河北省成安县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空训练(5)

河北成安县 2016 高考英语二轮完形填空训练(5)
完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项。 James’s New Bicycle James shook his money box again. Nothing! He carefully _1__ the coins that lay on the bed. $24.52 was all that he had. The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! __2_ on earth was he going to get the __3_ of the money? He knew that his friends all had bicycles. It was _4__ to hang around with people when you were the only one without wheels. He thought about what he could do. There was no __5_ asking his parents, for he knew they had no money to 6 _. There was only one way to get money, and that was to __7__ it. He would have to find a job. __8_ who would hire him and what could he do? He decided to ask Mr. Clay for advice, who usually had _9_ on most things. “Well, you can start right here,” said Mr. Clay. “My windows need cleaning and my car needs washing.” That was the __10__ of James’s odd-job(零工) business. For three months he worked every day after finishing his homework. He was amazed by the __11__ of jobs that people found for him to do. He took dogs and babies for walks, cleared out cupboards, and mended books. He lost count of the __12_ of cars he washed and windows he cleaned, but the __13__ increased and he knew that he would soon have __14__ for the bicycle he longed for. The day __15__ came when James counted his money and found $94.32. He __16_ no time and went down to the shop to pick up the bicycle he wanted. He rode __17__ home, looking forward to showing his new bicycle to his friends. It had been hard __18_ for the money, but James knew that he valued his bicycle far more _19__ he had bought it with his own money. He had _20__what he thought was impossible, and that was worth even more than the bicycle. ( ( ) 1. A. cleaned ) 2. A. How B. covered B. Why C. counted C. Who D. checked D. What


( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 3. A. amount ) 4. A. brave ) 5. A. point ) 6. A. split ) 7. A. borrow ) 8. A. Or ) 9. A. decisions ) 10. A. beginning ) 11. A. similarity ) 12. A. brand ) 13. A. effort ) 14. A. all ) 15. A. finally ) 16. A. gave ) 17. A. patiently ) 18. A. applying ) 19. A. since ) 20. A. deserved

B. part B. hard B. reason B. spend B. earn B. So B. experience B. introduction B. quality B. number B. pressure B. enough B. instantly B. left B. proudly B. asking B. if B. benefited

C. sum C. smart C. result C. spare C. raise C. For C. opinions

D. rest D. unfair D. right D. save D. collect D. But D. knowledge D. opening D. variety

C. requirement C. suitability

C. size C. money C. much C. normally C. took C. silently C. looking C. than C. achieved

D. type D. trouble D. some D. regularly D. wasted D. tiredly D. working D. though D. learned

36.C。为了买自行车,作者在数自己的钱。count 数符合题意。 37.A.表示方式,他到底怎么样才能得到购买自行车的其余的钱呢? 38.D。作者已经有了 24.52 美元,在这里用 rest 指购买自行车的其余的钱。 39.B。作者的朋友都有自行车,这样的话他和他们一起出去的话就会觉得很难。 40.A。句型:there be no point in doing sth,做什么是没有意义的。 41.C.作者知道自己的父母抽不出任何钱让他去买自行车。spare sb. sth,给某人抽出某 种 42.B。作者认识到实现自己梦想的唯一方式是自己挣钱。earn 挣钱;collect 收集,筹 集;raise 筹集。所以正确答案为 B 东西,该物多为时间或金钱。 43.D。上下文是转折关系,虽然他知道要自己挣钱,但是谁会雇佣他呢? 44.C。Mr. Clay 对大多数事情都有自己的见解。opinions 见解。 45.A。那是 James 零工的开始,beginning 开始。

46.D。为了凑够买自行车的钱,他做了各种各样的零工。variety 种类,符合题意。 47.B。为了购买自行车,他为别人刷了很多车,他自己都已经记不清刷过的车的数量 48.C。随着自己做零工的增加,钱也越来越多,C 项符合题意。 49.B。他知道自己不久就会有足够多的钱去买自己梦想中的自行车了。 50.A。能够买起自行车的那一天终于到来了,finally 终于符合句意。 51.D。当他数过自己的钱后,他立刻去买自行车了,没有浪费一分钟的时间。 52.B 经过自己的努力,他终于实现了自己的愿望,所以当然是自豪地 proudly。 53.D。为挣钱而工作当然是辛苦的。 55.C。他通过自己的努力实现了自己的梦想。achieve 实现,符合句意。 54.A。该句话的意思是:James 知道他的自行车意义重大,因为他是用自己的钱购买的。

