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? 1 读unit3语法学案或者课本 P91-92的句子(5M)

Henry say that he doesn’t have any plans. Henry doesn’t know what he should do. I want to know if / whether the news is true. I know who he is . I don’t remember when we arrived I can’t understand why the brothers made the bet. We are talking about whether we can complete it. I will write a book on how Chinese people learn English. I am glad that you have win!

The fact is that I earned my living by myself. The question is whether the film is worth seeing. That is what I want to stress. The problem is who we can get to replace her. That is why we’ve given you the letter. Home is where the heart is. That was because he didn't understand me. It seems that we should answer for this. It appears that she was wrong.

Subject Clauses 主语从句

观察句子,说出画线部分在句子中 的充当的成份 A tree has fallen across the road. You are a student. To find your way can be a problem. Smoking is bad for you.

“How do you do?” is a

What she said is not yet known.
That we shall be late is certain. It is certain that we shall be late. 总结,从以上句子得知,一个句子在 句子中充当主句,叫做主语从句

? 1). That he will succeed is certain .
? Whether he will go there is not known . ? 3) How we can help the twins will be discussed at the meeting.

考点一,会选择引导主语从句的连词(分 三大类) 连词 that, whether; 连接代词 who, whoever, what, whatever,和which; 连接副词 when, whenever , where, how和why。


连词that、 whether

1. that 只起引导作用,本身无实际意义,不充 当任何成分,但不能省略。 That she left him made him heart-broken. That he is still alive is a good news to us. 我们保持平衡饮食有益健康。 That we keep a balanced diet is good for our health. 2.置于句首只能用whether “是否”,不充当从句 的任何成分。

______________________________ Whether he’ll take part in the play is clear. ______________________________( Whether he can buy the plane tickets 他能否买到飞机票) doesn’t matter much.

1. ___ he made an important speech at the meeting was true.
A. That B. Why C. What D. How 2. ___we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather . A If B Whether C That D Where

3. ___ the 2000 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing is not known yet. A. Whenever B. If C. Whether D. That 答案是C。“2000年奥林匹克运动会 是否在北京举行还不知道。”

4. ___ he has become a rich man is known to all in our town. A. Because B. That C. / D. What
答案是B。“他变成了富翁, 这是我 们镇上下班人人皆知的事。”根据句 意, 须用that 引导的主语从句。that 在从句中不担任任何成分, 只起连接 作用.

(2) 连接代词

who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whatever, whichever等

What she did is not yet known. Who will write the poem has not been decided yet.
Whatever he did is right.

wh-疑问词包含意思,并在从句中充 当成分。
When _____ she will be back is still a question. _____ you told me just now was really a surprise. What _____ we will hold the basketball game tomorrow is Where not important. _____ class will win the football game is not clear. Which _____ Who will meet him is not decided. Whoeverbreaks the law should be punished. ________ ________ Whoever has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. ________ Whoever tells lies is wrong.

Who/ whoever/ whomever
Who will win the gold medal remains to be seen. 1. ____

2.Whoever _____ wants to ask questions is welcome any time.

3. The manager decided to offer the job to whoever _____ he believed had a strong sense of duty.
4. ________ Whomever you choose as your wife has nothing to do with me. 5. Whoever ______ breaks the law should be punished.
who doesn’t give 6. There is no doubt that anyone _____ in to difficulties will be successful at last.

6. ___ leaves the room last ought to turn off the light. A. Anyone B. The person C. Whoever D. Who
答案是C。“谁最后离开房间应关 灯。”whoever意为“无论谁”, 引导主语 从句, 并在从句中作主语。若选A或B, anyone或the person 后应回who, 使其成为 由who引导的定语从句, 修饰anyone 或 person. 注:这些词还可引导副词性从句。

8. ___ I need is more time. A. That B. What C. / D. Which 答案是B。“我所需要的是更多的时 间。” 根据题意, 应选what 引志的主语 从句, what在职从句中作宾语(what = the thing which).主语从句的关联词不能 省略, 故排除C。which 表示“哪一个”, that 无词义, 都与句意不符, 故排除。

3) 连接副 词 where, when, how, why等。
How this happened is not clear to anyon e.

When he will be back depends on the

How the pyramids were built is still a


4. Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Have you got any idea ________ where the party is to be held? (陕西) 5. The last time we had great fun was ______ when we were visiting the Water Park. (天津)

为了避免主语冗长,句子头重脚轻,经常用it作 形式主语,主语从句放在后面作真正的主语. 例:

That we shall be late is certain. -- It’s certain that we shall be late. 1. That the earth is round is known to all.
-- It’s known to all that the earth is round.

2. That you missed the chance is a pity. -- It is a pity that you missed the chance.


1) It is + adj. / n. +从句 It is a pity/shame that... 遗憾的

It is possible that... 很可能…… It is unlikely that... 不可能…… 2) It +不及物动词+从句 It seems/appears that... 似乎…… It happened that... 碰巧……

3) It + be +过去分词+从句 It is said that... 据说…… It is known to all that...

It is reported that... 据报道…… It is believed that...

It is suggested that... 有人建议……

D is a fact that English is being 1. ___ accepted as an international language. A. There B. This C. That D. It

2. ___ in the newspaper that the price of food will go up. A. It says B. B It is said D. He is said

C. It has said

3. It worried her a bit ________her

hair was turning grey.
A. while B. B that C. if D. for

4. There is no doubt ________. A. A that Mr. Hansen is in good health B. whether is Mr. Hansen healthy C. if Mr. Hansen's health was returning D. whether Mr. Hansen in health

5. It is necessary that a college

student ________ at least a foreign

A. masters
C. mastered

B. should master B D. will master

考点三 主语从句需注意的问题
导。 2.主语从句中用陈述语序

注 意:

1.“if” 不能引导主语从句,应有“whether”引 3.主语从句的 “that” 一般不能省。

1)常与其后的名词作表语一致 2)根据句子的语


1.What you left are only several old books. 2.What you said is of great importance. 3.Whether he’ll come here is not clear.


1.Where shall we spend the holiday isn’t decided. we shall(用陈述句的语序) 2.Your have made a mistake is a fact. That you have( that 不能省略) 3.That is certain that we can win. It is(it作形式主语) 4.No matter who leaves the room last ought to Whoever(no matter 不能引导主语从句) turn off the lights. Ex. Ⅳ on P29 (ExbooKA)

二、语篇填空:阅读下列短文,在空格处填上 适当的介词。 My mother insisted [1]__________everyone in that/— Though her life treat her with respect. [2]__________she wasn't wealthy[3] ____well educated, my mother or not only understood and appreciated her value, [4]___________believed in it strongly.[5] ______ but (also) When she learned my father was cheating on her, she insisted[6] __________he move out of our that/— home. Not the next day or the next week. . . . To me,

as a child, [7]________she refusal to take my that father back seemed harsh, even cruel. As a woman, however, I have come to understand it. For my mother, putting Daddy out of the house [8]________ and her life wasn't about pride; it was about principle. The one had always who /whom/— she lived by. The one[9] ________________ believed in with all her heart: No one was going to love and respect you [10]________ unless you loved and respected yourself.


2. it作形式主语
3.考点三 主语从句需注意的问题


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