Unit3 lesson2 Parties Teaching Plan

Teaching Plan
Topic Type Content Unit3 Celebration Lesson2 Parties Listening and speaking Students will ·listen for gist, using important words and phrases to aid comprehension. ·practise using modals: must don’t have to should shouldn’t ·practise how to give congratulations.

Learner outcomes

Students will be able to use congratulations.

“ must

don’t have to


shouldn’t ”and give

Important points
Difficult points

Expressions of giving advice and congratulations Students may confuse the meaning of “must should don’t have to shouldn’t ”.



Resource used


Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

Teaching purpose


Warming up Show 4 photos and ask “what kind of parties are they? What is happening at these parties? Pre-listening 1.Show some new words on the computer and let the students learn and remember them. 2.Use the key words to complete the sentences.(Ex2 on P38). 3.Show some listening strategies to the students.

Look at the photos, think and answer to the questions.(group work)

Lead into the topic, arouse the students’ interest. The students can use the words in the class. In the listening, the students can use the listening strategies.


1.learn and remember the new words. 2.Complete the sentences. 3.Learn some strategies. (individual) listening


While-listening 1. Play the first listening materials to the students. Ask the students to do Ex3 on P38. 2. Elicit from the students the difference in meaning between must and should by using examples. Ask the students to complete the sentences.(Ex4 on P40). 3. Play the cassette for students to check their answers.

1.Listen to the cassette twice and decide why each person is celebrating. 2.Try to complete the sentences.(pair work)

Make sure that the students understand the listening materials. Train the students’ listening abilities.

3.Listen and check their answers.


Post-listening After the second listening materials, ask students how they think the speaker continued.


Think what the speaker will say as much as possible and speak them out .

Check the understanding of the students to the context .


Pre-speaking Let the students match the expressions in the Function File with these situations. (Ex7 on P39). While-speaking 1.Let the students think if a foreign visitor is invited to a celebration in China, what advice can you give him? Give the students

Match the expressions in the Function File with these situations. (individual or pair work)

Let the students know how to give congratulations.


1.Think and discuss it.(group work).

Lead to the topic

some hints. 2. Show the four photos again to the students, let the students choose one and make a dialogue according to the given situations. 3. Ask several pairs to act out their dialogues. Post-speaking Ask the students to evaluate the speaking.

2.Make a dialogue according to the given situations. (pair work) 3.Act out their dialogues.

Train the students’ speaking abilities. Check how well the students do.

Evaluate the speaking.

Self-evaluation, learn from each other.


Assigning homework.
Homework Ask the students to write a dialogue: Student A is a foreign friend who is invited to a celebration in China. Student B gives advice.


Do the homework.

Consolidate what they have learned.


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