完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The aim of writing a letter of application is to help you to “sell” yourself. It should state what you have 2 1 the job you want,and should tell what your abilities are and . It should be simple,human,personal and brief without 3

out any necessary fact. In writing a letter of application, bear in mind that the things a possible employer is most 4 to want to know about are your qualifications,your achievements

and your aims. The opening paragraph is perhaps the most important part. If the first few sentences fail to not be 6 5 the reader’s attention,the rest of the letter may

at all. Try to key your opening remarks to the needs or interests of

the employer not to your own need or desires. For example,instead of beginning with “I saw your 7 in today’s paper.” You might say, “I have made a careful study

of your advertising during the past six months” or “I have made a survey in my neighborhood to find out how many housewives it.” Try to now I 9 generalities. Be clear about the kind of job for which you are 8 your product and why they like

10 . College graduates looking for their first positions often ask “What can 11 in a letter ? Employers want experience , which , naturally , no 13 12

has.” The answer is that everything you have ever done is

. It is important

to write a good strong closing for your letter.


a specific request for an

interview of giving the possible employer something definite to do or expect. An excellent 15 is to enclose a stamped,self?addressed envelope with your letter.

That makes it easier for a possible employer to get in touch with you. 1.A. clearly 2.A. found 3.A. sending 4.A. probable 5.A. pay 6.A. kept 7.A. advertisement D.introduction 8.A. change 9.A. avoid 10.A. losing 11.A. inform 12.A. worker 13.A. success 14.A. Make 15.A. result B.make B.remember B.applying B.supply B.beginner B.development B.Ask B.decision 6-10 DADAB C.sell C.protect C.preparing C.mean C.owner C.practice C.State C.promise 11-15 DBDAD D.Get D.idea D.use D.gain D.fitting D.provide D.manager D.experience B.carefully B.done B.taking B.possible B.win B.continued B.report C.obviously C.known C.leaving C.likely C.show C.written C.article D.easily D.heard D.picking D.able D.fix D.read

【参考答案】1-5 ABCCB

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 【议论文】 (江苏)The requirements for high school graduation have just changed in my community.As a result,all students must __61__sixty hours of service learning,__62__ they will not receive a diploma.Service learning is academic learning that also helps the community.__63__ of service learning include cleaning up a polluted river,working in a soup kitchen,or tutoring a student.__64__ a service experience,students must keep a journal(日志)and then write a __65__ about what they have learned. Supporters claim that there are many __66__ of service learning. Perhaps most importantly,students are forced to think __67__ their own interests and become __68__

of the needs of others.Students are also able to learn real-life skills that __69__ responsibility,problem-solving,and working as part of a team.__70__,students can explore possible careers __71__ service learning.For example,if a student wonders what teaching is like,he or she can choose to work in an elementary school classroom a few afternoons each month. __72__ there are many benefits,opponents(反对者)__73__ problems with the new requirement.First,they __74__ that the main reason students go to school is to learn core subjects and skills.Because service learning is time-consuming,students spend __75__ time studying the core subjects.Second,they believe that forcing students to work without __76__ goes against the law.By requiring service,the school takes away an individual's freedom to choose. In my view,service learning is a great way to __77__ to the community,learn new skills,and explore different careers.__78__,I don't believe you should force people to help others—the __79__ to help must come from the heart.I think the best __80__ is one that gives students choices:a student should be able to choose sixty hours of independent study or sixty hours of service.Choice encourages both freedom and responsibility,and as young adults,we must learn to handle both wisely. 【语篇解读】 在作者的社区里,中学生毕业的条件发生了变化,要求学生必须完成 60 个小 时的社会实践,这引起了争议。作者认为,中学生参加社会实践有利于社区,有利于学习新 技能,有利于他们未来的职业生涯;最好的办法是让学生自己选择。激发的不仅是自由而且 还有责任心。 61.A.spend B.gain C.complete D.save

解析 根据第一句 The requirements for high school graduation have just changed in my community.可知,所有学生必须完成 60 个小时的社会实践,所以选 complete 完成。spend 花 费;gain 获得,获取;save 节省。 答案 C 62.A.and B.or C.but D.for

解析 根据前后文关系推断此处表示“否则”(or)。and 表示顺承关系;but 表示转折关系; for 表示原因。 答案 B 63.A.Subjects C.Procedures B.Ideas D.Examples

解析 句意:社会实践的例子包括清理受污染的河流,在厨房帮工或辅导学生。A.Subjects 科目;B.Ideas 主意,点子;C.Procedures 程序,手续,步骤;D.Examples 例子。

