Unit 3
Travel journal
Using language

Reading and discussing
Journey down the Mekong A night in the Mountains

Fast Reading

True or False

1. When they arrived in Tibet, it was winter then. F

2. Wang Wei was behind me as usual. F 3. When we reached a valley, it became warmer. T

4. After supper, we started to make camp. F

5. Wang Kun went to sleep and Wang Wei stayed awake.

6. There was almost no wind on that night. T


Detailed Reading
Read the whole passage and fill in the chart.
On the mountain: 1. s_n_o_w__fa_l_l__ 2. _cl_e_a_r sky 3. b_r_i_g_h_t_ stars see In the valleys: 4. _b_u_tt_e_r_f_li_e_s flying around us 5. _y_a_k_s_a_n_d__s_h_e_e_p eating grass
hear almost no sound but flames of the fire

1. _r_id_e__b_ic_y_c_l_e_s_in__t_h_e_s_n_o_w 2. c_h_a_n_g_e_a_u_t_u_m_n__cl_o_th_e_s_t_o_w_i_n_te_r_c_l_o_th_e_s Do 3. _c_h_a_n_g_e__w_i_n_te_r__cl_o_t_h_e_s_b_a_c_k__to_
_a_u_t_u_m__n_c_l_o_th_e_s_ 4. _p_u_t_u__p_t_e_n_ts__to__m__a_k_e_c_a_m__p_

1. L__e_g_s _w_e_r_e_h_e_a_v_y__a_n_d__co_l_d_._ 2. T_o__c_li_m__b_t_h_e_m__o_u_n_t_a_in__w_a_s__h_a_r_d_
w__o_r_k_, _b_u_t_t_o_g_o__d_o_w_n__t_h_e_h_i_ll_s___ feel
w__a_s_g_r_e_a_t_f_u_n_. _ 3. c_a_n__h_a_r_d_ly__w_a_i_t_t_o_s_e_e_t_h_e_i_r

Para 2

In the early evening

We _m_a_d__e _c_a_m_p__.

After supper

Wang Wei _w__e_n_t_ _t_o_ __s_le_e_p__.

but I _s_t_a_y_ed__ _a_w_a_k_e__.

The sky _b_e_c_a_m__e

At midnight


The stars _g_re_w__

There was only _b_r_ig_h_t_e_r.

the flames of _f_i_r_e__.

Answer the questions.
1. How does Wang Kun feel about the trip now? He is starting to like it/enjoy it.
2. What do you think has changed his attitude? Seeing how beautiful the land is has changed Wang Kun’s attitude.

1. We put up our tents and then we ate. 我们先搭起帐篷然后吃饭。
① He put up his hand to catch the teacher’s attention.
② A new notice has been put up on the board. ③ A new theatre will be put up where there
used to be a temple. ④ Will you put me up for the night?

put up

① 举起, 抬起 = raise ② 挂起, 张贴 ③ 建造, 搭起 = build ④ 住宿, 留宿

2. As I lay beneath the stars I thought about
how far we had already travelled.
beneath prep. 1) (位置、场所)在······之下 2) 不足取; 不适合 3) (地位、价值)较······为差 e.g. We are studying beneath the same roof . 我们同在一个教室里学习。
She looks down upon those people b_e_n_e_a_t_h_ her. 她瞧不起那些地位比她低的人。 She married beneath her. 她下嫁了。

3. We can hardly wait to see them. 我们迫不及待地想看一看
sb. can’t wait for sth. /to do sth. 我们等不及想要尝试一下了。 We can’t wait to have a try. 他们等不及想要看看那位歌手了。 They can’t wait for a view of that singer.