up D. Guess what

director of the State Council Information Office, better-off China is good for the world. B. a; a C. 不填; the D. the; the

of Russian men to add alcohol to their daily meals

to survive from the bitter winter. A. typical B. normal C. average D. common

4. The general public wish that illegal food additives (添加剂) were completely. A. applied B. delayed C. banned D. ignored

5. The old-fashioned system has many improvement and innovation.

and it needs constant

A. advantages

B. drawbacks

C. rejections

D. circumstances provided aid

6. Though it is a developing country, China has for other needy countries over the past decades. A. casually generously 7. Measures have been taken to fight B. obviously C. sceptically


recurring food safety

problems, but there is still a long way to go before China can rid itself these issues. A. for; of against; from 8. — David, I had my hair — Pretty good. A. colored coloring B. to be colored C. brown. What do you think of it? B. for; from C. against; of D.

D. being colored in

9. China needs to carefully deal with a series of problems of world-class universities. A. exist being existed 10. The project will make clean drinking water and electricity more than 90 percent of Tibetan rural population. A. distant from B. adjustable to to C. suitable for B. existing C. existed D.

higher education before the country reaches the target to build a number

D. accessible

11. — Do you know that China has sent up Tiangong-1 into space? — Yes. It A. launched launched 12. We should give old people true care and respect lip-service concern. A. rather than of 13. Generally speaking, China’s economically developed areas are located in the southeast, while its energy resources are mainly across the northwest. A. arranged C. distributed 14. The building us of its existence. A. disappeared B. destroyed down 15. The new highway provides us with an opportunity, and we must grasp it. , the economy in our area will actually be weakened. A. Instead 1-15 DAACB B. However DCABD C. Therefore CACBD D. Otherwise C. fallen down D. pulled D. constructed in a fire, its remains here and there remind B. organized B. in case of C. other than D. in terms weeks ago. B. has launched C. was launched D. has been

16. — Why do you suggest Zhangjiajie for my visit?

— I think _____ beauty of nature there will make _____ excellent impression upon you. A. a; an an 17. Mary promised to come to your birthday party, but she didn’t make a (n) _____ at all. What’s the matter with her? A. apology B. appearance C. difference D. change B. an; the C. the; the D. the;

18. He sent many e-mails on the Internet with the purpose of making friends with _____ shares his hobbies and interests. A. whomever B. no matter who C. whoever D. anyone

19. Living in a faraway village, the old man never complains about his being poor, for he knows many families are even _____. A. worse off better off 20. After quarreling with each other for 20 years, the couple _____ last year. A. broke out down 21. — How beautiful these flowers are! _____ do you water them? — Every other day. A. How soon much B. How long C. How often D. How B. broke away C. broke up D. broke B. badly off C. well off D.

22. Either you or one of your classmates _____ to make a speech at the opening ceremony of the new school year. A. are B. is C. have D. be

23. The clock he _____ yesterday in that shop works well now. A. has repaired C. had been repaired B. was repaired D. had repaired

24. Our reporter was the first person on the scene _____ the accident occurred. A. in which B. where C. which D. that

25. As a student in our school, you should know that no students _____ go out of the school during the classes. A. will shall 26. — Has Ms Smart been teaching in our school since graduation? — No. She _____ in another school for four years. A. taught B. has taught C. had taught D. teaches B. must C. might D.

27. The old lady stood in line for two hours to buy the cheaper eggs, only _____ the eggs had been sold out when her turn finally came. A. told be told B. being told C. telling D. to

28. — Is there a convenience store nearby? — No, but there _____. A. would be to 29. — Alice, bear _____ in mind that you must finish the task before the end of this month. — OK, sir. I will. A. it that 30. — Walking is a good way of relaxation. — _____ It is also good for our health. A. I could agree more. B. Why do you think so? C. For what? D. You can say that again. 16-30 ACBDB ACCDB ADDCA B. me C. this D. B. used to C. used to be D. ought

二、任务型阅读 A 阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的 单词。 注意:每个空格只填1个单词。 There are a few special moments like birth of a newborn, getting the

