【人教新课标】2012届高三英语一轮复习精品同步练习:必修4 Unit 5 Theme parks

Unit 5 Ⅰ.多项选择

Theme parks

1.We all voted for you in the election.Therefore,you must keep in mind whom you __________ in the state government. A.preserve C.advance B.greet D.represent

解析:选 D。句意:我们都投了你的票,因此,你要记住你在政府中“代表(represent)” 了哪些人。 2.A number of graduates prefer to work in big cities,where there are lots of __________ , like convenient transportation , more opportunities and better environment. A.amusements C.collections B.attractions D.achievements

解析:选 B。句意:许多毕业生更愿意在大城市工作,因为那里有许多吸引人的地方,如 便利的交通、更多的机会、更好的环境。attraction 在这里用作可数名词,意思是“吸引人 的事物”。 3.The supermarket offers __________ goods to choose from,so more and more people prefer to shop there. A.particular C.general B.various D.common

解析:选 B。句意:超市提供各种各样的商品供顾客选择,所以越来越多的人愿意到超市 购物。 various 不同的, 各种各样的, 符合题意。 particular 特殊的; general 普遍的; common 普通的。 4 . Police can easily recognize your fingerprints by machine , because every person’s fingerprints are __________. A.outstanding C.ordinary B.regular D.unique

解析:选 D 。句意:警察借助机器能轻易识别你的指纹,因为每个人的指纹都很独特 (unique)。outstanding 突出的,杰出的;regular 有规律的;ordinary 普通的。 5.—I have told Jane that I’ll help her.

—__________ are better than words.You mustn’t disappoint her again. A.Activities C.Deeds B.Performances D.Movements

解析: 选 C。 答句第一句句意: 行动胜于言语。 deed 行动, 事迹。 activity 活动; performance 表演,表现;movement 动作,活动。 6.John worked hard at his lessons and gained________to a famous university last year. A.permission C.agreement B.admission D.freedom

解析:选 B。admission 意为“准许进入”,admission to a university 指“被大学录 取”。permission“许可”;agreement“同意”;freedom“自由,特权”。 7 . Most members of the committee were in favour of the suggestion ; only a________were against it. A.majority C.quantity B.minority D.amount

解析:选 B。对应于前面的“most members”(大多数成员赞成这个建议),only 引导的 应该是“少部分人反对”,所以用 minority(少数)。majority 指“大多数”;quantity 和 amount 都表示“数量”,但与后面的谓语不相符。 8.More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great __________ of goods. A.mixture C.combination B.variety D.extension

解析:选 B。考查名词词义辨析。句意:越来越多的人选择到超级市场购物,因为那里能 提供各种各样的货物 A.mixture“混合,混合物”,a mixture of...“??的混合物”; B.variety“种类,变化”,a variety of“各种各样的”;C.combination“联合,结合体”; D.extension“伸出,扩大,展开”,an extension of“可伸长到??”。 9.My brother is really __________.He often works in his office far into the night. A.open-minded C.self-confident B.hard-working D.warm-hearted

解析:选 B。考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我哥哥工作真是努力。他常常在办公室里工作

到深夜。A.open-minded“思想开通的,能接受新思想的;虚心的,无偏见的”;B.hard- working“勤勉的,努力工作的 ”; C.self -confident“自信的,自恃的”; D.warm - hearted“热诚的,热心的”。 10.You’ll have to book a ticket __________ if you want to see that show. A.on time C.on schedule B.in advance D.in time

解析: 选 B。 考查介词短语辨析。 句意: 你如果想看那场演出, 你只能提前订票。 in advance “提前”,符合句意。on time 和 on schedule 意为“按时”;in time 意为“及时”。 Ⅱ.完成句子 1.The novel written by him this year is ______________(两倍长)of the one last year.(length) 解析: 考查倍数的表达。 用名词来表达倍数时, 常用“be +倍数词+ the +名词+ of” 的结构形式。 答案:twice the length 2 . Some suggestions are made at the meeting that these traditional customs ________________(应该保留).(preserve) 解析: 考查同位语从句中的虚拟语气。 suggestion 引导同位语从句时, 从句用“(should) +动词原形”。 答案:(should)be preserved 3.I ________________(在伦敦居住)for many years,but I’ve never regretted my final decision to move back to China.(live) 解析:考查动词时态。由语境可知,live 的动作是发生在过去,因此用过去式。 答案:lived in London 4. We wrote a letter of thanks to ________________(凡是帮助过我们的人). (whoever) 解析:考查宾语从句。本题是 whoever 引导的宾语从句,从句动词发生在 wrote 之前, 因此用过去完成时。 答案:whoever had helped us 5.One side of the board shall be painted yellow and ________________( 另一面 要油漆成绿色).(other) 解析:考查句子的省略。“另一面要油漆成绿色”可表达为 the other side shall be

