2009 年广东省统考真题 Paper One 试卷一 (90 minutes) Part I Dialogue Completion (15 points) Directions: There are 15 short incomplete dialogues in this part, each followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 1. Jenny: Shall I go and tell Mr. Fairbanks about our proposal? ___________. A. Yes, you go B. Yes, go C. Yes, let’s D. Yes, please 2. Mori: It’s a pleasure to meet you here. Kaco: __________. A. Pleased to meet you, too B. Thank you so much C. I didn’t expect to see you here D. You’re too hospitable 3. Williams: Excuse me. I’m looking for a present for my son. I have no idea what to get him, Can you help me? Sales girl: ____________. A. Of course I can C. You must buy him a T-shirt B. No, I can’t actually D. Yes, I think a T-shirt would be a good idea Susan: _____________. Jackie:

4. Tim: I hear you’ve been to the book fair. How was it? A. Absolutely marvelous B. Very much indeed C. Not necessarily D. Quite disappointed

5. Ed: How do you get along with your new music teacher? Maggie: Ms. Davis? __________, but I like her a lot. A. She’s humorous B. She’s nice to me C. She’s a bit strange D. She’s good at dancing 6. David: Charles, could you drive me to the railway station? Charles: ____________ A. No, thanks. B. I’ll be there on time. C. Sure, why not? D. Never mind. 7. Max: My son has been admitted by Beijing University. Walt: Congratulations! He is such a smart boy. Max: ___________. A. Yes, he is B. You are right C. Thank you very much D. Don’t mention it 8. Student: Do you mind our performing rock ‘n’ roll in the hall? Teacher: _________. A. No, you’d better not B. Of course, it’s allowed here C. Oh, I’d rather you didn’t actually D. I’d prefer to listen to rock ‘a’ roll

9. Clerk: Excuse me, this a non-smoking place. Customer: __________ A. Oh, I’m sorry. B. How can you say that? C. That’s all right. D. That’s impossible. 10. Waiter: How would you like your coffee? A. It’s well done B. Very nice, thanks Customer: ____________. C. With sugar, please D. Only one cup Rena:

11. Virginia: What about going to do some shopping this afternoon? ____________. A. Go ahead, please. B. Good idea!

C. Me, too. D. Help yourself. Miss James:

12. Carlos: Thank you very much, Miss James. That helped me a lot. ___________, Carlos. A. Don’t thank me B. Don’t mention it C. I’m fine

D. I’m sorry Tracy: ___________.

13. Susan: I’m worried. My son doesn’t like to talk with me. We were all like that at his age. A. Take it easy B. Change his mind him

C. Don’t quarrel with him D. Don’t refuse

14. Nicolas: I’d like to donate money to help poor children at school. To whom shall I give my share? Li Ming: ____________ I’ll ask about that and let you know. A. Very well. B. Who knows? C. Thank you all the same. D. It all depends.

15. Kelvin: We’re almost finished with the project now. _____________. Teresa: Actually, I prefer to keep going. A. Let’s hurry up B. We’ve too tired now for a break Part II Reading Comprehension (40 points) Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each of the passages is followed by 5 questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. Passage One Jack Billabong is a stockman. One Friday afternoon he was riding along the track towards the Henderson farm. He was looking for a prize bull which had escaped from the Borrogee paddock. He reached the hills and saw at once that he could not go further. There had been a fire in the forest which had gone out. But the air was still full of smoke and fallen trees had blocked the track. Jack was just going to turn back when he saw something moving in the smoke. He waited. It was a girl on a horse, and she was riding towards him. “There’s a badly burnt man on the farm,” the girl C. Well be on time D. Let’s stop

shouted. “He saved my life. Please help me to save him.” The girl was Cathy Henderson. She had been on horseback for two hours. She had to jump over fallen trees that were still burning. Her pony had fallen with her twice. She was thirsty and almost dead from want of sleep. But she rode back to the farm with Jack immediately. Joe Brook was unconscious when they reached him. They lifted him onto Jack’s horse. The ride back to Borrogee was terrible. Cathy was so tired that Jack had to tie her to her pony. The pony was tired too, but its courage was astonishing. It followed Jack right to Borrogee Hospital. Nobody saw them arrive because it was night. “I’ve never seen a horse like that pony,” Jack said. Cathy praised Jack Billabong, but she refused to say anything about the pony, “Joe will write about her in his story,” she said. But she did say one thing: “If flame hadn’t returned to the farm that afternoon, Joe and I would have died.” 16. Jack Billabong did not turn back because _____________. A. he hadn’t found the bull yet B. he smelt a heavy smoke in the forest C. he knew there was a burnt man there D. he saw something moving towards him 17. Why was the ride back to Borrogee terrible? A. Because Joe was tired out. B. Because the ride started late at night. D. Because both Cathy and her pony