答案 D 64.A.With B.Before C.During D.After

解析 句意:在社会实践过程中,学生必须记下日志。A.With prep.和,跟,同;具有;用; 关于;随着。B.Before prep.在??之前。C.During 在??期间。D.After 在??之后。 答案 C 65.A.diary B.report C.note D.notice

解析 社会实践过程中要记日志, 实践结束后肯定要写“报告”, 所以该题选 B.report 报告。 A.diary 日记,C.note 笔记,D.notice 通知,均不合题意。 答案 B 66.A.courses B.benefits C.challenges D.features

解析 根据第三段第一句 There are many benefits,opponents...,这里的答案应该是 benefits(好处,益处)。A.courses 课程;C.challenges 挑战;D.features 特点,特色。 答案 B 67.A.beyond B.about C.over D.in

解析 根据上下文,支持者认为,最重要的是,学生必须考虑超出他们兴趣爱好的事情,明 白别人的需求。A.beyond 超出,超越;B.about 关于;C.over 关于;D.in 在??里。 答案 A 68.A.careful B.proud C.tired D.aware

解析 become/be aware of 明白。A.careful 小心的;B.proud 骄傲的,自豪的;C.tired 累 的。 答案 D 69.A.possess B.apply C.include D.develop

解析 学生还能够学会真实生活中的一些技能, 包括有责任心。 A.possess 占有, 拥有; B.apply 申请,请求,适用;使用;C.include 包括,包含;D.develop 发展;制订;产生;vi.生长; 发展。 答案 C 70.A.Gradually C.Luckily B.Finally D.Hopefully

解析 根据上下文,这里表示“最后”。A.Gradually adv.逐渐地;B.Finally adv.最后; C.Luckily adv.幸运地,幸亏;D.Hopefully adv.抱有希望地。 答案 B 71.A.through B.across C.of D.on

解析 “通过社会实践”用介词 through。B.across 穿(越,横)过;在对面。 答案 A

72.A.So B.Thus C.Since D.While 解析 前一段表示赞同的观点,本段表示相反观点,所以这里表转折关系。A.So 所以;以便; B.Thus 如此,这样;因此,从而;C.Since 从??以后;因为;D.While 尽管,而。 答案 D 73.A.deal with C.point out B.look into D.take down

解析 反对者指出新要求所带来的问题。C.point out 指出;A.deal with 处理;B.look into 调查;D.take down 拆,拆卸,记下,写下。 答案 C 74.A.argue B.doubt C.overlook D.admit

解析 A.argue 主张;说服;B.doubt 怀疑,不相信;C.overlook 忽视,忽略;宽恕,宽容, 俯瞰,俯视;D.admit 承(供)认,准许??进(加)入。 答案 A 75.A.much B.full C.less D.more

解析 句意:因为参加社会实践是需要时间的,所以学生花费更少的时间用于学习主要学科。 C.less 更少的;A.much 许多的;B.full 满的,装满的,完全的,充分的,完整的;D.more 更多的。 答案 C 76.A.cost B.pay C.care D.praise

解析 句意:其次,他们认为强迫学生做不付报酬的工作是违背法律的。A.cost 价格,成本, 代价;B.pay 工资;C.care 照顾,注意,挂念;D.praise 赞扬,表扬,称赞,赞美(的话)。 答案 B 77.A.contribute C.attend B.appeal D.belong

解析 句意:我认为,中学生参加社会实践有利于社区,有利于学习新技能,有利于他们未 来的职业生涯。A.contribute (to)有助于;B.appeal(to)吸引;C.attend(to)处理; D.belong(to)属于。 答案 A 78.A.Therefore C.Besides B.Otherwise D.However

解析 根据上下文,这里表示转折,选 D。However 然而,可是,无论如何;A.Therefore 因 此,所以;B.Otherwise 否则,除此以外;C.Besides 而且,此外(还)。 答案 D 79.A.courage B.desire C.emotion D.spirit

解析 根据前后文,本句句意:然而,我认为你不该强迫别人去帮助其他人——帮助人的愿 望应该发自内心。A.courage 勇气,胆量。B.desire 愿望,欲望。C.emotion 情感,感情,激 情。D.spirit 精神,灵魂,气概。 答案 B 80.A.decision B.purpose C.solution D.result

解析 根据句子意思:我认为最好的方法是给学生选择??A.decision 决定,决心;坚定, 果断;B.purpose 目的,意图;用途;效果;C.solution 解决;解答,解决办法;D.result 结果;成绩。 答案 C



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