必修五 错题汇集

Book Five
it becomes _______memory A. the, / B. the, a C. a, a


1. Sometimes you will never know the true value of _________ moment until D. /, /

2. Since you have made up your mind, _____ is no need for us to discuss the problem again. A. it run deep. A. however a best-seller. A. of that B. of which C. that D. which 5. ---Ann, you _____on the phone. ---OK, I’m coming. Thank you. A. are wanting B. were wanted C. have wanted D. are wanted 6. Never lose heart! As you know,_______ failure is the first step to _______success. A. a, a on time. A. what B. it C. this D. which 8. It’s her strong sense of duty, I think, _____made Zhang Lili give her life to save her students. A. which B. why C. that D. what 9. ______you read English easily, you’ll find it s another cup of tea to make conversation in English. A. So long as B. As soon as C. Even if D. Only if 10.---What makes the boy _______to study hard? ---His teacher’s encouragement. A. determining C. determined you feel good. A. whenever B. until C. however D. unless B. to be determined D. to determine B. a, the C. /, / D. /, a 7. Having done everything _______ was possible to do, we finished the task B. while C. as D. because 4. He has written two books, the first _____was published in 2009 and became B. there C. this D. which 3. As the proverb goes, shallow streams make most noise _____still waters

11.Do something nice for someone ________ you can. Helping others can make

12.______, we managed to accomplish it on schedule and therefore we were highly praised. A. Though tough the task was C. Tough though was the task A. /,an B. a,/ C. a, the B. Tough though the task was D. Though tough was the task D. the, an

13. My mother makes _____of me every time come home without____ exception. 14. --Where’s Tom? ---I don’t know. He _____ home, It’s so early. A. mustn’t have gone C. can’t have gone opportunites. A. take up things. A. would always try C. had always tried production of crops A. having applied English editor. A. in response to C. in honour of B. in favour of he was a ____person. D. in reference to B. determined, determining D determining, determining C. show D. shown B. to apply C. applied D. applying 18. I’m writing _____ your advertisement in Sunday’s China Daily for an B. was always trying D. always tries B. pick up C. open up D. make up 16. Duke remembered that his grandfather was a curious man who _____ new B. mightn’t go D. couldn’t go

15. The key to solving the unemployment problem is to _____ more job

17. The technology,____ to agriculture, is expected to increase the

19. Jack gave me a _____look ,which showed me that A. determining, determined C. determined, determined A. to showing B. shows

20. As you have never been there before, I’ll have someone _____you the way. 21. Dickens, a famous English writer,______ quite a number of wonderful characters in his novels. A. created health. A. is tasted B. is tasting D. will be tasted D. tastes. B. accounted C. established D. discovered 22. Unpleasant advice is a good medicine, which _____ bitter but is good for

23.There isn’t any table _____ at the moment. Would you mind waiting a few minutes? A. available a week. A. looking after C. to look after B. being looked after D. to be looking after B. renewable C. permanent D. Temporary 24. These flowers require _____ carefully. I water them at least three times

25. --- Has Bill finished his homework? ---I have no idea. He _______it this morning. A. had done A. plan B. does C. has done D. was doing D. had planned 26. We _____ to finish the work before dark, but the heavy rain held us up. B. are planning C were planning 27. ---Hey, Rina, How was your trip? --- _______The bus broke down on the halfway. A. I managed somehow C. I don’t get it of the proposal. A. a,a B. a, / C. /, / D. /, a 29. ---Mum, could I go shopping with you? ---You may if you _____ your homework before 9. A. finished B. have finished C. are finishing D. will finish 30. When you correct the article, I advise you to ______ the last two sentences ---they are far off the point. A .present in color. A. as, with it! A. to compare B. compare C. comparing D. compared 33. ---You are going to the zoo this afternoon? But how will you get there? ---_______ I didn’t think of it. A. How are you getting on? C. That’s a good point B. Don’t worry D. I don’t get it. B. to, from C. to, with D. as, from 32. Recently I find my parents always ______ me with oterhs. I really dislike B. omit C. add D. simplify 31. My recorder is similar _____ yours in size but it differs _____ yours B. Couldn’t be better D. That’s a good point.

28.It doesn’t make much of ______difference whether he is in ______favour

34.John has really got the job because he showed me the official letter ____________him it. A.offered decision. A. considered B. considering C. to consider D. consider 36. We’re having a meeting in half an hour. The decision ______ at the meeting will in the future of our company. A. to be made A. Used B. being made B. Using C. made C. Use D. having been made D. To use 37. _______ with care, one tin will last for six weeks. 38. The old man sat in front of the television every evening, happy _____ anything that happened to be on. A. to watch A. stay A. permitted B. watching C. watched D. to have watched 39. Birds’ singing is sometimes a warning to other birds ________ away. B. staying C. stayed D. to stay . D. permit 40. The party will be held in the garden, weather B. to permit C. permitting B.to offer C. offering D.to be offered 35. Before you quit your job, ______how your family would feel about your

41. Pressed from his parents, and ______that he has wasted too much time , the boy is determined to stop playing video games. A. realized customs. A. to be reserved C. reserving B. Living reserved D. reserved B. realizing C. to realize D. being realized 42. It's a such nice place," Mother said as she sat at the table________ for

43.__________an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it sooner or later. A. Based 44. When A. asking B. Base C. Basing D. To base for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it B. to be asked C. having asked D. asked

very interesting and rewarding. 45. I remembered off the lights. A. locking B. having locked C. to lock D. to have locked 46. The days are gone ________ physical strength was all you needed to make the door before I left the office, but forgot to turn

a living. A. when more B. that C. where D. which 47. She showed he visitors around the museum, the construction______ has taken than three years. B. with which C. of which D. to which A. for which holidays. A. which B. whose C. when D. where B.Where C.that D.which 49. Between the two parts of the concert is an interval, _____ the audience can buy ice-cream. A.When keep for two or A. when three weeks. B. which C. where D. while6. 50. Whatever is left over may be put into the refrigerator , _____ it will

48. The school shop, ______ customers are mainly students, is closed for the

51. To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions _______ had used the products. A. whoever very late. A. that B. which C. what D. when has been discovered, is happening in 53. Alot of language learning, that period. A. as B. it C. which D. this 54. Sales director is a position ______communication ability is just as important as sales skills. A. which B. that C. when D. where 55. We live in an age ______ more information is available with greater ease than ever before. A. why B. when C. to whom D. on which 56. Ellen was a painter of birds and of nature, _____, for some reason, had withdrawn from all human society. A. which B. who C. where D. whom 57. After the flooding, people were suffering in that area, ____ urgently needed clean water, medicine and shelter to survive. A. which B. who C. where D. what B. who C. whichever D. which working 52 That evening, ___ I will tell you more about later, I ended up

the first year of life, so parents should talk much to their children during

58. When_____for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it very interesting and rewarding. A. asking B. asked C. having asked D. to be asked 59.—Coach, can I continue with the training? —Sorry, you can’t ________you haven’t recovered from the knee injury. A. until A. is the 1950s. A. unless but ruins. A. when ceremony. A. while A. unless picture. A. even if B. if only C. in case D. so that B. when B. if C. where C. in case D. though D. as long as 64. You can borrow my car ____ you promise not to drive too fast. 65. He had his camera ready _____ he saw something that would make a good B. where C. before D. until 63. Everything was placed exactly _____ he wanted it for the graduation B. until C. once D. if 62. A number of high buildings have arisen ____ there was nothing a year ago B. before B. were C. as D. unless D. had been 60. Don’t handle the vase as if it ____ made of steel. C. has been 61. All the photographs in this book, _______ stated otherwise, date from