painted green。为了避免重复可以省略为 the other green。 答案:the other green 6.Asia,Africa,and Australia would civilised by England,and covered with new states ________________(模仿)the English fashion.(model) 解析:考查 with 复合宾语结构。“模仿”可表达为 be modelledafter,由 with 的复合 结构可得答案。 答案:modelled after 7.So rapidly ________________(计算机技术的发展)that no book can ever be fully up to date.(advance) 解析:考查倒装和动词时态。“So + adj./adv.”位于句首时,主句谓语要倒装;根据 语境可知“发展”的动作应为现在进行时。 答案:is computer technology advancing 8.Such knowledge is still useful ________________(当应用)to similar situations in other countries.(when) 解析:考查分词或状语从句。主语是 knowledge,故应使用被动形式,因前后主语一致, 且从句谓语部分含 be,可省略连词和 be(保留也完全正确),直接使用分词。 答案:when(it is)applied 9.My mother was so proud of all ________________(我所做的)that she rewarded me with a trip to Beijing.(do) 解析:考查定语从句。先行词是 all 的时候,定语从句只能由 that 引导,又因为主句是 一般过去时,“我”所做的事情是过去已经完成的事情,所以要用过去完成时。 答案:(that) I had done 10 .Last night’s TV news said that by then the death of the missing people ________________(未证实)yet.(prove) 解析: 考查动词的时态和语态。 由 by then 可知谓语要用过去完成时, prove 与 the death 之间是被动关系,故用过去完成时的被动语态。 答案:had not been proved Ⅲ.阅读理解 Words:489 难度系数:☆☆☆ 建议用时:7′

(2011 年阳泉八校联考)Every people has their own way of saying things,their own

special expressions.Many everyday American expressions are based on colors. Red is a hot color.Americans often use it to express heat.They may say they are red hot about something unfair.When they are red hot they are very angry about something.The small hot tasting peppers found in many Mexican foods are called red hots for their color and their fiery taste.Fast loud music is popular with many people.They may say the music is red hot,especially the kind called Dixieland jazz. Pink is a lighter kind of red.People sometimes say they are in the pink when they are in good health.The expression was first used in America at the beginning of the twentieth century.It probably comes from the fact that many babies are born with a nice pink color that shows that they are in good health. Blue is a cool color.The traditional blues music in the United States is the opposite of red hot music.Blues is slow , sad and soulful.Duke Ellington and his orchestra recorded a famous song-Mood Indigo-about the deep blue color,indigo.In the words of the song:“You aren’t blue till you’ve had that Mood Indigo.”Someone who is blue is very sad. The color green is natural for trees and grass.But it is an unnatural color for humans.A person who has a sick feeling stomach may say she feels a little green.A passenger on a boat who is feeling very sick from high waves may look very green. Sometimes a person may be upset because he does not have something as nice as a friend has,like a fast new car.That person may say he is green with envy.Some people are green with envy because a friend has more dollars or greenbacks.Dollars are called greenbacks because that is the color of the back side of the paper money. The color black is used often in expressions.People describe a day in which everything goes wrong as a black day.The date of a major tragedy is remembered as a black day.A blacklist is illegal now.But at one time,some businesses refused to employ people who were on a blacklist for belonging to unpopular organizations. 【解题导语】 的一些习语及含义。 1 . If you had your wallet stolen while doing some shopping , you may call it__________. 人们都有自己特殊的表达方式。本文介绍了美国日常用语中与颜色相关

A.a white day C.a red day

B.a black day D.a green day

解析:选 B。考查推理判断。最后一段说,人们将什么都不对劲的那一天称为“黑色的日 子”,买东西的时候钱包被人偷了,够倒霉的,可谓“黑色的日子”。 2.Suppose Mr.Brown says he is very happy because his three children are all in the pink,this means all his children are________. A.lucky and wealthy C.fit and healthy B.gentle and modest D.creative and energetic

解析: 选 C。 考查推理判断。 从文章第三段对“粉红色”的描述看, 粉红色是健康的象征, 因为刚出世的婴儿呈粉红色,由此可推知当 Mr.Brown 说他的三个孩子都呈粉红色时,意味着 他的孩子都很健康。 3.When she got home and found nothing had been done by her husband,Jane was really__________. A.red hot C.blue B.green D.black

解析:选 A。考查推理判断。回到家里,发现丈夫什么事情都没有做,妻子当然十分生气 了,根据第二段第四句可知生气用 red hot。 4 . In the following paragraph , the writer might tell the readers something about__________. A.unpopular organizations in the world B.people’s response towards a black day C.the influence of the traditional blues D.more words about a color,such as brown 解析:选 D。考查推理判断。文章开头说,美国的很多日常表达法都与颜色有关,然后介 绍了与 red、pink、blue、green、black 这些颜色相关的习语,那么下文应该是继续介绍与 其他颜色相关的习语。 Ⅳ.书面表达 ( 山 东 省 济宁 市 第 一中学 2011 届 高 三 年级 第二 次 质 量检 测 ) 请 阅读 下面 一 则 短 信 (message): 中国人在食品里完成了化学教育。从大米里认识了石蜡;从火腿里认识了敌敌畏;从咸

鸭蛋、辣椒里认识了苏丹红;从银耳、蜜枣里认识了硫磺。今天三鹿奶粉又让中国人知道了 三聚氰胺(melamine)?? 食品安全(food safety)已经给中国人的健康敲响了警钟,谈谈你的认识。 词数:100 左右。 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ One possible version: From the message mentioned above,we can see that food safety has gradually drawn people’s attention. Why do the immoral phenomena happen so frequently in China? Driven by profits, some illegal businessmen add poisonous stuff like melamine to food regardless of people’s health and safety.What they do has violated laws and

regulations.Additionally , some relevant departments fail to supervise them effectively....Actually,only a small number of manufacturers have been fined,giving rise to such terrible events as listed in the above message. In my opinion , apart from profits , manufacturers should bear some social responsibilities.Meanwhile, government should spare no efforts to regulate the market of food and laws must be passed to limit and regulate the food safety.Solving the

problem needs the joint efforts of the whole society.Only in this way can we prevent the tough,disturbing problems from happening again.


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