C. Because they didn’t have enough courage. were exhausted.

18. Cathy refused to talk to reporters about the pony when she was in Borrogee Hospital because ____________. A. she didn’t know what to say B. Jack asked her not to talk to them C. she was too weak to say anything D. Joe would write about it in his writing 19. What does the word “flame” in the last paragraph refer to? A. Jack. B. The pony. C. Jack’s horse. D. The fire. 20. Which of the following is the best title of the story? A. Rescue of Joe Brook. B. Courage of Jack Billabong. C. Love of a Young Gir

D. Heroism of a Lovely Pony. Passage Two The faces of elderly, happily-married people sometimes resemble each other. Dr. Aiken studied a number of couples who had been married for at least twenty-five years. Each couple provided four photographs—one photo of each partner at the time of their marriage and another photo of each partner twenty-five or more years later. All background was cut from the photos to remove any clues. The photos were then displayed in groups: a random grouping of the persons at the time of their marriage and another

random grouping of the same persons who took photographs later. Some testees were asked to pick out the partners. They failed totally with the first group. Their judgements were no better than chance. But with the photos taken twenty-five or more years after the marriage, the testees were quite successful with the most happily-married couples. Dr. Aiken believes there are several reasons why couples grow alike. One reason has something to do with imitation. One person tends to copy or do the same as someone else without knowing it. He says human begins to imitate the expressions of the faces of their loved ones. “Another possible reason,” he says, “is the common experience of the couples.” There is a tendency for people who have the same life experience to change their faces in similar ways. For example, if a couple have suffered from a lot of sad experiences, their faces are likely to change in a similar way. 21. Dr. Aiken cut the background from the photos for the purpose of __________. A. imitating the couples’ life B. grouping the couples again C. leaving no trace for the testees D. giving the testees more chances 22. The underlined sentence “Their judgements were no better than chance” implies that the testees __________. A. did a good job in making their choices. out the partners C. had no chance to make the right judgements than with the second 23. The underlined word “imitate” (in Para. 2) has a similar meaning to __________. A. copy B. change C. know D. suffer 24. From the passage we can draw the conclusion that ___________. A. couples who look alike can live longer proved to grow alike C. the influence between partners can be quite strong couples are often richer than others 25. The main purpose of the passage is to ___________. A. explain why couples grow alike B. tell how couples like each other C. discuss the function of marriage D. describe the life of happily married couples Passage Three The three biggest lies in America are: (1) “The check is in the mail”, (2) “Of course I’ll respect you in the morning”, and (3) “It was a computer error.” Of these three little white lies, the worst is the third. It’s the only one that can never be true. Today, if a bank statement cheats you out of $ 900 that way, you D. happily-married B. most partners have been D. did better with the first group B. had difficulty in picking

know what the clerk is sure to say,” It was a computer error.” Nonsense. The computer is reporting nothing more than what the clerk typed into it. The most annoying case of all is when the computerized cashier in the grocery store shows that an item costs more than it actually does. If the innocent buyer points out the mistake, the checker, bagger, and manager all come together and offer the familiar explanation: “It was a compute error.” It wasn’t, of course that computerized cashier is really nothing more than an electric event. The eye reads the Universal Product Code—chat bar of black and white lines in a corner of the package—and then checks the code against a price list stored in memory. If the price list is right, you’ll be charged accurately. Grocery stores update the price list each day—that is, somebody sits at a keyboard and types in the prices. If the price they type in is too high, there are only two explanations: carelessness or dishonesty. But somehow “a computer error” is supposed to excuse everything. One reason we let people hide behind a computer is the common misperception that huge, modern computers are electric brain with “artificial intelligence.” At some point there might be a machine with intelligence but none exists today. The smartest computer on Earth right now is no more intelligent than your average pen. At this point in the development of computers, the only thing any machine can do is what a human has instructed it to do. 26. Of the three lies, the one about computer is the worst because the computer itself __________. A. says nonsense B. cheats customers its error 27. According to the author, a computerized cashier is really just ___________. A. a machine to count money B. a machine to receive money C. an instrument to print codes D. an instrument to read codes 28. Grocery store price lists are updated by ____________. A. a computer B. a keyboard C. an employee D. an electric brain 29. The last paragraph of the passage implies that computers ____________. A. are very clever B. never make mistakes controlled by men 30. Which of the following describes the main idea of the passage? A. Computers are stupid and inefficient. its dishonesty. C. Computers help stores update the price list. D. Computer errors are actually B. Computer errors are due to C. have a good memory D. are C. cannot make the error D. does not admit