first job, graduation, and a promotion, which require you to congratulate the individual concerned. You can do plenty of different things to express your happiness for their achievements. But remember that planning a creative way to congratulate someone depends upon how well you know him/her, and what his/her achievements mean to you. So, how can congratulations be given creatively? You can let balloons say them all for you. Just blow 15 balloons and paint them individually with the letters C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S respectively(分别地). Ask 15 different persons to hold them with the letters in front in order. If you can’t find 15 persons to hold those balloons for you, tie them on to something so that people can see the letters on the balloons. If you live apart from the person and wish to congratulate him/her, nothing can get more special than writing down a few congratulatory lines. It’s significant that you select words that convey how happy you’re for his/her achievement and tell him/her how proud you’re about his success. Giving congratulations on air is also a creative way. There are various radio shows that allow pre-recorded greetings on air. Make sure you are around when the message is broadcast to catch the reaction of the person concerned. If you can’t be around, make sure you know, when and which radio channel the person listens to regularly and see that the message is broadcast during that time. Also you can call them to listen to their reaction rather than being there in person. A gift was, is, and always will be, a hit when it comes to wishing people on birthdays, anniversaries and even congratulatory occasions. If you intend to buy a gift for the person yourself, make sure you choose a sensible gift by taking his/her preference into consideration. The safest way is to gift a card and let him/her go shopping by himself / herself.

If you want to congratulate your son/daughter on the successful completion of his/her academic course, consider making a scrapbook(剪 贴簿) that tells the story of what he/she has achieved. Just gather old or childhood pictures, some bitter-sweet memories your child probably had, and the various difficulties your child met with while pursuing the academic course. Stick them in a book coupled with some quotes, with the winning photo in the end. Then write a few congratulatory lines and give the scrapbook to your child as a gift. Using any of the above listed ideas and putting effort into a simple wish will show how much that person’s success means to you. Great ways to give congratulations Paragraph outlines Supporting details ● Blow 15 balloons with the letters C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S (1) ______respectively on them. Use balloons to express your congratulations ● Ask15 different people to hold the balloons in order. ● Tie the balloons on to something but ensure the letters on the balloons are (2) . ● Select words expressing your (3) Write down some congratulatoryfor his / her achievement. lines ● Make the person know you take (4) in his / her success. Offer congratulations on air ● (5) your

congratulations in advance and then have them broadcast on various

radio shows. ● Make sure that the message reaches the person by being around, or giving him/her a (6) ● (7) gift for him. Send gifts ● Provide a shopping card of a famous store so that the person can shop on his/her (8) . ● Make a (10) Make a scrapbook about the person’s (9) difficulties concerned. ● Stick them in a book with the winning photo in the end. 1. painted 2. visible 3. happiness 4. pride 5. Record 6. call 7. Consider 8. own 9. achievements B Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3, 1821 in Bristol, England. Her father was a rich sugar businessman at the time. Because her parents thought boys and girls should be equal, Elizabeth received the same education as her brothers. In 1832, her father’s business was destroyed by fire, so her family moved to New York City. But her father’s business failed again. Then in 1837, the family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Not long after, her father 10. collection about the of person . the person’s

preference while choosing a sensible

pictures, bitter-sweet memories and

died. After her father’s death, Elizabeth, at the age of 16, had to go to work. When she was 24, she visited her dying friend Mary. Her friend said, “You’re young and strong, you should become a doctor.” That was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century. But she knew this was what she was going to do. After several rejections from medical schools, she finally was accepted by Geneva Medical College. By studying hard, she graduated successfully in 1849. After graduating from medical school, she went to Paris to learn more about medicine. She wanted to be a surgeon, but a serious eye problem forced her to give up the idea. When she came back to America in 1851, she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. In 1857, Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another woman doctor, managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children. Besides, she also set up the first medical school for women in 1868, where she taught the women students how to prevent diseases. It was the first time that the idea of preventing disease had been taught in a medical school. Elizabeth Blackwell started the British National Health Society in 1871, which helped people learn how to stay healthy. In 1889, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman doctor in the United States. Most importantly she fought for the admission of women to medical colleges. Elizabeth Blackwell died on May 3, 1910, when she was 89. She opened a world of chances for women. She always fought for what was right in all her life. In 1949 the Blackwell medal was established. It’s given to women who have excellent achievements in the field of medicine. She’ll always

be remembered as a great woman. Title: Important dates in Elizabeth Blackwell’s life Time On February 3, 1821 In 1832 (1) She was born in Bristol, England. Her family moved to New York City due to the (2) of her father’s business. ● Her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1837 (3) In 1845 ● She had to go to work because of her father’s . She visited a dying friend and the idea of being a doctor (4) to her.

In 1849 In 1851 In 1857

She graduated from Geneva Medical College and went to (5) She (6) her education in medicine in Paris. to the U.S. from France. for women and children

She opened the first (7) in the world with others.

She set up the first medical school for women and taught In 1868 about disease (8) In 1871 In 1889 On May 3, 1910 there.

She started the British National Health Society to (9) how to stay healthy. She became the first woman doctor in the United States. She (10) away at the age of 89.

1. Events 2. destruction 3. death 4. occurred 5. further 6. returned

7. hospital

8. prevention

9. each 10. passed


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