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Introduction P41 & Cultural corner P49

Where can you get news?

Which one can you carry easily?



Match these words with the numbered items.

3. front page
4. headline

2. front cover
1. article

5 photograph .

What kinds of people are needed in making a newspaper or a magazine?

journalist photographer


Fill in is the blanks with the following How a newspaper produced? Putwords. them printer photographer headline in the right order. Work in pairs. editor journalist photograph
Journalists interview people and write articles. 1._________ 2._______ Editors check the news and photographs. Photographers take photographs for the news. 3.___________ 4. Editors write the ________ headlines after checking. Photographs are quickly developed(冲印). 5.__________ printers 6.The newspapers are printed by ________.







The steps of making a newspaper:
1. Journalists interview people and write articles. 4. Editors check the news. 5.Editors write the headlines.

2. Photographers take photographs.

3. Photographs are quickly developed.
6.The newspapers are printed by printers.

What sections(版面) can you find in a newspaper?

Sports 体育版
Politics 政治版 Economy 经济版 Society 社会/都市版

Fashion 时尚版 Celebrity 名人版 International 国际版 In focus 要闻/焦点版

Film & Video 影视版 Advertisement 广告版 Entertainment 娱乐版 Business 商业版 Health 健康版

Advertisement International Entertainment Film & Video Society Sport Health

Politics Economy Fashion

Politics Sports Economy


Advertisement International Entertainment Film & Video Society Sport Health

Politics Economy Fashion

Entertainment Health Fashion

Do you know some famous newspapers in Britain and the United States?

The Sun

The Times

The Washington Post

The New York Times

They can be divided into the quality press and the popular press.

Culture Corner P49 Read the passage and answer the questions. 1. What can newspapers in Britain be divided into?

2. What are popular newspapers known as?
They are known as tabloids .

3. Which newspaper is the most famous of the quality newspapers/ successful of the popular newspapers in Britain?
The times. / The Sun.

4. How can we call the names of some newspapers in the United States?
Newspapers usually have the name of the city where they are produced in the United States.

Read the passage and fill the form.

types of the press



the quality press the popular press ( tabloid )

concentrate on news, sports, The Times finance and cultural events. ( more serious ) concentrate on The Sun famous people, the The New royal family, and has large headlines York Daily and lots of big News photos.

What is the most important function of a newspaper?

1. daily newspapers 日报 国内和 2. be divided into 被划分成 3. home and international news 国际新闻 4. book and film reviews 书评和影评 5. concentrate on 集中于…全神贯注于… 6. royal family 皇室 7. be founded in 成立于 8. such as 例如 9. all over the country 遍布全国 10. be similar to 与…相似

1. Newspapers in Britain can be divided into the quality press and the popular press.

divide into 分为, 分成 ==> be divided into
The world is divided into seven continents.

世界被划分成为七大洲。 爸爸把蛋糕分成四份给我们。
Father divided the cake into four parts for us.

The teacher divided the class into five groups.

2. They also carry financial reports, travel news and book and film reviews.

carry: v. 刊登,登载 今天的报纸报道了新法律的详细内容。
Today’s newspaper carried details of the new law. They are the newspapers that carry weather



3. They have large headlines, a lot of big photographs and concentrate on news and events …

concentrate on


This year the company has concentrated on improving its efficiency. I can’t concentrate on my study with all that noise going on.


1. Recite the newly-learnt words
2. Preview the Reading part


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