human errors. Passage Four I came across an old country guidebook the other day. It listed all the tradesmen in each village, and it was impressive to see the past variety of services which were available on one’s own doorstep in the late Victorian countryside. Nowadays a traveler in rural England might conclude that the only village tradesmen still flourishing were either selling frozen food to the villagers or selling antiques to visitors. Nevertheless, this would really be a false impression. On the surface, there has been a decline of village commerce, but its power is still remarkable. Our local grocer’s shop, for example, is actually expanding in spite of the competition from supermarkets in the nearest town. Women sensibly prefer to go there and exchange the local news while doing their shopping, instead of queuing up at a supermarket. And the grocer knows well that personal service has a considerable cash value. His prices may be a bit higher than those in the town, but he will deliver anything at any time. His assistants think nothing of bicycling down the village street in their lunch hour to take a piece of cheese to an old retired woman who sent her order by word of mouth with a friend who happened to be passing. The richer customers telephone their shopping lists and the goods are on their doorsteps within an hour. They have only to hint at a fancy for some commodity outside the usual stock and the grocer, a red faced-figure, instantly obtains it for them. 31. Nowadays the commercial services in the village are ____________. A. still very active B. quickly declining to visitors 32. The local grocer’s shop is expanding because _____________. A. the competition there is weak B. it is a place for women to chat C. it provides good personal service D. the goods there are more valuable 33. Which of the following is true about the supermarkets? A. Prices there are much higher B. Customers often have to queue up. C. Customers can order by telephone. D. Their personal services are satisfactory. 34. How do the village grocer’s assistants feel about giving extra service? A. They don’t think it a trouble. B. They don’t think it worthwhile. C. They don’t consider it a good deal. D. They don’t consider it a pleasant experience. 35. One special feature of the village shop is that ___________. A. there is a very wide range of goods available B. customers can order goods C. unable to flourish D. personal

by word of mouth C. customer have to order goods one hour earlier to be delivered to doorsteps Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 points) Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence, mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 36. During the heavy storm last week, we had to take __________ under a flyover. A. shade B. shelter C. shadow D. shield 37. The three men were assigned jobs according to their _________ abilities. A. respectful B. respectable C. respective D. respecting 38. Scientists have discovered that many animals seem to be highly _________ to various signals associated with earthquakes. A. sensible B. sensual C. sentimental D. sensitive 39. The lost car of the Johnsons’ was found __________ in the woods of the expressway. A. vanished B. scattered C. rejected D. abandoned 40. Our guests will be guided to safety _________ fire. A. as a result of B. in case of C. in the sense of D. for the sake of 41. If you want to ring her, you’ll have to _________ her number in the telephone book. A. look at B. look to C. look through D. look up 42. Under the financial crisis, more social problems in the world are certain to __________. A. raise B. arise C. be raised D. be arisen 43. After his retirement, he lives partly on his _________ and partly on the interest on his post office savings account. A. wages B. salary C. earnings D. pension 44. During the ___________, the audience strolled and chatted in the lobby. A. interval B. pause C. interruption D. gap 45. Membership in the United Nations is open to all peace-loving states which accept the ________ of the Charter. A. debt B. obligation C. credit D. reliance 46. Table tennis used to be the most popular __________ in China. But now basketball seems to be more attractive. A. game B. match C. play D. race 47. As her husband is on a business trip and her son is at school, she feels rather ___________. D. there is a list of goods

