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1 Good _______________ ( 节目) on TV have programmes good effects on children. 2 Children like to read tales to meet their imagination ( 想象力). ____________ 3 Oh, you have made a wrong choice ______ (选择 ) . You ?d better think it over again. 4 What?s the weather w _________ like today. 5 In the past few years, this young scientist has made great a ____________ in his research. achievements

advantage 6His rich experience gave him an a _____ over the others applying for the job. 7 At the UN conferences , there are always r______________ representatives from all over the world. exhibition 8 His works of art will be on e _________ in the museum next month. 9 They had fought against their enemy for eight years before they won the final victory ( 胜利) ________ 10 He was stopped every dozen meters by his congratulations friends who wanted to offer c____________ on his success.

1 This problem needs _____ ( 解决) at once. solving 2 The sleeves of the coat are too long for me , shortened (短) and I want them to be _________ 3 The football fans rushed to the street to _________ celebrate ( 庆祝) their team?s victory. separates 4 Suez Canal ________ (分开 ) Asia from Africa. 5 The man dressed d________ in a new suit is our manager.

How amazing it is !We can find no word to describe d_______ the beauty of the scene. interrupted you . Please go 7 – I ?m sorry I i__________ on. -- Where was I ? struck (袭击 ) London, and 8 A strong wind _______ a lot of houses were destroyed. 9 Iannounced ________ (宣布 ) that Williams had been elected. 10 Try and try until you succeed s_______ (成功)

I ?ll go there again, if necessary __________ ( 需要)。 2 What he has done is w ________ of being worthy praised. valuable 3 Sports and games are very v__________ to people?s health. surprisingly 4 _________ ( 吃惊的是),he lost the game once again. 5 The boys sat in front of me, talking excitedly e_____ for both of us.

6. It was generous g _______ of Bob to offer to pay the dinner bill for both of us. original 7 The o_________ meaning of this word was different from the meaning it was nowadays. 8 Every spring our school orgnizes trips to d different _______ places of interests nearby. Altogether 9 ________ ( 总共)there are two thousand students in this school. 10 I can?t wait , so you had better give me an immediate( 立刻)reply. _________

1 I am sorry it?s beyond b______ my power to make a final decision on the project. 2 The great Wall winds its way from west to east across _______ ( 通过)desert and through valleys, 3 Three dozen ______ (打)policemen were asked here to keep safe. 4 Three fourths ______ ( 四)of the population are farmers in our country. 5 When he came back to China in the 990s, forties ( 四十) he was in his _______


1. 休息片刻后,我们就开始唱歌、跳舞、讲故事、 1 2 3 说笑话,玩得可开心了。 4 5

1. After a short rest, we began to sing and dance, tell stories and jokes. We had a good time.






At a shop, a woman was buying an ice-cream when a young man behind her snatched her handbag and ran away.




Many of the graduates from our school have become professors, engineers, journalists and experts of other fields.

4. 不论我今年是否能考上大学, 我都要努力学习。 I shall study hard, whether I can go to college this year or not.



信息。 increase one?s knowledge

He told me that seeing a film is not only a rest but also helps (to) increase one?s knowledge and information.



6. 他们建议应收门票,但票价不宜太高。

They suggest, however, fees should be charged low.

the growth of its population

under control

7. 我认为人口的增长应当得到控制, 从而使我们未来的家园更加美好。

I believe that the growth of its population should be brought under control so that we’ll have a better hometown in future.


谨致以良好的祝愿,并代我问候你 全家人好。

With best wishes. And please remember me to your family.

9. 我相信你们定会度过又一个难忘的 旅游日。 touring day

I?m sure you will have another unforgettable touring day.

10. 村里的孩子们在本村上小学都是免费的。

Education is free for all the children learning in the village school.

11. 近年来我们的城市新建了不少的工厂, 住房和街道。 分析主谓宾

New factories, houses and roads have been built up in our city.

12. 很高兴收到你的来信,我将写信告诉 你我校的情况。

I was so pleased to hear from you and I am writing to tell you something about our school.

13. 午餐时,我们同祝爷爷生日快乐!

At the lunch table, we wished Grandpa “Happy birthday”.

14. 欢迎大家届时光临。

You?re welcome to the party on time.

15. 听说你与贵班同学都在学汉语, 我真的很高兴。

I?m really so pleased to learn that you and your classmates are learning Chinese.

16. 该规划的目的是使我们的学校变得 更漂亮,让空气更清新,让我们的学校 变成更有利于我们学习、生活的好地方。

The purposes of the program are to make our school more beautiful, to make the air cleaner and fresher, and to turn our school into a better place for us to study and live in.

17. 我业余时间喜欢集邮,听音乐。

I am fond of collecting stamps and listening to music in my spare time.

make a right turn

drive up

18. 这时,我看见一辆黄色的轿车驶上了 Third street, 一个右转弯上了Park Road.

Then I saw a yellow car drive up Third Street and make a right turn into Park Road.

19. 或许你们不会像我们刚才那样等很久。

Maybe you won?t have to wait so long as we did just now.

20. 通过此事我认识到每个人都有自己的 长处,无论才能大小都会成为有用之才。

From this matter I come to realize that everyone has his strong points and will become helpful persons, whether with great or minor talents.

范文 Yesterday afternoon a robbery happened in a bank in the Park Street.

According to the witnesses? statements, it was five minutes to 5: 00 pm, just before the closing times of the bank. And it was raining heavily, with little traffic on the road outside, Suddenly, Two young men with masks rushed in and threatened the clerk with guns.

Then they put the money in bags, rushed out and drove away with about 20,000 yuan . All the things lasted for only a few minutes.

Fortunately, there was nobody killed or wounded in the robbery. The police are searching for the robbers, hoping whoever gets any information about the robbery contacts them as soon as possible.


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