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? Unit 4 Global Warming ? Part2 Learning about Language ? Ⅰ.根据汉语提示,写出下列句子中的单词或短 语 ? 1.He’s always had a________(倾向) to madness. ? [答案] tendency ? 2.The plan received________(普遍的) support throughout the country. ? [答案] widespread ? 3.His books are________(基本上)sold at low price. ? [答案] on the whole ? 4.The greenhouse effect gives the earth’s surface the ________(平均)temperature of 15℃. ? [答案] average ? 5.Low-lying countries feel their very________(存在)is in danger from rising sea levels. ? [答案] existence ? 6.In the future________(外部的) space might provide us with new energy sources. ? [答案] outer ? Ⅱ.根据课文内容,完成下列句子。 ? 1.造成全球变暖的是人为的行为,而不 是一个随意的自然现象。 ? It is________ ________that has caused this global warming________ ________a random but natural phenomenon. ? [答案] human activity,rather than ? 2.把1957年到1997年之间的大气层二氧化碳 的含量做出精确计算的是一位叫查尔斯·基林的 科学家。 ? ________ ________a scientist called Charles Keeling________made accurate measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 1957 to 1997. ? [答案] It was,who ? 3.________ ________the burning of more and more fossil fuels________has resulted in this increase in carbon dioxide.(用强调句型). ? [答案] It is,that ? Ⅰ.语法讲练 ? it的用法(Ⅱ) ? ——it用于强调句型中 ? 强调句型是英语中常用句子结构,又是高考中 的常见考点,其基本结构为:It+be+被强调部 分+that+句子其余部分。现将其用法归纳如下: ? 1.强调句型中,能够被强调的句子成分通常为 主语、状语、宾语等,不能用来强调谓语动词、 表语、补语、让步状语、条件状语等。例如 ? It was in the park that I met my old teacher yesterday.(强调地点状语) ? It was yesterday that I met my old teacher in the park.(强调时间状语) ? It was my old teacher that I met in the park yesterday.(强调宾语) ? It was I who met my old teacher in the park yesterday.(强调主语) ? [动手练习] ? ①It was________he said and something________he did________disappointed me at that time. ? A.what; that; that ? B.that; what; that ? C.what; what; that ? D.what, that; what ? 答案:A ? ②I can’t quite remember________I was taken to Beijing. ? A.that it was when ? B.when it was that ? C.when was it that ? D.that was it when ? 答案:B ? ③Was it________he was seriously ill that he didn’t come to school yesterday? ? A.although B.that ? C.because D.since ? 答案:C ? ④It was only when I reread his poems recently________I began to appreciate their beauty。 ? A.until B.that ? C.then D.so ? 答案:B ? ⑤________he came back home that we knew what had happened. ? A.When it was B.It was when ? C.Was it when D.When was it ? 答案:B ? 2.强调句型中,连接词一般用that,如 被强调的部分是人,也可用who/whom, 其他一律用that,不能用which,where, when等,即使被强调的是物、时间状语 或地点状语。例如 ? It was at the gate that we met the inspectors this morn


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