A. lonely B. alone C. singular D. single 48. We need to __________ our camping things before we go away. A. choose from B. tell from C. sort out D. set out 49. He __________ very quickly from his illness. A. recovered B. discovered C. uncovered D. covered 50. If the police had acted with more ____________, the disaster could have been prevented. A. solution B. determination C. decision D. hesitation 51. He does not ________ as a teacher of English, for his pronunciation is far from perfect. A. qualify B. equal C. match D. deserve 52. His __________ reply to the question showed that he had understood it very well. A. proud B. important C. tense D. quick 53. When he tried to make a __________, he found that the hotel was fully booked. A. reservation B. demand C. claim D. policy 54. I expect that she will be able to _________ our particular needs. A. supply B. reach C. provide D. meet 55. During July and August there was no rain for weeks __________. A. on end B. in the end C. at last D. at length 56. ____________ for their support, he would have gone penniless. A. If it is not B. If it is C. Were it D. Were it not 57. There __________ in his room. A. are too many furnitures B. is too much furniture C. are too much furniture D. is too many furnitures 58. I miss the hillside ___________ we found a lot of wild flowers. A. on which B. by which C. in which D. for which 59. No sooner had we reached the top of the hill __________ we all sat down to rest. A. when B. then C. than D. until 60. By the time Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin walked on the moon in 1969, there ________ many space explorations. A. will have been B. had been C. have been D. must be 61. I regret __________ hard at school, or I would have passed the exam. A. to have not worked B. having not worked C. not to have worked D. not having worked 62. When the man with glasses came into the hotel, I noticed a __________ look come over the manager’s face. A. surprised B. surprising C. surprise D. surprisingly

63. __________ get a better score, he has been making great efforts in his lessons. A. So as to B. In order to C. So that D In order that 64. As far as I know, the production of this factory has doubled this year, and the quality of its products has been improved __________. A. since then B. by then C. until now D. as well 65 All __________ is an English-Chinese dictionary. A. that you need B. what you need C. which you need D. things you need 66. _________ its good performance, the machine is too expensive. A. Besides B. Except for C. In spite of D. Apart from 67. He looks sleepy. He must _________ to bed very late last night. A. be gone B. be going C. go D. have gone 68. Mrs. White became a teacher in 1990. She _________ for twenty years by next summer. A. will teach B. would have taught C. has been teaching D. will have taught 69. She is __________ a driver as any one else. A. as good as B. as a good C. so good a D. so a good 70. You may write an e-mail to me or just phone me. __________ will do. A. Each B. Either C. Neither D. None 71. Few people knew his reason for quitting his job was _________ he wanted to go abroad. A. whether B. where C. why D. that 72. The teacher asked me __________ us to finish writing the composition. A. how long would it take B. how long it would take C. how soon would it take D. how soon it would take 73. It was the third time the villagers _________ interviewed by the radio station. A. have been B. had been C. were D. are 74. She came into the room quietly __________ wake her friends. A. so as not to B. so as to not C. not so as to D. so she does not 75. I arrived late; I __________ the traffic to be so heavy this morning. A. wasn’t expecting B. wouldn’t expect C. haven’t expected D. hadn’t expected Part IV Cloze Test (10 points) Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each numbered blank, there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

A headache is one of man’s most common enemies. Most people get headaches from time to time. Probably more than 90% percent of all headaches are tension. Modern living and 78 77 76 by worry or

tensions for everybody, at work, at school 79 ,

at home. Then, what can we do about tension and worry in our life?

find out what is causing the tension. It may result from feelings or emotions. Do you about 80 81 too much over what people think of you, over your clothes, or you did? Second, find a way of 83 82 tension. Gardening, walking,

running swimming or any

suitable for your age will help. Then, look at your 84 of relaxation.

way of life. Ask yourself, where am I going? And why? Learn the Lie down in a dark quiet room and relax 85

much as possible by taking several

slow breaths. Let all your muscles relax. 76. A. encouraged B. aroused C. caused D. presented 77. A. contains B. suffers C. relaxes D. owns 78. A. especially B. even C. somehow D. generally 79. A. Thus B. However C. First D. Besides 80. A. consider B. worry C. care D. imagine 81. A. what B. how C. when D. where 82. A. improving B. activating C. suffering D. reducing 83. A. solution B. activity C. practice D. deed 84. A. secret B. mystery C. usefulness D. function 85. A. so B. very C. for D. as Paper Two 试卷二(30 minutes) Part V Writing (15 points) Directions: You are to write in 100—120 words on the topic “Choosing Careers”. You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: 1. 有些人认为家长应该为孩子安排未来的职业; 2. 孩子认为应该由自己决定将来的工作; 3. 谈谈你的看法。